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You must not post comments or materials on this forum which:

  • make unfounded or unproved allegations against a person, organisation, company or group.
  • break the law, or encourage/support breaking of the law. This includes but is not limited to libel, contempt of court, breach of copyright and the live ‘streaming’ of matches.
  • discuss any active UK court cases.
  • advertise products, goods or services.
  • advertise or link to other websites or forums.
  • tolerate the hijacking of an 'official' club thread.
  • include URLs of or images hosted on third party websites which may contain offensive or illegal material.
  • tolerate the leaking, revealing, suggesting or threatening of revealing any personal information pertaining to the identity of another forummer. Break that golden rule and your account will be broken in return.
  • are racist, sexist, homophobic, abusive, obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, bullying, threatening or otherwise objectionable.


In order for the forum to remain an enjoyable talking shop, please note that this forum will NOT:

  • accept any use name calling or abusive posts which can be considered to thwart, discourage or distract of/from discussion.
  • accept any name-calling or abuse that may be considered as precluding or limiting discussion.
  • tolerate posts which appear as if they have been posted by someone else or any other form of impersonation.
  • tolerate any form of spam.
  • accept any posts about Rangers or Celtic in any section of the forum except in the two threads marked ‘The Official Celtic Thread’ and ‘The Official Rangers Thread'.
  • tolerate any ‘shared’ accounts. Any accounts that are found to have been accessed by more than one user will be deleted.
  • tolerate any non-work safe material [NWS] being posted in a thread that is not specifically marked NWS in its subject header. Male and female genitalia are not allowed.
  • tolerate any swearing at another forummer or any swearing that may be considered detrimental to the forum – such as in a subject header or in bold or large text (or any combination that makes the thread less work safe).
  • accept the posting of any picture of a member of the public without their expressed and written permission.
  • accept any abuse of the mod team.
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