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Football Threads Part 1


! This claim is disputed
"...needs their hard drive checking"
"Alexa, does anyone actually use their Echo?"
"Ansu Fati runs like a black steet vendor when police arrive"
"Attention: The is the national insurance office"
"Boris Johnson Is A F*cking C*nt" reaches no 5 in the Xmas chart :lol:
"But we're her fwiends!"
"Chasseurs des Skins"  (Skinhead Hunters) 2008 Antifa Documentary. on YT
"Dear Paul": Jose Mourinho calls out Paul Merson
"Did somebody say...
"Ellen" cancelled?
"Ethnic Minorities"
"Expert" Comment from Simon Gleave at Gracenote
"Football Lads" defending war memorials
"Free to a good home"  Wednesday Update
"GoDaddy Employees Were Told They Were Getting a Holiday Bonus. It Was Actually a Phishing Test."
"Good heavens! This... This is a palace! How in... How in the world can you afford to live in a house like this, Simpson?"
"I had had a drink at the pub"
"I have not much respect for Arsenal off the pitch" - Guardiola’s anger explained
"I hear you're a racist now, Father! "
"I'm a Naughty Tory"
"I'm sorry, I'm talking to a gentleman in a dress". "SHE'S A WOMAN, SCUMBAG!"
"If they were going to kill each other, they'd have done it by now." - Madeley sorry for 'misjudged' domestic violence advice
"Intentional" bomb / explosion in Downtown Nashville
"Legendary" old F365 posts
"Let's hear Nigel"
"Life hack" I invented and should probably send to Chat
"My son is in the kitchen eating a biscuit!"
"No I in team, but there is in Win"
"Oh Bobby!"
"Only the Brits really understand how to break a fast in style"
"Right stuff' Chuck Yeager RIP
"Ruh-Rooooohhhhh Jeremy Corbyn"
"That's that bloke from those things that I have watched"
"The Beatles" Jihadis on trial
"The Establishment beat us"
"The Indoor League" with Fred Trueman
"Ultras Culture"
"We WILL save our history from woke militants" says Robert Jenrick
"We are going to die, and that makes us the lucky ones"
"We should try it" - A questionnaire to send the Mrs
"We're living on Teams, it's as simple as that"
"White US professor has pretended to be Black for years"
"White bloke reacts to Hip Hop"
"Why Always me?" Former Manchester City WILDCHILD Mario Balotelli reveals BOLD new facial tattoos
"With pretending regards" :adore
"Working" in the bit between Christmas and New Year
#19 - The Liverpool 2019/20 Premier League Champions Thread
#Mix4Mollie - £10K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow.  Thank you all so much X
#Pizzagate protest in Liverpool yesterday
#WheresGary - Has anyone seen this man?
#WorldCupAtHome | Argentina v England (France 1998)
#bikeboom2020 - Happy World Bicycle Day
#golfgate - is there a thread yet?
#teamtierthree check in here.
$7m a year hockey player has filed for bankruptcy
'100 Vaginas' on Channel 4 now NWS
'Arry's Heroes
'Barbarians' on Netty to the F
'Dynamite' by BTS is the best pop song of 2020 so far, isn't it?
'Eat out to Help Out' starts today
'Focus stealing' on computers
'Hypocrite' councillor, 52, is slammed for opposing construction of 1,000 new homes despite owning acre of land and THREE properties worth more than £1million
'Ladies' of Aintree races thread - NWS
'Lionel Messi, the best assister in La Liga history, has scored 20+ league goals in the last 12 seasons"
'Milkshake' by Kelis - settle an argument
'Non-Mainstream' travel desires
'Old' Items/Tech you own that you have no intention replacing/upgrading
'Say hello to your Uncle Willie'
'The Old Guard' on Netty-F
'Upward-thrusting buildings ejaculating into the sky' – do cities have to be so sexist?
'Wait, I have one more idea' pleads Arteta as image leaks of post Burnley fallout.
'freshers in the pub! who do I report this to?
(500) Days of Summer
(Famous) People on (their Own) Food
(NWS) The Friday Paint Thread Episode 02
(Re)evaluating Classic Albums - #311 - Genesis - Selling England By The Pound
(p)Rik Mayall
* = Asterisk champions.... add yours to the list
*** Bayern vs Chelsea; Barca vs Napoli ***
*** EXCITING THREAD ALERT *** Standing desks
*** Far Left Anarchists vs Far Right Fascists Pre-Match Thread ***
***** Official House Buying Thread ******
***The Official World Cinema Thread***
*The US Politics Thread* Moving On...
*UPDATE* Mother, 32, lured boy, 14, back to her house to have sex after watching him and a friend play football in the park, court hears NOW CLEARED OF ANY WRONGDOING
*scoffs a choc*
+++ The Official City/Everton/whoever are playing and their fans are too useless to make a match thread so we'll just use this one thread  +++
..and the award for 'service to sausages' goes to...
/r/popping: yuck
0% balance transfers - exciting thread alert
02 May --> World Naked Gardening Day [NWS]
1 Week Ago
1,000,000 posts!
1,542 most online
1.6 billion facemasks in the oceans and seas already
10 Intriguing domestic events in the US in recent history
10 Reasons why global warming is a hoax
10 Years Ago Today
10 positive tests across Bundesliga 1 and 2
10 stone woman fights a 38 stone man
10/10 rap albums
100 Highest Paid Sports Performers in 2020
100% WFH crew
100,000th post coming up
1000 games for $5
1000th post party - Rule 1 your favourite and your most disliked Bolton player
100k per day you go without food
109 new users in the last 16 hours
10pm Channel 4, erect cocks for the first time on British TV - WWTF
110 hz
12 year old boy #ARRESTED for racially abusing Zaha.
13 Years ago today the World changed...
134 days until Christmas
15 year old debutant scored for Grimsby tonight
16 year old autistic gypsy named Rocky Marciano murders woman, carts body round in wheelie bin.
16:30 today = LIVE STREAM: Ultimate Garden Clash – Pole Vault Edition
18m tall robot destroys Japan
19 years since...
19-year-old nursing home carer marries her wealthy 89-year-old dementia patient
19/20 Relegation Battle
1900-1974 in music
1980's Played Knifey Spooney?
1990s Oliver Twist inspired advert - help
1995 vs 1999: Which year had the stronger set of films?
1st Anniversary Gifts
1st Bird
2 free £5 bets at paddy Power, no deposit
2 men jailed for selling power tools to woman in her 80s
2 minutes of incredible skateboarding...
2 x £5 Free Bets with Paddy Power tomorrow
2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony
2016 vs 2020
2020 24 Hours of Le Mans
2020 economic doom thread
2020 in a Tik-Tok...
2020 was sh*te, 2021 will be even worse
2020/21 season predictions
2020: a broad summary
2020’s biggest dickhead.
2021 starts with a bang - The KLF's songs are finally available to stream
2021 then....
2021: resolutions, plans, ambitions & fears
21st Century (musical) artists who have disappeared
21st October and  Xmas decorations are up on my street
21st century farming techniques
24 Hours in Police Custody, C4, 9:00
24hrs No Laws
25 Years Ago Today
25 years ago today, L!VE TV was launched (slight NWS)
25 years ago yesterday, Windows 95 was released
27 years ago today
27th November 1996 -  Bolton 7-1 Spurs
2S119/1 error
2nd car, replacement for a CMax for the missus
2nd hand fleshlight
2nd monitor for desktop & PS4
2x Meme Request - No Time To Explain
3 England egg chasers not taking the knee
3 consecutive albums by same artist. Best run? ...
3-named faceless hussies on Insta
30 Rock
30 years of Nick Cave
30 years of hurt could come to an end today
32 years ago today in Stuttgart, Germany
4 YEARS AGO: England Thugs SMASHED By Russia
4 of the 5 most valuable players in the world are English, say Swiss football scientists
4 years ago today...
4,646 Total Members
40 Years ago this very day. SAS storm Iranian embassy.
40 days and 40 nights...
400000 posts
40th birthday weekend away oi oiiiiiiii
420doggface208 and Fleetwood mac is a meme of our time
43 goals already today.
44 year old grandmother jailed for stealing Christmas presents.
47 Floor Building on fire in UAE
47 tennis players forced to quarantine
48-50 Inch TV
4G Home Broadband
4G Mobile Broadband. Help!
5 Biggest W*nkers in the World?
5 a side
5 days in a row eating turkey
5 days off, nowhere to go
5 season wonder?
5.1 Sound Surround
5/6/7 a side in Corona times
50 most beautiful places in the world
50 years since...
6 person party in Canada
63 Years ago today......oops.. YESTERDAY
6ix9ine aka Tekashi69
6ix9ine makes a return - NWS big butts and language
7 a-side Risk Assessment
7/7 Tube Bombings
70s, 80s and 90s musicians who would still get it today
75 years ago today
75 years ago today de Valera calls on German minister to Ireland Dr Eduard Hempel to express condolences on Hitler’s death.
8 August 2016 - A great day for music history.
8 hours without a goal from open play for Arsenal
8 sticky threads
8 years today since Cisse broke the laws of physics v Chelsea
80's funky/synth/heavy guitar/sax style tracks
80s TV entertainment you just don't see anymore
9 in a row - Congratulations Celtic
9 years ago today....the riots
9/11 footage and voices messages #NeverForget
90's Brtipop Slags
90s albums you love that people may not know
90s dance music
90s music chicks, just something about 'em....
90s rave/jungle/happy hardcore
90s sci-fi movies
90’s Dance/Trance
92 Premier League games on TV, how many do you think you’ll watch?
9th August 1971 - Operation Demetrius
9th July 2010 - A decade on from one of the funniest/weirdest events that took place in the UK
=weezer= RIP Marwood
? The Official "Theming The Forum" Thread
? What is pissing you the f*** off at the moment? ?
??  Preview your team's opening fixture   ??
??The Official Australian Masterchef Thread - UK Paced ??
@Rick Martel
@SGB come and talk
A 10 second vote thing on Facebook - just 20 behind 11pm closing
A Bribe up the Bum
A Brush With Fame
A CME hits the planet
A Chinese 'restaurant' in Strabane Co Tyrone
A Decade of Sun
A Decent Football Top
A Flytipper Gets His Comeuppance
A Geezer in Gaza
A Lovren, a Lovren, my Kloppdom for a Lovren!
A Message To Donald Trump
A Most Astonishing Goal
A North Korean Military Parade
A Partridgean Match Report...
A Place In The Sun - Hitlist
A Sobering Thought
A Touch of Cloth
A View to a Kill (1985) Retrospective / Review
A bear cub catching snowflakes
A big shout out to the McKracken family
A boring thread about painting a radiator.
A brief history of modern music and modern culture in music
A car has driven into a pedestrianised zone in Germany
A chance for the null & voiders to apologise
A collection of pub toilets
A cook at home thai banquet - give me some idea's
A couple of quick questions for the Labourites, s'il vous plaît
A discussion about Man Utd
A favour - please review a book
A favour please - art competition
A few VPN questions
A few pics from Greece this summer
A few weeks late, but...
A flaw with the fairer sex?
A forum favourite debate
A forummer has just played a part in a Real Madrid defeat
A fun video of my fair City of Edinburgh in the sun
A funny British comedy! Code 404 on sky
A further update from Bury FC
A girl I know has announced she's 5 weeks pregnant.
A goal achieved.. 108 lbs lost and a cathartic tale of the ups and downs of living with inflammatory bowel disease
A good old Chinese ruckus
A guide to ancient quarrying
A hacker took control of people's internet-connected chastity cages and demanded a ransom to be paid in Bitcoin to unlock it.
A lass wants to join our local game of 7s
A late night Twitter spat between Jedward and Jim Corr
A level grades fiasco
A limerick aboout working from home.
A lot to unwrap in this headline
A message from Taylor Swift
A more even left/right political balance on the new forum?
A narrow escape in the motorcycle racing today
A new "Ah heard two versions" this time on 5 Live
A new TV show needed.
A new chocolate digestive king?
A night of passion with Georgia May-Foote or £20k in cash NWS
A parallel universe Sesame Street
A picture from the future of me and the boys when lockdown ends
A poll post
A poor victim of a world gone mad
A proper Grealish on The Chase right now
A proper bag of chips
A rather fantastic App
A recap of yesterday: real time events v the internet
A reminder Skip is a skeleton in the ground
A search function - yay or nay?
A short boring thread about Look After My Bills.
A short city break - where should I go?
A thought about ages
A thread about ageing: are you "cool"?
A thread about burning wood
A thread about logistics - Chinese New Year cancelled
A thread for 'Once Upon a Time in Iraq'
A thread in which JoV builds model warships - Building SMS Emden
A thread where we talk about footballers of the past and how much they'd be worth today- First up Patrice Evra
A time traveller shows you this chart in June 2019. How would you explain it?
A tradition of drinking brandy before matches under Bryan Robson
A verbal warning for inactivity
A very interesting interview with Jonny Wilkinson
A visit to the Dental Hygienist
A word of advice to those waiting for a refund from HMRC
A year in review reviewed
AAT Courses - Any Recommendations
AC Milan & Rio Ave penalty shootout was amazing!
ACDC new album Power Up - Out today!
AI-Generated Memes
AIBU #74727
AIBU - Anniversary Edition
AIBU - Home internet issue
AIBU - busy body neighbour.
AJX 0 - 1 LIV MCI 3- 1 POR BAY 4 - 0 ATM INT 2 - 2 MGB MID 0 - 4 ATA OLY 1 - 0 MAR
ASICS running shoes
ASMR Thread (potentially NWS)
ATTENTION fans of good comedy
Aaron Wan-Bissaka leaves pregnant girlfriend after cheating on her with Jesse Lingard's ex
Aaron Wan-Bissaka without doubt better than Tront Alolxander Arnlold
Abducted in Plain Sight
Aberdeen v “Rangers” - Live on Sky 12.30pm
Aberfan disaster
Abilities you never knew you had until it was too late
About time we had a thread for weird stories.
About to have a prostate exam for the first time
Absolute Lad Goes Paragliding on a Sofa While Watching TV...
Absolute nutcases
Absolute sure thing tonight, but also have the house to myself for a few hours...
Absolutely Beautiful Music In Films
Absolutely burning breakup songs
Absolutely nothing to read
Acceptable Levels of Banter?
Accessing the Forum at work
According to you which is the best sitcom/comedy series ever?
Acoustic Guitar Parts
Action Park
Action/Comedy Duos of film and TV...
Activated almonds
Active shooter in the US
Activities for a work 'social' online meeting?
Actors that ruin everything they are in
Actors who I didn’t used to like but now I do
Actors who don't seem to age.
Actors with a performance against the norm
Actors you didn't know where in famous films
Actress Ellen Page is now actor Elliot Page
Ada Shelby (NWS)
Adam Curtis
Adam Freeland - Do You
Adam Hills - "Crumbled like the Twin towers"
Adam Johnson arrested
Adam Lallana to Brighton
Adama Traore
Add a football commentary to a famous photo - NWS in advance
Add one hundred to your name
Adding value to a house
Adebayor emoji - S**t or just too big -  NOW WITH POLL
Adele's new figure finally revealed on SNL
Adeles new look
Adesanya vs Costa?
Adidas and Arsenal have hit a home run with this advert
Admin called "Titan"
Admin has logged on at the other place
Admit you were wrong
Adobe suite student edition
Adolf Hitler wins election with 85% of vote
Adopt a noob
Adrenaline Flood
Adult Scooters
Adults showing off their presents on social media
Advantages of having kids
Advertising and Marketing Gurus wanted!
Adverts from not that long ago which would get a company CANCELLED if made today
Adverts on Nick Jr
Adverts that suprise you
Adverts you're getting sick of
Advice for applying for civil service jobs
Advice on an arranged marriage, serious replies only please
Advice on buying land and maybe building on it
Advice on classic car theft (it's complicated)
Advice on faulty goods/ selling company refusing refund
Advice on raising capital against property please **dull thread alert**
Advice re creating a website
Afraid City
African funk
After 16 years, 16 managers and 5 owners - is footballs biggest comeback on?
After 6 games, Top 4 EPL and other predictions
After Lesters passing, nothing really seems anything
After they bottled their one and only chance, and lost the league to Leicester...
Afterlife (Netflix) discussion thread #10988
Aftershave recommendations
Age of Empires - iOS Alternative?
Agreed to go back to work on Friday
Ah, you sir! Are you waiting to receive my limp penis?
Air Coolers
Air Fryers - I gotta get me another one
Air Miles
Air guitar heroes
AirPods Pro are pretty good eh?
AirPods or AirPods Pro?
Airbnb issue
Ajax responding positively to their mid week defeat
Al Gore
Alabama Covid Parties
Alan Pardew's 8 year deal with Newcastle expires today...
Alan Partridge - From the Oasthouse
Alan Partridge guy on Escape to the Country (Help)
Alan Shearer's international retirement
Alan Sugar's Twitter
Alan Sugar- long overdue a cancelling
Alan Tyers Update
Alans and Normans
Alas, Scotland roughest bookies bites the dust.
Albums you didn't appreciate till years after release
Alcoholic killer monkey leaves one man dead and 250 injured after going on rampage when his booze supply dried up
Aldi or Lidl (Combined thread?)
Alec Baldwin's wife
Alex Jones
Alex Jones back on Joe Rogan with Tim Dillon
Alex Jones from Infowars
Alex Scott
Alex Turner
Alexa or Google
Alexa page rankings updates - now ahead of Football365 in UK & Ireland
Alexei Navalny:  poisoned with Novichok
Alexei Navalny: Russian opposition leader 'poisoned'
Alexey Navalny & Russia
Alexi Laiho - Founder of Children of Bodom dies aged 41
Algerian Footballer Farid El Melali - is a Wanker
Alice in Borderland (Netty F)
Alien Disclosure
Alien Hunters Discover Mysterious Signal from Proxima Centauri
Alien looking creature transforming near Ocean floor at over 3700 feet
Aliens discovered!
All Humans Disappear - A Survival Theory Thread
All TV and radio stations should agree to play this on the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve
All aboard
All in one printer
All of Joy Division’s recorded songs ranked by The Guardian
All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur - All Eps Out Now- Better than City doc
All or nothing: Tottenham Hotspur
All the Depp v Heard stuff coming out publicly in this trial
All these sport stars who have had Corona, did any of them actually get sick ?
All this fish talk - blind item
All-time great TV shows made by nonces
Allan Saint-maximin : The most electrifying baller in football entertainment
Allie Sherlock
Ally McBeal
Almost 1 million posts on the main forum
Alpha Morris Brenda alpha!
Alternative to Fifa/PES
Alternative to Ford Focus?
Alternatives to Slippers
Although we've come to the end of the road
Always said Farage was a good guy
Am I a mug for taking this bet? Liverpool Utd related
Am I a shit for hating Neil Diamond?
Am I missing something or is brumspur a proper bellend
Am I right in thinking that Lampard vs Gerrard was decisively settled?
Amanda Bynes
Amazing films that tanked at the box office
Amazing sad songs
Amazon 3rd Party returns
Amazon Fire TV
Amazon Local Collect help
Amazon Music vs Spotify
Amazon Prime Error 6085
Amazon Warehouses Now Issuing Adult Diapers to Workers
Amazon and Bezos
Amazon data breech.
Amazon phone notification: "You haven't purchased any jewellery yet."
Amazon prime
Amazon prime video syncs with sky now
Amber Heard - now with pics and poll
Ambient music recommendations
Ambush in Libya
America bans far-right, pro-Nazi group; Police raid homes
America under cyber attack?
American Barbecue Showdown
American Murder: The Family Next Door
American Vandal
American hedge fund manager on the concept of time billionaires, how life is short and why time spent with your parents is precious
American names
American netflix ...
American werewolf in London - The GOAT of the 80s?
American woman owns dumb little centrist kid
Americans Ordering Sandwiches
Americans put chip sandwiches on blast
Americans’ acceptance of Trump’s behavior will be his vilest legacy
Among Us
Among Us (Mobile App)
Among Us (Steam, app stores)
Among Us (mobile game)
An America where the police are actually held accountable for their actions
An Irish all-island league
An Oldie... But a Goodie.
An album a day (there's now a group for co-listening, see OP).
An apology, today I purchased....
An eccentric billionaire will pay you £100 for every second you French kiss Ricky Tomlinson
An image of Palestinian fighters in 1980s Beirut
An invasion of England is underway
An oral history of Thong Song
An update from Bury Football Club
Ana de Armas (NWS)
Anal sex
Analysis of a modern phishing kit
Ancelotti On Gareth Bale
Ancient monolith discovered in Utah
And I for one welcome our new robot overlords...
And it's liiive!
And now it’s time for the middle of the film
And she stepped on the ball
And you can bring yer fuckin dinner
Andorra U21 3 - 3 England U21
Andorra U21s 3-3 England U21s
Andrea Corr
Andrew Cotter - Olive & Mabel
Android Ad blockers
Android tablet for a pensioner
Andros Towns end
Andy Cole.........
Andy Gray & Richard Keys
Andy Gray Dead
Andy Serkis reads The Hobbit
Andy murray
Anelka Doc on Netflix
Anelka: Misunderstood
Angel Di Maria: the quiet, underappreciated and elite schemer
Anger issues/management
Anglo-Irish Relations Reach New High Point (nws)...
Angry reaction from Celtic fans towards star player Bolingoli
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Official Thread
Animal Farm and 1984 enter the public domain
Animals being Dicks, now with new and improved Dickishness!
Animals that make sounds you don't expect
Animaniacs trailer released, snowflake right wingers seething
Animation Software
Ann Summers (NWS)
Anne Boleyn
Anniversary gift - talk to me
Announcement to the forum...
Announcements pre/post farting.
Annoying Neighbours.
Annual travel insurance
Annual what do you do/how much are you paid/do you like it audit
Anon Corona Virus Polls
Anonymous go to war with Qanon.. battle of the super nerds or is there a little more than this..
Another BBC Nature documentary to justify our £150 a year
Another COVID/alcohol thread
Another Furlough Advice Thread
Another Harlan Coben  adaptation has landed on NettyF
Another Nigerian scammer......Premier League club involved ??.
Another Paddy Power free £5 bet
Another creep caught using Test & Trace Details
Another free £5 bet for Paddy Power customers
Another free £5 bet with paddypower for the weekend
Another furlough thread . Advice appreciated
Another poor old Boris story
Anri Okita (NWS)
Ant Middleton
Ant and Dec
Anthony Bourdain
Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown on Netflix
Anthony Martial
Anthropocentrism - let it go
Anti lockdown protests
Anti vaxxer Novak Djokovic tests positive for Covid 19
Anti-science fuckwits
Antisy Football 20/21 - Where Firmino is King
Antivirus/Internet Security
Anton Ferdinand: Football, Racism & Me
Antonia Mowbray
Antonio Banderas tests positive for coronavirus
Anuel AA, Enrique Iglesias - Fútbol y Rumba
Any Agile practitioners?
Any Bromleyites on?
Any EV owners here?
Any Electricians In - Advice Request
Any Excel geniuses on here?
Any Farsi/Arabic learners in here?
Any GeoGuessr players on here?
Any Pianists or Keyboard Players on the Forum?
Any Power BI experts on? Getting money back from amazon
Any Switch titles worth it for dads?
Any Van Gogh fans about?
Any WiFi mesh routers work with Sky Q and Sky Internet?
Any Word Experts on?
Any chance of a search function?
Any chance people can stop bumping random old threads?
Any conveyancers/Housing law experts/solicitors on the forum?
Any cuck0lds on here?
Any decent horror series on Prime or Netflix?
Any doctors in the house ?
Any doctors on here? Or someone that can analyse some patient notes?
Any dorks still happy with VAR?
Any electric bike recommendations?
Any engineers online? Incredibly complex question
Any forummers or know anyone that's had to quarantine and self isolate for two weeks on return from a destination not on the UK's travel corridor list recently?
Any glider pilots on the forum?
Any golfers booked their game tomorrow?
Any good teeth whitening products out there?
Any idea where I can order valium online?
Any interest in the Zodiac?
Any motorbike mechanics on here?
Any of you lot know about woodworm?
Any other 'City pop' fans?
Any pension experts?
Any personal finance experts in?
Any physios on here? knee related
Any plumbers on the forum?
Any police civilian workers on here
Any property surveyors/valuers on here?
Any recommendations for a good online seller of CDs?
Any recommendations for an android tablet?
Any sign of Finbarr this Christmas?
Any songs that are just guaranteed to make you cry?
Anybody else enjoy the youtube videos of someone just walking around a city?
Anybody else keep getting
Anybody had any good fights at the football recently?
Anybody have a podcast?
Anybody listening to Arctic Outpost AM1270
Anybody over 40 and still live in their parents' basement?
Anybody remember the john/prostitute customer thread on the old forum?
Anybody retrained as a nurse? Student finance question
Anybody watch can’t pay well take it away?
Anyone  had a COIVD_19 test yet? - Share your experience of being tested.
Anyone adopted a dog?
Anyone been on holiday in Europe yet?
Anyone been playing Fall Guy?s
Anyone been to Lille?
Anyone been/going to Cyprus this summer? Covid travel question.
Anyone booking a holiday?
Anyone bought a Pixel 4a recently...
Anyone bought a car from Cazoo?
Anyone bought a projector for home?
Anyone bought any Asket clothes?
Anyone buy meat online?
Anyone converted old VHS tapes to digital format?
Anyone digitised VHS tapes?
Anyone donated to bands via Spotify?
Anyone done Ayahuasca?
Anyone else back in the office today?
Anyone else completely inadequate at DIY
Anyone else considering divorce? Update: Yes, yes lots of us.
Anyone else enjoy watching the Great British Sewing Bee?
Anyone else find the forummer ohfk to be a little bit grumpy atm
Anyone else genuinely enjoying lockdown now?
Anyone else get this weird sensation of equal parts total dread and excitement when they see they've got a news alert on their phone?
Anyone else going insane?
Anyone else here suffer from OCD/ Obsessive Thoughts?
Anyone else just totally done with all forms of social media?
Anyone else losing their motivation?
Anyone else love some Synthwave?
Anyone else not care if they get Corona virus?
Anyone else noticed that mobiles started working on the underground during covid?
Anyone else on the coke?
Anyone else perma banned on the old place?
Anyone else starting uni in the next 30 days?
Anyone else using alcohol tonight?
Anyone else volunteered to be a vaccine guinea pig?
Anyone else watched The Social Dilemma on Netflix?
Anyone ever met a Simon
Anyone fancy a beer?
Anyone following this TNT debacle?
Anyone for a dublinlfc Sunday Breakfast thread?
Anyone getting flu jab this year?
Anyone got Chip’s number?
Anyone got Scruff’s number?
Anyone got a 'Sub' home beer kit?
Anyone got a Man Cave/Pub Shed/Games Room?
Anyone got a fixie bike?
Anyone got a good spotify playlist of recent songs?
Anyone got a link to the historical photos recreated in ms paint thread on the old forum?
Anyone got a smart/wireless thermostat?
Anyone got an LG B9?
Anyone got an Oculus Go?
Anyone got composite decking?
Anyone got hayfever today?
Anyone got into Stocks/Pennystocks?
Anyone got some experience with changing their cats food?
Anyone got that Fergie gif handy?
Anyone got that H from Steps/Ian Watkins Facebook post from years ago?
Anyone got/getting the new macbooks?
Anyone grow their own herbs indoors?
Anyone grow their own potatoes?
Anyone had ReLex SMILE or other Laser Eye Surgery?
Anyone had a bathroom / wetroom fitted / refurbished recently? Any so called experts on here?
Anyone had any experience with King Edwards School Bath or Warminster School?
Anyone had one of these Chinese scam parcels?
Anyone had surgery to fix Acid Reflux/LPR?
Anyone have a Maserati as a daily driver?
Anyone have a dji mavik mini?
Anyone have a partner with PCOS?
Anyone have an air fryer?
Anyone have that pic of the grandmas titties? Nws obvs
Anyone have the original chef's kiss smiley pic?
Anyone heard of Jubiter for buying bitcoin?
Anyone here au fait with WordPress...? (I've done a fuck-up)
Anyone here done the 'Family tree' search?...
Anyone here live in Malta?
Anyone here on Parler?
Anyone here sell on amazon / is an amazon vendor?
Anyone here tried the Keto Diet?
Anyone here up for a bit of FIFA coop seasons on the Xbox One?
Anyone in the CCTV game on here? (Kinky Dave?)
Anyone in the armed forces reserves?
Anyone installed extra plug sockets in their house before?
Anyone into yoga?
Anyone know anything about confluence and service desk knowledge base?
Anyone know electronics at all?
Anyone know their stuff with gin?
Anyone learnt to play the Piano?  ...from scratch!
Anyone like old computers and youtube channels thereof?
Anyone live in Belfast?
Anyone live in Greece?
Anyone notice that it’s just about the right temperature at the moment?
Anyone of you use those ear candle things?
Anyone on here ever done some looting IRL?
Anyone on here got a Tesla?
Anyone on here got a fleshlight? (NWS)
Anyone on here heard of the rapper Mowgli?
Anyone on here sell stuff on etsy?
Anyone on sertraline
Anyone on the north coast hear that explosion?
Anyone on the south coast hear that explosion?
Anyone own a Drone?
Anyone own a camper van?
Anyone own a cesspit instead of mains drainage?
Anyone painted the outside of their house before?
Anyone part of a subculture?
Anyone planning to go overseas this year?
Anyone play Monopoly? ? ? ? ?
Anyone play online Blackjack
Anyone play tennis?
Anyone remember Robb's Celebs?
Anyone replaced real grass with artificial stuff?
Anyone seen 'Darkest Day' ? (currently on Ammy P)
Anyone seen that Johnson chap?
Anyone spent time in Bucharest?
Anyone started their Christmas shopping yet?
Anyone still intending to get away soon?
Anyone stranded abroad?
Anyone taken DMT?
Anyone taken a massive pay cut?
Anyone use Sage 50 with ODBC?
Anyone use a waspinator?
Anyone use football index
Anyone use mobile broadband?
Anyone use police scanner apps?
Anyone used Ali Express for replacement car parts?
Anyone waiting on international student news to go to Canada?
Anyone wanna sell / recommend me a coffee table?
Anyone want to buy a 2 bed swimming pool flat?
Anyone want to talk?
Anyone watch the Bridge on Channel 4?
Anyone watching 'To The Lake' on Netty?
Anyone watching Brentford Swansea?
Anyone watching CURSED on Netty?
Anyone watching The Wheel?
Anyone watching beat the chasers?
Anyone watching the Netherlands v Denmark game on BBC2?
Anyone watching the Sam Eggington Fight?
Anyone watching the new Class of 92 series?
Anyone with any knowledge of family law in England?
Anyone with experience using PowerApps & PowerAutomate?
Anyone work for Virgin Media?
Anyone work in tv?
Anyone’s kids use VR headsets
Apart from a leaflet manifesto in the post
Apocalypse Now - BBC2
Appeasement - the chronicle
Apple Arcade
Apple Cider Vinegar-fatbusting,molewhacking,refluxkilling stuff
Apple TV
Apple and Ireland win €13bn tax appeal
Apple are back
Apple have a HUGE Announcement tomorrow!
Apple is listening to you shagging
Apple pull a fast one....
Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook vs US Congress
Apple/Smart Watches... Are they worth it?
Application for new emojis
Aptitude tests
Arcade machines you smashed loads of money into as a kid
Arcade1Up Debuts New X-Men, Dragon’s Lair, Killer Instinct Cabinets
Archie Lyndhurst is dead
Architect advice
Archive (Film)
Are 'telepathic' Kane and Son destined to be the Premier League's best?
Are Air Fryers Any Good?
Are Barcelona completely screwed?
Are Brexit voters deserting Boris's Brexit because of Covid?
Are Das Germans the best ‘race’
Are Geoff and Jebus the worst mods ever?
Are Ireland the new Scotland?
Are Joe Rogan's fans members of a "cult"?
Are Manchester United BACK?
Are Manchester United in the title race?
Are Scotland and Wales trolling Boris?
Are Sunderland a bigger club than Leeds?
Are Theists more honest?
Are Virgin Media taking the piss?
Are YOU still sticking to the Lockdown Rules as they currently stand?
Are YOU travelling for Christmas?
Are Zoomer generation men really woke
Are air fryers completely crap?
Are all white men born evil?
Are any newly built football stadiums actually any good?
Are either or both your parents racists?
Are face-to-face job interviews allowed during lockdown?
Are football teams built in the image of their Managers?
Are forummers secretly jealous of writers of THE ATHLETIC?
Are manners universal?
Are men in drag as offensive as black face makeup?
Are people still ordering take out?
Are people who are absolutely rubbish at football aware they are?
Are pills/mdma now retro or still popular?
Are star signs getting more popular?
Are super noodles acceptable to eat as an adult?
Are the 2008-19 years known as the dark ages of F365
Are the Brits at it again ?
Are the Classic Threads from F365 getting moved over?
Are the Irish chuffed to bits to have beaten the World Champions?
Are the people who stormed the US Capitol terrorists?
Are there any prodigious English defensive players coming through?
Are there any sports you are considering not going back to?
Are there any threads you read that make you sad for those in it?
Are these Holly Willoughby nudes real? NWS
Are umbrellas shite?
Are vegans now a protected group we can't make fun of?
Are we all agreed Joe Rogan is a...
Are we all watching the House of Commons? Now The Official Commons Thread
Are we allowed to talk about IPTV on here?
Are we approaching London's football golden era?
Are we becoming less tolerant of the wilfully thick?
Are we finally weeding out the EPL shite?
Are we getting a search functionality at some point?
Are we going to war with China?
Are we living in a simulation?
Are we too fragile?
Are we witnessing the end of Western civilisation?
Are you a female?
Are you a flasher?
Are you a narcissist?
Are you actually a nerd?
Are you addicted to your phone?
Are you an Alcoholic?
Are you an expert in animal shit?
Are you booking holidays at the moment and if so, where?
Are you going to miss President Donald J. Trump?
Are you good at sex?
Are you inviting all your friends on here now?
Are you overweight / is you partner overweight?
Are you patriotic?
Are you planning to go on a foreign holiday by airplane before the end of September if quarantine rules are lifted?
Are you psyched for Phillip Schofield's new book?
Are you ready for the new sensation?
Are you ready for this . . .
Are you really a football fan
Are you scared of spiders?
Are you still afraid of COVID like a big f**king girl?
Are you still looking at the old place?
Are you surprised by how much of a resounding success the transition has been?
Are your Sundays less shit since the old virus?
Are your company abusing the furlough scheme?
Areas of England with the best footballing XI
Ariana Grande Gives Her Thigh-High Boots a Rest
Ariel Winter
Ariel Winter NWS
Arise Sir Lewis
Arise Sir Tom :adore:
Arise, Sir Lewis Hamilton - knighthood confirmed
Armagnac and Cognac
Armed robbers just raided my local bookies.
Armenia and Azerbaijan resume war (ceasefire signed, Armenia hand over territory)
Armie hammer
Arnie speaks to America
Arnold Schwarzenegger Vs Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson
Arrowverse Thread - US Paced
Arse 0 - 0 Palace
Arse wobble nws
Arsenal (3) vs Newcastle (0)
Arsenal - first PL club to have fans back in a stadium
Arsenal 0 - Villa 3 Goonerwether :cry:
Arsenal 0 v Leicester 1 (Vardy)
Arsenal 1 - 4 Man City (Brent 1 - 0 Newc) Carabao Cup Qtr
Arsenal 1 Wolves 2
Arsenal 2 (Lacca, Eddie) WHU 1 (Antonio)
Arsenal 2 v 1 Chelsea (Pulisic/Aubax2) FA Cup Final 5.30
Arsenal 2-0 Man City (Norwich 0-2 Burnley)
Arsenal 4 (Auba, 2 Xhaka,, Cedric) Norwich 0
Arsenal Head Honcho Admits FA Cup is a tin-pot piece of shit
Arsenal boot out Spanish head of football. Joorabchian cronies Venkatesham & Edu left with keys to the empire.
Arsenal make 55 people redundant so they can buy more crap players. Scouting team canned in favour of Joorabchian :uhoh:
Arsenal v Southampton
ArsenalFan TV... It's all kicking off
Art on your walls - show YOURS
Arteta bans "bad vibes" Guendouzi from coming anywhere near Arsenal teammates
Arteta out fam
Arteta's gone
Artex - A boring thread
Arthur Christmas
Artichokes as a food.
Article from 2005 about Cafu, leading up to the Champions League Final
Articles, vids and pics of Brexit comeuppance
Artists/Bands you've been meaning to listen to but never got round to it
As a England fan.....
As an adult, how many times do you think you've shat your pants?
As fit as a butcher's dog
As it has been a long time since I've been on a "big" 365 forum
As it's International pronouns day,
As soon as your poo hits water, it turns to gold...
As you get older and look at women...
Asda advert
Asda's New Owners....
Ashley Graham is lovely...NWS
Ashley James and her post tubbed up milky rascals NWS
Ashley Young at Inter
Ask me a question
Ask me a question then edit your post
Assange extradition to the US blocked
Assassin 33 A.D.
Asset stripping Man City
Assistance Please
Asterix or Tintin?
Asthma epidemic in the Liverpool squad
Aston Grealish - Brighton - BT Sport, 3pm
Aston Villa (U23) v Liverpool Mens Thread. Predict the score
Aston Villa 0-3 Leeds (Bamford hat trick)
Aston Villa 1-2 Chelsea
Aston Villa are a disgusting vile club.
Aston Villa are riddled with COVID-19
Aston Villa fans with cameltoe try and dodge bus fare
Aston Villa paying £33m for Ollie Watkins
Aston Villa v Manchester United
Aston Villa vs Newcastle - Postponed
Aston Villa....NOT doing a Fulham.
At a small party, what's the most offensive thing I can write on my friend of a friends whiteboard?
At last! Some good news from 2020
At midnight, on the 12th of August....
At this moment right now
At what age did you pack up Facebook?
At what point did you realise how bad Michael Bay's films are?
At what point will World War 2 start to fade from the public consciousness?
Atalanta being 5/2 to beat PSG
Ate half a kilo of blueberries yesterday
Athens, the Greek islands and circling the Black Sea
Athlete A on NF
Athletico Mince
Attention everyone working at home: TEST CRICKET IS BACK TODAY (start delayed due to rain lol)
Attention: Rock & Metal fans
Attn forum electricians... some help please.
Audi automatic rolls on hills
Audi drops 'insensitive' girl with banana ad
Audio Issues on home devices
Audio Visual assistance (Gold Plated HDMI Cable related)
Audio set up for idiots
Audio/visual geniuses help
Audiophile and music-gear recommendation thread
August 2020 Horse Racing and NAPs Competition
Aunty Donna's Big Ol' House of Fun
Aussie Bar Brawl
Aussie SAS murdering civilians
Aussie TV Host in casual racism shocker
Aussie teacher arrested for car sex with 14 year old
Australian Masterchef?
Australian copper not impressed with Covid conspiracy theories
Australian wakes from a coma, wins a car on scratch card then reenacts this for telly and wins 250k
Autonomous burger flipper: Mass forummer redundancies expected
Autumn Falls 19 year old super tits.  Beautiful NWS (working now??)
Average looking women who you'd love to f...(may get NWS)
Avoiding Death By PowerPoint
Avoiding the results for Match of The Day
Avram Grant to Chelsea?
Avril Lavigne - Dolphins
Aw fiddlesticks he's back!!!
Away Days - Mystery Football Shirt
Awe-inspiring breakfasts - a new dawn
Awesome Indian Men and Women
Awesome houses you've come across or viewed when looking to move
Awful American Sitcoms
Awful terrible TV shows that you enjoy watching
Awkward gaps on CVs
Awkward interviews
Ay yo northerners... Specifically greater manc..east lanc & others you pricks gonna play along or what..
Ayanda Capital and PPE Procurement Corruption?
B&H Silver packets circa 2007/2008?
BA149 - The Last Flight to Kuwait (Gulf War Human Shields)
BAME officers abused by BLM protesters
BBC 6 Music Thread
BBC A Question of Sport
BBC Business correspondent Aaron Heslehurst
BBC Chart Colours
BBC Football WUMming again
BBC Maestro
BBC Question Time WWTF
BBC Radio Pundit suspended for referring to an on-pitch scuffle as "handbags"
BBC Sports Personality of the Year - Nominations.  FURY WITHDRAWS!
BBC reporter obviously did not study history at school
BBC reveals their Christmas Telly line-up
BBC to air fantasy Glastonbury line-up from Thursday-Monday. Lorde wins Glastonbury!
BBC to make drama about Jimmy Savile's life
BBC1 - The Sheriffs Are Coming
BBC: Prominent Tory formally charged over attack on woman party-goer
BBQ Pitmasters
BETAAL on La Net Du Flix
BGT Diversity  - second most complained TV  show of the decade
BHA 1 v 2 Chelsea  - Jorginho, Trossard, James
BItten off more than I can chew...stressed.
BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez - Ice Cream
BO - Selecta - Cancelled!
BPL champions 20/21??
BREAKING - Double decker bus bridge crash
BREAKING NEWS about Paul Pogba. Does anybody care anymore?
BREAKING NEWS: SSN studios evacuated, literally nothing on SSN
BREAKING: EFL clubs will now be allowed to make five substitutions from this weekend
BREAKING: Klopp resigns as Liverpool manager.
BT Smart hub 2 and smart plugs, technical problem
BT Sport to broadcast every game as Germany’s top flight returns
BT done me a kipper there
BT homehub and plex issues
BT sport
BT sport - No one better placed to talk about Black History Month than...
Babbing it up tonight?
Baby...... I can't wait to know
Baby/toddler advice (sleeping problems)
Back at work today
Back button
Back pain
Back to "work" today
Back to Life - Soul II Soul and other songs that still sound fresh
Bacon on a burger...
Bad Actor / Great Performance / Brilliant Film
Bad Boy Chiller Crew
Bad News for The Simpsons
Bad Sitcoms - Forces TV, Bottle Boys and More
Bad examples of facial hair
Bad tummy - ended up having 18 shits yesterday - Regale
Bag snatching duo get their comeuppance...
Bagpipes, fing hell.
Baking and Sourdough thread (Cake makers also welcome!) - OP updated
Bald & Bankrupt
Bald and Bankrupt...
Baldy Beckham
Bale W***** or not
Bale on the verge of signing
Ball ball ball, footie footie footie
Balla per me
Ballon d'Or officially CANCELLED
Balloon boy parents recieve pardon
Ban Swing low, sweet chariot
Ban smoking outside Pubs , cafes and bars yes or no?
Bands That Were Absolutely Massive In America That Were No Big Deal Over Here
Bands that should have been huge...
Bands that will never be cool, no matter how hard they try
Bands who underwent radical makeovers
Bands who you only listen to one song from
Bands with no weak links?
Bands with orchestras
Bands you didn't originally like or appreciate...
Bands you like but have no interest in them individually
Bangin Remixes
Banging new Reading song
Bangles - Walk Like An Egyptian (Live 1986)
Bank Holiday/VE Day/Lockdown Smash Crew
Bank manager sacked for actually being helpful
Banned from IG for a few posts about Trump.
Bar worker contacts model after she gives her number for covid tracking NWS
Barack Obama 2020 summer playlist
Barack Obama, whatcha gonna do?
Barbados to remove Queen Elizabeth as head of state
Barbara Windsor RIP kinda NWS
Barbecuing potatoes.... what are the pro tips then?... UPDATE: it's tin foil *TNK*
Barber uses a hot iron bar to 'cut' hair
Barber-geddon: When will UK barbers open?
Barca President resigns and then says they accepted invite to join new European Super League
Barcalona allowed to make free agent signing outside of window following Fati's injury
Barcelona 1 Real Madrid 3
Barcelona FC
Bare Knuckle Gypsy Blood Bath - NSFW
Barnsley FC do The Inbetweeners
Barry's Cactus Club
Basic Tax Advice Needed
Bat out of Hell vs Bohemian Rhapsody
Bathing a cat
Bathroom Superstores - which to choose?
Bathroom fixtures and fittings - NOW WITH CONTRIBUTION FROM NAPOLEON
Batten down the hatches..
Battle for 3rd/4th place today
Battle of the Bands - Faithless vs Leftfield
Battle of the Shannons  [NWS] from Channel 5 late night Fri 'thrillers'
Battleface - travel insurance in a Coronavirus world
Battlestar Galactica (now on BBC iPlayer)
Bavaria /Black Forest
Bayern looking impressive
Beans on a fry up, yes or no?
Beard Maintenance Thread
Beard trimmer - recommend me a good 'un
Beat the chasers
Beautiful Railway Stations
Beautiful woman **Madalina Pica** (NWS)
Becoming a manager
Beefcake Torres
Been out of circulation for an age
Been ripped off by a scam locksmith
Been sent a drinks bar/trolley
Beer Delivery Services
Beer drinkers - Perfect draft machines
Beer subscription boxes
Before they were famous...
Befriending celebrities?
Beggars at traffic lights
Being a Male Lion...
Being a best man
Being a grass
Being a student was great wasn't it?
Being a third choice goalkeeper
Being an Aussie
Being asked to work on annual leave/general toxic working cultures
Being managed out
Being pursued legally from a foreign country
Being scared of dogs is a bit pathetic isn't it
Being single in the Coronavirus era
Belarus Presidential Election - Lukashenko "wins" 80% of the vote, it's all going to kick off
Belgian beer hitlist
Belgium 2 (Tielemans, Mertens) - Britannia Rules the Waves 0 15th Nov 2020
Bella Thorne Breaks OnlyFans Record by Earning $1m in 24 Hours
Bella Thorne becomes first to earn $1 million in a day on OnlyFans Might get Saucy ?
Belle Delphine announces move into porn (NWS)
Bellingham to Dortmund - £22.5m
Below Deck on Netflix
Ben Affleck’s thingy NWS Ben’s gadget
Ben E. King RIP
Ben Foster
Ben Shephard
Ben and Jerry’s Frozen Cookie Dough
Benzema to face trial over Valbuena sex tape blackmail
Bernie Sitting Down Meme
Best 27 songs ever
Best 3 consecutive number one singles
Best 80s Song
Best 80s US Power Drama Theme Tune
Best Actors going (still alive)
Best Albanian (NWS Kinda)
Best Beatles Album?
Best Bond poll puts Connery first, Dalton second
Best Danny Boyle Film
Best DarkWeb marketplace
Best Eurythmics single?
Best Family Halloween Films
Best Film of the 10s?
Best Football Documentary Series of English clubs
Best Footballing Mac/Mc?
Best Halloween TV Specials
Best Home Office Chair
Best ISP's
Best London railway terminus?
Best Lonely Island Album
Best Looking Flag
Best Mens Underwear
Best Midfield Partnerships
Best Mustard
Best Orchestral music for a film
Best PC transfer software (boring thread)
Best Premier League Goal 09/10
Best Premier League goal of all-time: Yeboah vs. Kasami
Best Scotsman
Best Starting XI from teams outside the top 4
Best Streaming Devices 2020
Best Sunday Lunch Meat
Best TV Show Theme Song
Best TV for £500 (less than 50")
Best TV pubs
Best Travel Vlogger?
Best Two Player Board/Card Games
Best UK holiday destination?
Best Username of the New Forum?
Best Username on here?
Best VPN
Best Wallace and Gromit film
Best Wireless Earbuds for running
Best Xmas TV month pass?
Best actor/director combo
Best and worst football crests
Best arcade games
Best bit part character in a TV show
Best bluetooth headset with built-in mic for Android?
Best coastline spot in the South/South East?  ...that is NOT on fire ?
Best comedian you've seen live
Best concept of a sports trophy
Best current professional Sport team logo.
Best deal on Footy Manager 2021?
Best debut goal?
Best discontinued cereal?
Best earbuds / earphones to use for calls
Best ever negotiating by a politician?
Best family car/SUV
Best film that features a king.
Best first 3 songs on any album
Best first track from a band from Georgia?
Best foreign fast food.
Best free video editing software for windows
Best free video editing software for windows?
Best individual episodes of a TV series (Animated and Non Animated) ever.
Best looking footballer to play for your club
Best minor character in a TV show
Best music videos of the last 10 years
Best nation for music exc USA and Britain
Best national anthem?
Best online butcher
Best opening line to a pop song
Best opening songs to introduce an album
Best opening title sequence to a movie?
Best pair in a mainstream movie? (NSFW in future)
Best pair of sky pundits?
Best park in London?
Best performance (singing talent show)
Best place to buy a sofa
Best place to buy a watch online?
Best place to keep 24k?
Best place to sell a watch
Best pound-for-pound signing from Southampton in the last decade?
Best running gag in a sitcom.
Best song about your hometown
Best song with a story?
Best songs about serial killers
Best stadium seats decor so far
Best thing about online shopping before Xmas
Best thing about this forum so far?
Best towns and villages west of London
Best true crime stuff on Netflix
Best username on the new forum?
Best veggie alternative products
Best way of learning a new language?
Best way to cook burgers?
Best way to cook steak
Best way to get rid/sell old CD's
Best way to pay tips (tipping is a ballache)?
Best/worst excuse in history?
Betfair Exchange
Better Call Saul Thread - good eggs only
Better call Andrew Saul
Better film - Rush or Ford vs Ferrari
Better options than Spotify
Betting tip - Winner Winner Chicken Winner!
Bewitching, beguiling
Beyond Meat
Biddy Biddy, Bucks back
Biden REMOVES bust of Churchill from Oval Office
Bielsa and Leeds
Big Brother Reminiscence Thread
Big Mouth - Netflix show (season 4 out now)
Big Ol' Telly Bits You'd Like To Jizz All Over (NWS)
Big Ron - Am I a Racist?
Big Sam
Big Sam to be relegated?
Big Teams Being Humiliated
Big Videos
Big Zuu's Big Eats.
Big forum AMONG US game commencing at 13:40 TODAY- code OKBNZF
Big long snot shot out of my nose
Big news from SteveMRE
Big scandal in little Essex village
Big test for the forum tonight (please read)
Big titty goth NWS
Big versions of forum smilies - FAO MLP/SCROOBIUS/SPATCH/DEANSBODY
Bigfoot Hunting
Biggest English* club to never play in the English top flight?
Biggest Oscar travesties
Biggest age gap between you and a sexual partner?
Biggest passenger as a regular starter in a title winning team
Biggest prick in a TV advert??
Bilic sacked - harsh decision? : Big Sam appointed - wise decision?
Bill & Ted & Face The Music - spoilers
Bill & Ted Face The Music
Bill & Ted Face The Music Trailer
Bill Bryson to retire from writing
Bill Gates
Bill Gates on Super-Spreaders, Immunity, and Seasonality of Covid-19 | Aspen Ideas Festival 1 Jul 2020
Bill and Ted face the Music!!!!
Billie Eillish [checks age . . . we're ok] has an absolutely capital pair of bangers
Billionaire Chuck Feeney has finally given away his entire $8 billion fortune after making secret donations for decades
Billy Connolly vs Frankie Boyle
Billy Joe-L or Jole?
Billy Nomates
Biltong and Jerky
Bin night tonight
Biographies and autobiographies of bands and artists
Birmingham City retire Jude Bellingham's shirt number
Birmingham Stabbings
Biscuits vs Ham
Bishop Nehru - Nehruvia: my disregarded thoughts
Bit Chilly, Isn't It?
Bit like a photocopier really, except the paper is more expensive
Bitcoin wallet recovery help needed
Biting nails and the skin around them - how to stop?
Bizarre casting choices
Bizarre conspiracy theories...
Bizarre metro incident in Rotterdam
Bizarre things that terrified you as a child
Bjork explains TV
Black Friday week - Actual Bargains
Black Lives Matter protests across America
Black Pound Day
Black Women Appreciation Thread *NWS* :adore:
Black folk are quite good at making music
Blackadder goes Forth. Now with Poll PG 1
Blackpool Grime
Blade Runner -  The Exception to The Rule
Blindboy's Red Dead II Musical
Blockchain - the amazing solution for almost nothing
Blockchain/Bitcoin can any experts help?
Bloke gets beaten up for refusing to use Brexit supporting business
Bloke takes 3 viagras.  Photoshoppurtunity VERY VERY NWS
Bloke wins bike race on bike borrowed from a spectator
Blokes with huge schlongs...
Blood Bowl 2 (pc) forum league - season 1 underway, signups always possible
Bloody forum
Blue Velvet
Blues Boss Lamps confirms Lionel interest
Blues Brothers on Mr Netters de la Flixyflops
Bluetooth Shower Speaker
BoJack Horseman
BoJo stepping down?
Board games for kids that aren’t awful for adults
Boardgaming Thread
Boards of canada...
Boardwalk Empire
Bob - RIP in peace
Bob Fisk - RIP
Bob Lazar - Vindicated
Bob Mortimer
Bob Vylan
Bobby Ball - Brown Bread
Bobby Brown - Ball Bread
Bobby Charlton
Bobby Sands: 66 days (netflix)
Bobi Wine
Bodies found on Jag Land Rover site in Solihull
Body Positivity or Scales in Restaurants?
Body hair on women
Bodybuilder Marries Sex Doll in Groundbreaking Ceremony NWS
Boeing 737 Max8 to fly again. Will you be onboard with this? Hudson River hero Sully says 'not yet'
Boeing 737 loses contact in Indonesia | Now the Official Airplane Disaster thread
Bog share?
Boiler diagnostic cost
Bojo & Co. Give Confectionery Seller 108m PPE Contract?
Bolton Wanderers judge a fan's nickname to be racist, refuse to host a banner paying tribute
Bomb in Beirut  (edit: NOT bomb, big explosion)
Bond Girls - the 1970's
Bond Girls - the 60's
Bonkers Stories from Local Newspapers - Wrestling PC Dick
Book Challenge Thread 2020
Book Challenge Thread 2021
Book recommendations on Gorbachev and the end of USSR
Book thread?
Booker Prize Shortlist
Bookies have given the wrong odds
Books on Productivity, Habits, Business and so on.
Boomer 11/10
Boomers obsession with the War
Boonow Fernandez
Boost your post count here thread
Borat 2 - Out now (Amazon Prime) - SPOILERS
Borat appreciation thread
Borat's daughter scrubs up well
Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm - Official Trailer
Boreece Johnson
Boring Google Chrome question
Boring Microsoft/OneDrive/Teams question...
Boring SSD Power Cable Question
Boring Tech question #08607  MS Access
Boring Thread Alert - Electricity Bills
Boring Thread Alert: Laminate & Engineered Wood Flooring
Boring Windows 10 Question: Solved
Boring YouTube question
Boring accounting question
Boring accounting system question
Boring buying a Computer question (@munkeh)
Boring electrics / transformer question
Boring employment HR question
Boring home internet DIY question
Boring isn't it, making a thread about formerly essential items/services that you don't even have any more?
Boring solar panel thread
Boring tax question
Boring thread - cashing an international cheque?
Boring thread about lights
Boring thread about phone contracts
Boring thread alert - please help fix my WiFi!!
Boring thread alert Quick question re:travel plans to uk
Boring thread on password managers.
Boring thread: high quality photo prints
Boring washing machine question
Boris - Arcuri inquiry decision due today
Boris 10 point green plan
Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson Announces there will be No Deal. Are you happy with this outcome?
Boris Johnson had "semi-sexual" relationship with a horse
Boris Johnson in Car Crash
Boris Johnson saying "Alas"
Boris Johnson self isolating after coming in contact with COVID
Boris Johnson's Press-ups
Boris gets his revenge on Andrew Neil
Boris is coming for you: you bastards!
Boris upsetting the women in his life
Bots and Preorders
Bought a new laptop. It doesn’t turn on. Help a technologically challenged forummer
Bournemouth sack Eddie Howe
Box Office failures that you liked
Boxing Day Football Thread- Leicester City vs Manchester United
Boxing Day Trumps...
Boxing Day sales
Boy, 5, shot dead at point-blank range ‘for riding bike into neighbor’s yard’
Boycotting a company or product due to a rival club’s sponsorship
Brad Pitt is reportedly cucking a grandad
Bradley Wright-Phillips has just ALMOST scored a 14 minute MLS hattrick
Brand New - Soco Amaretto Lime
Brands in need of a refresh
Brands on which it's worth spending more
Brands that will never be "cool", no matter how hard they try
Brandy Old Fashioned
Brass Eye - Priests With Guns
Brave Browser
Brave People for The Wrong Reasons
Brave rewards
Brazilian jiu-jitsu
Brazilian waxworks
Bread Maintenance Thread
Breakdancing is now an Olympic sport
Breakfast box ordered
Breakfast box ordered UPDATE Just Eat ordered
Breakfast in Dublin the chilly morn
Breakfast in bed
Breaking - Bale stays in Madrid
Breaking Sport News - Lawro predicts Liverpool to win 2-0
Breaking news: Kamala Harris has died!
Breaking! Van Dijk Retires!!!
Breaking: Airliner with 200 people has crashed in India
Breaking: Bale lands in London to complete transfer
Breaking: Gerry confirmed as prime suspect in Maddy McCann case
Breaking: Paul Pogba riddled by coronavirus
Breaking: Paul Pogba riddled with coronavirus
Breaking: Pep Leaves City!
Breaks and Drum and Bass mixes
Breast Implants / Tummy Tuck
Brenda Russell - Piano in the Dark
Brendan Rodgers had coronavirus
Brentford v Fulham (1 - 2) I guess they got one back?
Brexit - the UK floats alone in a sea of failure
Brexit Beating - Brexit supporter assaults 2 men in Totnes, Devon. Victim releases antagonistic video
Brexit and coronavirus - economies and all that
Brexit lol............. English passport holders need not apply
Brexit now stopping UK clubs signing EU youngsters
Brexit stockpiling thread
Brian May in hospital with torn buttocks
Brian Rose is running for Mayor of London
Brief Forum Downtime Tonight (Complete)
Brighton 0-0 Burnley (PPV) - The return of Dat Guy
Brighton 3-3 Wolves (Connolly, Saiss,  Burn OG, Neves pen, Maupay pen, Dunk)
Brilliant Roy Keane punditry moments.
Bring back forum meat ups?
Bring me the greatest riff ever
Bring your dinners,it's Orient for a fiver.
Bristol City 1-2 Sheffield Wednesday (Wells) (Wickham, Luongo) FT
Bristol Stool Chart cake
Brit Box
Britain First - Acting like bellends
Britain First leader Paul Golding convicted for not giving his PIN for his phone or Laptop to Police
Britain's best MC
British Academy Television Awards - BBC1 NOW
British Airways = Scum
British Army wish the yanks a happy 4th
British Business Bank subsidiary MD spared prison for child abuse images
British Columbia  Centre for Disease Control Try ‘glory holes’ for safer sex during coronavirus
British Cycling: Senior coach Kevin Stewart sacked for 'inappropriate relationships' with riders
British GDP officially fell by 20.4% in Q2
British Glory Holes
British Grot (NWS)
British ISIS suspects smuggle themselves out of detention
British businesses that are right c**ty
British couple win the right to name their son ‘Lucifer’.
British negotiator gives EU two-week deadline to drop 'ideological' stance
British nuclear veterans & the government
British people and the War
British racist living in US gets amazing reviews for her business on Yelp
British terrorists kill 14 innocent people - 100 years ago today
British/English cheeses
Britney Stoney - well I never...
Brits out!
Brits out, pies in
Brittany Ann Zamore - Sexy teacher thread
Broadband question from a simpleton
Broadband speed
Broke De Niro getting rinsed by ex-wife. Now getting rinsed by forum
Brooklyn Beckham
Bruce Jenner...
Bruce Springsteen's new album.
Bruno Fernandes is a diving  so and and so.
Bruno Fernandes or Kevin De Bruyne
Brutalist Architecture Appreciation Thread
Bryan Adams - Racist?
Bud the police horse is dead.
Budesliga WWTF
Budget Smartphones
Budget/mini projectors - any good?
Bug report thread
Builders smashing their work after not getting paid
Building Regulations - access at the side of my house
Building a big wall. FAO of Trump?
Building a pub
Building a website (and hosting etc)
Building your own work bench
Bumfight guy on Dr Phil
Bump Request
Bump request
Bundesliga 20/21 schedule
Bundesliga to return in 2 weeks - Behind Closed Doors
Burger and wings Rule 1 - grades incoming
Burnley 0 Chelsea 3
Burnley vs Man Utd
Bush brought down the towers. PROOF!
Business investing.
Business setup advice
Businesses you are surprised still run
Buying Face Masks Online
Buying Gold
Buying Things for a New Home
Buying a Holiday Home Abroad...
Buying a House at Auction
Buying a Second Hand Car
Buying a car - options
Buying a dog | Help
Buying a parrot (Forum Parrot Experts converge)
Buying a property without a survey carried out?
Buying cheap stuff from China
Buying clothes from supermarkets
Buying kids boots
Buying lovely, lovely vinyl - what you getting? Collecting Records!
Buying meat online
Buying quality shoes
Buying shares
Buzz Aldrin has a good right hook
By winning his tenth Globe Soccer Award, Mendes crowned AGENT OF THE CENTURY 2001-2020
C**ts on LinkedIn
CBD oil
CBD oil for sleeping
CBeebies hitlist (not as noncey as it sounds) now NWS for Woose to deliver
CCJ Advice
CCP strikes again (Hong Kong)
CCTV recommendations
CD Singles
CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL DAY (Live and in HD CovidVision)
CK2 Let's Play - The House of Awooga
CNN.com targeted advertising in Washington DC
COVID - should I stay or should I go?
COVID fingerprint health things
COVID-19 Government Briefings: Who do you detest most?
CPAP machines and beards
CSKA Sofia with MASSIVE announcement
CV Review Services
CV Template/Tips
Cabinet members as the opposite sex
Caitlin Stasey (ex-Neighbours) NWS
Cake Fails Part 2
Calcio Storico
Cali, Texas, Florida
California Wildfires
California/Oregon on fire
Call me by your name
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare/Warzone Thread
Call to rename the White Cliffs of Dover after Black Lives Matter
Calling Sky
Calling all Scots - what is dressed fish?
Calling all runners, what do you carry your phone with?
Calling creative geniuses - strapline needed
Calls from call centres, what do you do?
Campaign to replace :lol: with this - causing strife - 2 new emojis on their way...
Can Dominic Cummings just do whatever the eff he wants?
Can I dig up the council's land without telling them (atrocious Paint diagram included)
Can I finally get a pink name then?
Can Manchester City break the goal scoring record?
Can Spurs, Liverpool, Leicester and Southampton be this decade's Big 4?
Can anyone recommend a cheap printer?
Can anyone recommend a good chair?
Can anyone recommend a good site for buying a PC? Now NWS
Can anyone recommend a holiday villa in France?
Can anyone suggest me a good CV template?
Can people not post child porn or plots to kill politicians
Can someone bump one of the threads about Pep never achieving anything significant without Lionel Messi please?
Can someone explain the WSB, gamestop and this guy
Can someone link me to the Tiger King thread?
Can someone paypal me 20 euros?
Can someone recommend me a reasonably cheap tablet please?
Can the collective forum mind help me into a career IT?
Can the human mind image a better chocolate than...
Can the human mind imagine a better household domestic appliance than the.....
Can the human mind imagine a better mayonnaise...
Can the human mind imagine a worse goal being conceded by so called professional footballers than this?
Can the poker tournament pop ups do one?
Can we all admit now that 'Kid A' is shite?
Can we all agree that this is the greatest ever Disney Song?
Can we do something about the weird spin off w4nkers
Can we finally lay to rest the myth of Phil Foden
Can we get a Scotch football sub-forum please?
Can we get something straight?
Can we have a chat about Steve McManaman please?...and rightly so!
Can we have a thread on them on/off gifs from the telegram group. NWS
Can we honour microphone head
Can we not bin international games?
Can we please leave the community management to the F365 mods
Can we return the Friday Paint thread?
Can we talk about Rangers Vs The Scottish League?
Can we talk about Scott Presler? #ThePersistence
Can you Write a Sleaford Mods Song/Verse...?
Can you all please vote 'Naw' on this twitter poll?
Can you buy bitcoin without paying commission?
Can you even call yourself a proper fan if you've not been to the last 10 home games?
Can you fight?
Can you find the 50 hearts?
Can you help me choose a laptop?
Can you help me choose my dinner?
Can you make a CURRENT XI at your club of 11 different nationalities?
Can you recommend me a book?
Can you remember your bank details off by heart?
Can you solve them all?
Can't Get You Out Of My Head (Adam Curtis)
Can't Stop Christmas
Can't pay, we will take it away
Can't stop pooing
Can't view spoilers
Canadian politician speech yesterday ...... oh boy
Cancel Jimmy Fallon? Disturbing blackface clip from 2000 'SNL' episode emerges
Cancer - Get to the doctors and a charity request.
Cancer is a right bastard
Caoimhin Kelleher 1-0 Super Stevie G
Cape Town advice
Capitalising the 'B' in black...
Captain Tom podcast
Captain Tom releases his own gin in time for Christmas
Captain/Major/Sir Tom - The Movie!  But who plays him...?
Caption competition. 9/11 edition
Car Damaged By Roadworks - Can we claim?
Car Insurance Cancellation
Car Scrappage schemes
Car Seat Headrest - Making a Door Less Open
Car Stereo nerds. Advice needed (boring thread alert)
Car Throttle
Car for daughter
Car for the wife...
Car park fine - worth an appeal?
Car rear window defroster
Car valuation.
Cardiff abruptly terminate contract of Nathaniel Mendez-Laing
Career Crossroads - Potential Mid Life Crisis Advice
Carl Reiner - RIP
Carl Sagan Appreciation Thread
Carly Rae Jepsen
Carole Baskin given Joe Exotic's Zoo
Carole Cadwalladr Having A Mare
Caroline Quentin's mahogany stained sphincter
Cart Narcs
Cases of appalling overacting
Casey Anthony
Casting The Forum
Catch 22 by Joseph Heller
Catch-22(2019 miniseries)
Catherine Novikova (NWS)
Cats (now showing on Sky Cinema)
Cats spreading COVID?
Cavani Done A Racist - Banned for 3 games
Celebration of the Stupid
Celebrities and albums that reminds me of them/suits them/sum them up.
Celebrities react to Jeremy Corbyn's suspension from the Labour party
Celebrities react to MAGA supporters storming Congress
Celebrities react to President Biden being sworn in
Celebrities react to Scotland qualifying for their first international tournament since 1998
Celebrities react to Trump getting his arse kicked
Celebrities react to today's Scottish Football results
Celebrity Death List 2021 Predictions
Celebrity NWS gifs thread
Celebrity Stalkers
Celebs over 50 with best body
Celtic fan sexually assaulted St Pauli chairwoman
Celtic lose in CL 2nd Qualifying Rd
Celtic vs Hibs ON despite Celtic having 13 players self isolating
Centrist pundits stick the knife into 'The Sopranos'
Century of the Self: Happiness Machines
Cesc Fabregas
Ch 4 now - Man with 10 stone testicles
Challenge Accepted
Challenge Cup Final
Challenger Space Shuttle doc on Netflix
Champions League
Champions League & Europa League Live Draw
Champions League Final : PSG 0 v 1 Bayern
Champions League Games
Champions League Group Stage Draw (4pm)
Champions League Wednesday
Champions League: City 2 v 1 Real(4-2) - Juve 2 v 1 Lyon (2-2)
Champions league draw  is done. Now the big one: EUROPA LEAGUE 12PM
Champions league how do we make money this week
Champions league match thread - Rennes 1-1 Kransdor- Chelsea 0-0 Sevilla - Lazio 2-0 Dortmund - Barcelona 5-1 Someone, - PSG 1-2 Man United - RB Leipzig 2-0 Someone
Championship Manager 2001/02
Championship player gets his junk grabbed
Championship relegation chat. C'mon the Hatters
Chances of this season being cancelled due to Covid ?
Chanel Santini NWS
Chanels Ma - MOM?
Change a movie title to involve footballers. Make me laugh!
Change or add a word to a movie title
Channel 4's streaming service is surprisingly good
Chaos 2 from Robot Wars
Character actors you're in for
Character that made you cry
Charity Auction - Signed & framed West Ham shirt
Charity Auction - Some cracking signed memorabilia
Charity Request
Charlie Brooker antiviral wipe tonight 9pm BBC 2.
Charlie Brooker's Antiviral Wipe - BBC2 9pm WWTF
Charlie Daniels has died
Charlie Hebdo to Republish Cartoons of Muhammed (pbuh)
Chav-free UK towns and cities
Chaz Woods tees it up this weekend.
Cheap Peroni currently at Co-op
Cheap fitness bands/watches.
Cheating is basically a normal human instinct
Cheating on your partner?
Cheating pricks
Check out my Twitter/OnlyFans (slight NWS)
Check out this Lady's parkjob
Check out this cat
Checking pension performance every day
Cheek kissing
Cheeky beggars
Cheese, Chutney, Meat
Cheesiest 80s Song?
Chelsea 0 - 0 Tottenham
Chelsea 0-2 Liverpool (Mane 2; Christensen s/off)
Chelsea 1-1 Barcelona 2009: How many pens should Chelsea have had?
Chelsea 4-1 SU
Chelsea Chelsea!!!!
Chelsea Football Club
Chelsea Vs Palace
Chelsea collapse
Chelsea fan stands up to BLM
Chelsea vs City - who is in the better position?
Chernobyl II: Chernobyl Harder
Chernobyl and it's Wildlife
Chester hospital baby deaths probe: Nurse Lucy Letby rearrested
Chicago Bulls and United of the 90s. 2 clubs but the DNA is 1
Chicago recorded 769 homicides in 2020
Child Benefit
Childcare Vouchers Glut
Childcare rant - father to step kids being a dick
Children In Need 2020    BBC tonight @ 1900
Children’s TV shows or characters you hate.
Chili problem
China and the Uyghurs
China has created the Matrix  :uhoh:
China is asshoe
China pulling out of PL TV rights deal
China pulls down Australia's pants and spanks its sunburnt arse
China trying to get rid of its Uighur population
Chinese citizen journalist Zhang Zhan sentenced for reporting early on COVID in Wuhan
Chinese duck - pancakes only
Chipper ordered
Chippy vs Chipper
Chocolate Week on Bake Off
Chocolate hips Kieran Tierney
Choice of warm comforting beverage this morning...
Choose 3 desert island sandwiches from this list of 40
Choose a Life not a Knife
Choose my next Audio Book to buy?
Choose your Final Barclays Manager of the Month
Chris Benoit Doc (Dark Side of the Ring)
Chris D'elia is in the process of being cancelled
Chris Evans eh? What a showman!
Chris Grayling closes in on role as chair of UK intelligence committee
Chris Grayling has landed on his feet
Chris Moyles
Chris Watts - American who killed his wife and two girls
Chrissy Ds
Chrissy Teigen and John Legend lose baby
Chrissy's Beauty Salon
Christchurch Mosque Shooter Sentenced
Christine McGuinness (Paddy's wife)
Christmas Bonus
Christmas Day - The Fry - up Breakfast
Christmas Day's Front Pages
Christmas Dinner Components / Recipes
Christmas Eve's Front Pages
Christmas Footballers
Christmas Name Changes Reversal - Get your name back here
Christmas Sax
Christmas Seethe
Christmas Sex
Christmas Smileys
Christmas Smileys - help needed (NOW LIVE)
Christmas Successes & Failures
Christmas Travel Plans - The Thread
Christmas Weekend Plans Thread
Christmas Weight Gain
Christmas album season
Christmas and Covid
Christmas cards.
Christmas day attire?
Christmas films recommendations
Christmas in the Sun 2020
Christmas is ruined. Any news on Finbar?
Christmas name changes
Christmas nap
Christmas quiz -afq
Christmas tips
Christmas without the family
Christmassy scenes in non-Christmas movies
Christopher Nolan Film Ranked! - Empire
Christopher Walken vs Johnny Depp
Christopher from the Sopranos is playing a selection of music inspired by A Streetcar Named Desire on NTS 2 at 6pm. And it's live!
Christopher or Bodie?
Chrome add-on that bypasses paywalls
Chrome omnibox returning yahoo searches
Chubby copper vs chunky chav
Chuck Yeager 1923-2020
Church bells ringing at 2am wtf
Cities: Skylines Bundle - £14.50
City 3 - 0 Arsenal; Sterling, De Bruyne (p), Foden; Luiz s/o, Eric Garcia killed FT
City fans, Pep or?
City have £41 bid accepted for Nathan Ake
Civil Service Competencies
Civilization VI free on Epic store
Civilization VI is free on Epic Games
Clap for Carers set to return
Class inequality in the UK
Classic Football Shirts of the 70s & 80s
Classic Forum GIFS **NWS**
Classic Posts from the old forum - Poss NWS
Classic computer game tunes
Classic house tunes
Classical Music
Classical Music Thread
Classics - for lazy people
Claudia caught in a Webbe?
Clearly made up names
Cleaves & Woseman in Tea For Two
Click and grow
Cliff Richard. What's his deal
Climie Fisher - love changes everything - Albert hall 1988
Clinton Morrison
Clive - The Beginning
Clive Tyldesley replaced as main ITV football commentator
Closed football pyramid next season?
Clubs managed by former players
CoVid Symptoms - an informal survey
Coastal Eating
Coat for Autumn / Winter
Cobra kai
Cocaine Hippos will take over the world
Cocktail bar basics.
Coffee Rum
Coffee and Kareem  - Netty F
Coffin Dance Meme
Cognitive process profile
Cold War with China starting?
Coldplays hidden gems
Colleague refusing to self-isolate
Colleague using our work whatsapp chats in her claim against company
Colonoscopy mega laxative beforehand [wife update p4]
Colour Blind or Colour Conscious?
Com Truise - Propagation
Combine two footballers to make a hybrid new one
Come Dine With Me - Peter & Jane
Come and celebrate Bolton's first win in eight months
Come and congratulate the Champions
Come in and moan about something trivial about Covid.
Come in here to congratulate the Premier League on Project Restart
Come in here to welcome Shamima Begum back to the UK
Come in to congratulate the greatest PL team of all time
Come watch Live Football NOW!- The K League Thread
Come with me as I unearth a goldmine...
Comedy T-Shirts
Coming 2 America
Coming off Anti-depressants / SSRIs
Coming off furlough
Command & Conquer | Remastered Collection
Commando Ch4 Now
Commando on Youtube
Commentary in the Swansea - Luton game
Commentators apolgising for swearing during football matches, just why?
Commonly held myths
Companies Or Services The Forum recommends.
Companies you’ll go out of your way to use...
Company car, company pays fuel, private mileage
Compendium of hotness NWS
Compilation of Joe Rogan's stand up style getting criticised by guests on his own podcast
Compile your roast
Complaining to Ofcom
Complete the sentence: The general public...
Computer Game Characters that Scared You...
Computer Tech Issue - Help :(
Computer storage
Computer/Printer help- same wifi printing
Concept of time - needs revisiting?
Condenast Best Villages in UK & Ireland
Confronting Conor McGregor
Congrats Liverpool
Congratulations FC Bayern Munich
Congratulations Yorick
Congratulations to my Cousin.
Connecting phone to car stereo - no headphone jack on phone
Connor Coady vs Liverpool
Conor McGregor arrested for indecent exposure
Conor McGregor is fighting on Saturday
Conor Oberst's online gig in support of abortion
Conservative voters - I have some questions
Conspiracy Theorists On Facebook
Conspiracy theories that ended up being true
Conspiracy theories you believe in
Conspiracy theory: management consultants are recommending 'Build Back Better' as a COVID-19 slogan
Constant ringing in your ears.
Construct a sandwich with only 3 fillings
Consulting Companies
Contact (1997)
Contemporary Jazz - Robohands
Contentious incidents in games that would likely have panned out differently had VAR or goal-line technology been available*
Contract advice - non-compete clause
Contrasting images of the same incident/event/story
Control + V
Controller for PC
Converting a Garage into an Office
Convicted Fraudster John Lepp
Cooked anything nice during the lockdown?
Cooking Asian food
Cooking sausage rolls - now with pics
Cool and different things in music
Cool stuff in your house
Cool things in your garden
Cop giving it the big one about running over protesters in Boston USA
Cop suspended after choke hold
Copenhagen crash out of Europe in spite of epic defensive display
Copper takes a tumble during chase
Corbyn - who wrote the anti-semite "truth-bomb" on the old forum?
Corbyn fined £10K for breaking the law
Corbz, just f*** off now yeah mate
Cordless Vacuums
Cornwall: This Fishing Life
Corona World: What do you miss, what don’t you miss, what have you discovered?
Corona increase not down to Asians.  Because it’s racist
Corona: Forummers abroad
Coronavirus CAN be sexually transmitted, study finds – even after symptoms have cleared
Coronavirus and the future of air travel
Coronavirus: The Movie - who plays who?
Corruption in the Premier league: Liverpool and spurs and the NUFC takeover
Cosplay (may unexpectedly get NWS)
Could Arsenal be title contenders next season?
Could China succeed where Nazi Germany failed?
Could Manchester City face double BPL points deduction?
Could Messi and CRonaldo play in the same team?
Could Ronaldo take this Utd team to the title?
Could you beat Floyd Mayweather in an MMA fight?
Could you beat Khabib Nurmagomedov in a street fight?
Could you develop a crush on any of these Championship Managers?
Could you do the war memorial run challenge?
Could you have scored this chance that Belgian wonderkid Aster Vrancx missed?
Could you have spent Pep's defender money more wisely?
Could you out wrestle this
Could you pass a police interrogation?
Could you run a mile in less than 8:11?
Could you survive a round with a 53 year old Mike Tyson?
Could you take a frame off Ronnie O’Sullivan if...
Could your dog beat this dog in a fight, given three months of training?
Countdown to Christmas 2020 ?
Counterintuitive Calories
Countries that should be a lot richer than they currently are
Country Music Thread.
Country music
Country music thread?
Country plastic
Courtney Love’s recollection of sleeping with Steve Coogan
Cover songs that are better than the originals...
Cover versions better than the original
Covid (mis)information
Covid - sledgehammer to crack a nut?
Covid Antibody Test
Covid Chat Up Lines
Covid Cons
Covid Marshals
Covid Stag Do Ideas
Covid Symptoms
Covid Thread- politics-free coronavirus thread pal
Covid UK Daily Death Prediction
Covid Vaccination
Covid Vaccination - Have you had it ?
Covid Vaccine Volunteers
Covid new job/furlough query
Covid special - Famous people you can’t believe aren’t dead yet
Covid zero holidays
Covid, and things to talk about with the missus.
Covid-19 Survivors
Covid-19 airplane seat overhaul
Covid-19 has got to my family and now I'm scared
Covid-19: 'I've been abused because my name is Corona' (BBC)
Covid-20 is here lads!
Covid19 Goal Celebrations
Covidiot Mo Salah riddled after attending Egyptian wedding
Cowlo Toure
Cracker of a goal in the MLS is Back tournament tonight
Cracking Christmas Tunes
Cracking bootcuts on the train this morning
Craig and his cat
Crap 90s Football
Crap Chocolate
Crap YouTube Cookery Videos
Crap albums by great musicians
Crap xmas grottos
Crash Bandicoot 4 - It's About Time  *OUT TODAY*
Crash for Cash
Crazy Dutch Guysh explore abandoned cosmodrome.
Crazy scores in the Bundesliga today
Create Bookmark filter ?
Create the worst football broadcasting team you can think of
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Creeping lockdown madness
Creepy Good reads on Wikipedia NWS
Creepy performances that would get you instantly cancelled today
Cricked neck
Crime in sports podcast.
Cringeworthy player signing videos
Crisp sandwiches
Cristiano Ronaldo and Sir David Beckham
Cristiano Ronaldo casts doubt on his heir
Cristiano Ronaldo shows off new haircut
Cristiano Ronaldo's Latest Look
Cristiano has Covid - Portuguese Football Fed
Crowd fund for paperboys
Crowdfunder - tackling isolation in young people
Cruise Ships
Cruise blasts film crew, now feat Bale.
Crunch and Crumble
Crusader Kings 3 is out now
Cryptic crossword help/thread
Crystal Maze contestant gets stuck on planet
Crystal Palace 2-0 Sheffield United (Schlupp, Eze)
Crystal Palace vs Newcastle United (20:00 - Amazon)
Crystanbul WWTF Sky Sports PL 3-3 (Delaney, Gayle x2, Allen, Sturridge, Suarez) 1 min left
Cum Town
Cummings Going!
Curious goings on at Brompton's Auctioneers
Current Salary vs Expected Salary
Current Shitstorms From Your Workplace
Current best Android phone on the market?
Current players we used to talk about a lot but not anymore
Current players who will retire as a one-club-man
Current women on TV you love NWS
Curtis Jones
Cushiest arm of the military
Cut, cut, cut, tell me somethin'..
Cutting arms
Cutting down on the bad things - Tactics
Cutting down on the booze
Cutting out grains from your diet.
Cutting the cable cord - Thoughts?
Cycling + Pedestrian Infrastructure Post COVID19
Cycling experts in here a moment if you please? (Jackets)
Cyclist cheats death from falling tree by inches.
Czech Rep invaded by Poland
D. H. Lawrence - 1885-1930 - The world of men is dreaming, it has gone mad in its sleep, and a snake is strangling it, but it can't wake up.
DB Cooper
DISNEY - Mickey Mouse vomits all over the internet. Star Wars & Marvel films forever!
DIY Experts - Paining over dark varnish wood
DIY Noobs
DIY Thread? Garden retaining wall advice
DMA’s - The Glow
DNA Testing Kits FAO @Pedro
DOMGATE: Would you also have escaped to your rural second home?
DPD delivery drivers
Da 5 Bloods
Dad just died.
Dad of Brazilian wonderkid accuses Manchester City of illicitly funnelling him thousands of pounds
Dads army 2020 - not gone well
Daft Wikipedia football challenge
Daft names of football clubs
Daftest Demises in History
Dagenham & Redbridge v Wealdstone LIVE BT sport NOW (0-0)
Dai Hard 1 - Posters who put scores in thread titles 0
Daisy Ridley, Yay or Nay?
Dan Bilzerian - Bankrupt?
Dan Dubuque - awesome slide guitar covers
Dana Plato RIP
Dance Music with Female Vocals V6 NWS Obs
Dancing bats
Dangerous driving
Dangerously boring thread alert - electricity billing related
Danish kids show about a man and his giant penis
Danny Baker - The Game
Danny Rose, take a bow
Dark (German Netflix Drama)
Dark On Netty F (Final Season coming in June)
Dark mode for the forum
Darknet market vendor identified and arrested via fingerprints that were visible in a photo he posted
Darren Grimes
Darth Vader has become one with the force
Dartmoor + That part of Devon
Data Science Jobs
Dave Chappelle - 8:46  (thoughts on Floyd and America)
Dave Chappelle - Unforgiven
Dave Kitson Attempts to Oust Gordon Taylor as PFA Chief
Dave Portnoy's Barstool Fund
David 'Orny' Ornstein: "Chelsea poised to sign Kai Havertz"
David Adeleye's entrance music (BT Sport just then)
David Attenborough - A life on our planet
David Blaine ‘Ascension’ Live on YouTube WWTF
David Blaine's Latest Escapade - 31st August
David Bowie song help
David Graeber RIP
David Graeber has died.
David Luiz signs new one year contract with Arsenal
David Lynch Appreciation thread
David Lynch reports on the weather
David Silva: bit overrated isn't he
David Squires cartoons
David Squires latest cartoon
Dead cool trainers and sneaks thread
Dealing with forum boys in business
Dealing with repeat offenders
Dean Ashton
Dear white vegans,...
Deaths during football
Debate : What's the correct etiquette for greeting family members?
Debbie McGee
Debenhams gone
December 2020 Horse Racing and NAPs Comp
Decent Christmas films, songs etc from the last decade.
Decent Running Shoes
Decent chilli sauces
Decent finish
Decent knife set - thoughts?
Decent new comedy tv/film?
Decent songs that were disowned by bands
Decide my evening
Decided to treat the boy to a takeaway
Deciding whether to stay near family
Declan Rice
Decline in serial killers - Porn to blame
Ded O'Gonner
Dedicated to Neil Lennon
Dedications to the deceased. Ideas needed
Deebo Dead
Deep fakes make Fake news look like childsplay
Deepfake detection tool unveiled by Microsoft - The Microsoft Video Authenticator
Def Leppard - High 'n Dry
Defending Jacob
Dele Alli held at knifepoint during robbery of his home and sustains a minor facial injury
Dele Alli slapped with one match ban for vile banter
Delightful fanny-slip NWS
Demi Rose Mawby Appreciation Thread (nws)
Democrats want to abolish all animals
Demon’s Souls - Come, ye day oners - Objectively the best next gen game
Denis Law. The king. New doc out this week.
Denise Van Outen in a glittery corset and suspenders at her cabaret show - still got it!
Dent vs Nugent - you decide [NWS potential]
Dental implants - bit expensive, eh?
Denver the last Dinosaur
Deportivo relegated to Spanish third division without them kicking a ball last night.
Depp v Heard
Depressed Irishman Graham Linehan suspended from Twitter. Update - suspended permanently.
Der Match Thread —  Der Klassiker Tuesday 5pm **Borussia Dortmund v Bayern Munich**
Derby County
Derby appoint Wayne Rooney as manager
Derby player Andre Wisdom stabbed and in hospital :(
Derek Chisora v Oleksandr Usyk
Derry Girls
Des Kelly vs Jurgen Klopp post match interview
Des a Goner
Describe Brian Cox in three words
Describe a Christmas song in one sentence
Describe your favorite movie as boring as possible
Designated Survivor (series) - :spaz:
Designing a kitchen
Desktop Speakers - Edifier?
Deutsche Bank Proposes A 5% "Work From Home" Tax
Devs (the BBC show, not the nerds)
Diagnose my car issue
Diana Musical to be streamed on netflix ahead of broadway debut
Diana Rigg RIP in pieces
Dick and Dom
Dicked Down in Dallas
Did Herbert Sobel deserve some credit?
Did I imagine this...
Did Jamiroquai complete music with Deeper Underground?
Did OPP make it over.
Did anyone watch watch Britain's Got Talent last night?
Did popular music peak with Richard Cheese's cover of My Neck, My Back?
Did somebody say Just Eat
Did somebody say...Just Feet?
Did the Blackpool Grime thread make it over?
Did the Jordan B Peterson thread survive the move?
Did the Maitland Ward-Baxter thread make it over (nws)
Did the Plane Crash / Aviation thread make it over? (Breaking: Airliner down in Pakistan)
Did the Referee thread make it over?
Did the Writers Thread make the jump?
Did the cheap tat from China/ great buys under £30 make it over?
Did the model kit thread get restarted over here?
Did the quiz thread make it over?
Did the snide toys thread make it over here?
Did we forget the slip in all the excitement yesterday?
Did we have an RIP in peace Dave Greenfield thread?
Did we used to or still have a forummer called Bloodninja
Did you all see this one ?
Did you break the lockdown rules at the weekend?
Did you ever think, whilst he was plodding around the Spurs midfield, that...
Did you go SHOPPING today?
Did you have a "skateboarding phase"?
Did you have a bogeyman growing up?
Did you have a pair of CAT boots/shoes?
Did you hear about Ole Gunnar Solskjær
Did you know?
Did you realise just how many racists you shared a platform with?
Did you receive financial help from family for your first house deposit?
Did you receive your free brewdog voucher?
Did you see that thing about the thing
Did you think Juliet Bravo was the police woman’s name?
Diecast Rally Car Racing
Diego Méntriga
Difference between Unleaded and Super Unleaded
Different takes on the same song.
Differing sports cultures
Digital Writing Pads?
Dillian Whyte v Alexander Povetkin 10pm (Taylor v Persoon 9pm)
Dinner Party Suggestions
Dinner Time
Dinosaurs  ? ?
Dirty Screen Effect & Grey Uniformity- FAO TV set experts
Dirty long-lens celebrity paparazzi shots (incl Royals) - NSFW
Disaronno Advert
Disasters/tragedies that aren’t widely known
Discontinued products
Discworld - The Watch
Disdain for the Less Educated is the Last Acceptable Prejudice
Disgusting transphobic restaurant
Disinfecting Microphones...
Disney Channel gone from Sky??
Disney World Florida reopening
Disney announce LOADS of Marvel and Star Wars stuff!
Disney plus on LG TV app
Disney+ Rise Of Skywalker now streaming. Deals in OP
Dispute with girlfriends ex in house sale
Dispute with neighbour seeking to develop land
Djokovic disqualified for hitting a lineswoman
Do 'experts' or commentators get paid for radio appearances?
Do Arsenal fans regret sacking Wenger?
Do British athletes need to ‘man up’?
Do You Like Jurassic Park? Do You Like Lego?
Do any forummers here have their own Onlyfans page?
Do any of the elite F365 crew go into the Rugby forum?
Do any of you old gits dye your hair?
Do iggy and Flip need their own show
Do insects derive pleasure from sex?
Do minorities need to lighten up a bit?
Do people pretend to care more than they do to be liked?
Do the BBC not broadcast football radio commentaries any more?
Do the USofA have the same obsession with the Japanese as the Brits do with Germans ?
Do the boxer beat
Do these guys have fannies ?
Do they collect stats for...
Do they dare to dream?
Do vile libertarians believe the fire brigade should exist?
Do we all remember Jeffrey? NWS
Do we have a Jodie Comer thread? (Let's say NWS in case someone finds any)
Do we have a Metal thread?
Do we have a pickling thread? Let's have a pickling thread.
Do we have a thread on annoying work colleagues
Do we have a thread on veganism?
Do we have any farmers registered?
Do we have one of those threads for when thread titles line up perfectly?
Do we have the “what are you buying so and so for Xmas” thread yet?
Do we have to be recording location data?
Do we need a separate forum for politics and current affairs?
Do we really need pre game/half time/full time football pundits?
Do we still have a "Post Photos from your Mobile" thread?
Do we still have a 'C***s in adverts' thread
Do we think Finbarr is isolating this Christmas?
Do you Catcall women?
Do you agree with Joe Rogan that video games are a waste of time?
Do you agree with Roy Hodgson?
Do you believe in Time?
Do you believe in UFO sightings?
Do you believe reasonable boses exist?
Do you believe that Manchester City are genuinely self sustainable?
Do you believe?
Do you block online adverts when you are able to do so?
Do you buy Christmas Gifts for your team?
Do you buy Fresh Fish?
Do you buy birthday and Christmas gifts for your friends?
Do you call out non mask wearers in shops?
Do you carry your wallet in the front or back pocket?
Do you collect stuff? The re-boot
Do you delete your internet history?
Do you disagree with any of the refereeing decisions in the Real Sociedad vs Real Madrid match last night?
Do you do any independent courses or learning?
Do you do anything to make the world a better place?
Do you do the Postcode Lottery?
Do you dye your hair?
Do you eat fruit like an adult?
Do you engage with fake news spreaders on social media?
Do you ever post a tweet
Do you ever use 'outdated' terms for women?
Do you ever..
Do you feel sorry for DJs during Covid?
Do you find this YouTube video funny?
Do you genuinely hate anyone?
Do you get on with your brothers and sisters?
Do you hate anyone?
Do you have a cleaner?
Do you have a guy in your office who just bloody loves setting up trackers?
Do you have a mentalist at your football club?
Do you have a spare bed, in a spare bedroom?
Do you have a tidy wallet?
Do you have allergies?
Do you have an enemy?
Do you have any followers yet?
Do you have any problems right now that you don't know how to solve?
Do you have any warning points? Regale over the reason
Do you have to start with 11 players?
Do you kinda wish you were these people? Bikini NWS
Do you know anyone who has Britbox?
Do you know someone personally who has (or has had) Covid-19?
Do you know what makes no sense?
Do you like Turkey? The bird not the country
Do you like this 1980s house in Palm Springs?
Do you like to fettle?
Do you like....
Do you love peanuts?
Do you miss having proper bants with your second family?
Do you owe me an apology?
Do you own a printer?
Do you partake in posting :poundit: emojis in NWS threads?
Do you put bog roll on the seat in a public lavatory?
Do you reckon Spurs will finish in the Top 4?
Do you reckon day-to-day life in a totalitarian regime would actually be alright?
Do you reckon you could go an entire month spending no more than £250?
Do you regularly wear any replica sport clothing? If so, what?
Do you respect the heck out of Brentford?
Do you say I love you?
Do you shower with a poof?
Do you still believe we'll all go back to the offices eventually?
Do you still open pongolle threads?
Do you store chocolate in the fridge?
Do you support the Death Penalty
Do you tell your missus if you have a bonus in work?
Do you think "The Rock" Dwayne Johnson will become POTUS at some point during the next 30 years?
Do you think any animal will ever evolve to be able to talk?
Do you think it was ever acceptable to post naked pictures of woman on the internet without their consent?
Do you think members of the Royal Family should have a free pass sometimes?
Do you think that anyone actually physically cried when the old forum shutdown?
Do you think the Brentford mascots should be banned?
Do you think this is a good piece of art (painting)?
Do you think we have Chinese or Russian “Bots” on here?
Do you think we will see book burning soon?
Do you think you could ever kill yourself?
Do you tip supermarket delivery drivers?
Do you tuck your tshirt into your trousers?
Do you use a toast rack?
Do you want Arsenal to stay up this season?
Do you wash your legs?
Documentaries about The Troubles
Documentary on Sky - The Tony Hawk Video Game
Dodging a site that is blocking my VPN
Does Anyone Else
Does Banshee figure in your top 5 favourite tv shows?
Does Ighalo make the Man City match day squad?
Does Intermittent Fasting Work?
Does Marcelo Bielsa have autism?
Does a spell of mediocrity await Spurs?
Does annual leave count towards notice period?
Does anybody know why Glentoran FC's motto is in French?
Does anyone else get things mixed up?
Does anyone else think...
Does anyone excel at Access?
Does anyone have a home gym?
Does anyone have annual leave booked in May or June?
Does anyone know a good website to sell a T-Shirt design, please?
Does anyone know about UK tax-resident status?
Does anyone know any software where you can make really crude animation?
Does anyone know anyone who has won the lottery jackpot?
Does anyone know anything about how to steal information off a locked phone?
Does anyone on here have knowledge of breast cancer?
Does anyone remember a university video to the tune of La La La by Naughty Boy?
Does anyone use Moneybox?
Does anyone use a decent ad-blocker?
Does anyone use an old phone for anything productive?
Does anyone want to start a wind up club with me
Does anyone work in Procurement/Purchasing?
Does anything scream 'lower class' more than.....
Does everyone know the story about me and Bob Mortimer? :smug:
Does having a full head of hair make you more electable?
Does the Covid thread need to be stickied?
Does the EPL need an all star game?
Does the Friday Paint Thread deserve a banner?
Does this image finally prove Messi is the GOAT?
Does your bum leave fluff on toilet seats?
Does your club have a blind spot for a certain type of player?
Does your company award you shares?
Does your missus watch porn?
Dog Owners Are Lady Parts Beginning With a C
Dog loves horse racing
Dog poisoned?
Dog waits outside hospital for owner for four days
Dogging Tales - Channel 4 tonight
Dogging Tales WWTF ch4 10pm
Dogs :adore: with commentary
Doing Something Creative
Doing a deal
Doing coke till 4:30 in the morning
Doing some DIY
Doing stupid things for absolutely no reason
Doing the Sunday fry up in a bit. Update - Just Eat Ordered!
Doing your weekly shop just as the doors open
Dolly Parton
Dominic Crummings
Dominic Cumming got 45k pay rise this year
Dominic Cummings
Dominic Raab
Dominic Raab: Taking a knee is a sign of subjugation.
Dominic Solanke
Dominique Strauss-Khan doc on netflix
Don Henley - The Boys Of Summer (1984)
Don letts
Don't Stop. The 'new' Oasis track.
Don't be scared....
Don't forget the clocks go forward tonight
Donald Trumo hates sharks
Donald Trump is a bit of a weird person, right guys?
Donating Blood Plasma
Donating to Wikipedia
Doncaster Warehouse.
Done my own fry this morning
Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared
Don’t say nowt to yer Nan - pervy old boy
Door Wrapping - Worst Christmas trend?
Door falls off Irish Army helicopter into school
Doritos Flamin' Hot Cheese flavour
Dortmund 1 - Mainz 1 (BT)
Dortmund boots manager Favre
Dortmund have only gone and done it again!
Double glazing the windows
Double transfers
Douglas Murray - The GOAT
Doves (the band)
Down The Line with Gary Bellamy - Lockdown Special
Downing Street Briefings: Questions from the public - what would you ask?
Dr Dre has had a brain aneurysm
Dr Sleep
Draco Malfoy only appears for 31 minutes across all 8 Harry Potter films
Drama in your Zoom quizzes
Drawing tool
Dream Home Makeover/ Studio McGee on Netflix
Dressing your child
Drew Pavlou (Expelled because of China?)
Drew Pritchard off Salvage Hunters
Drill - should it be censored?
Drinking injuries
Drinks cabinet essentials
Drive and listen
Drive in gigs - Roll call
Drive or Nightcrawler
Driver Awareness Course on Zoom in Lockdown
Driver absolutely loses it in the Karting
Driver hit parked car and buggered off
Driver's view videos
Driveway & car parking situation (with MS Paint diagram guidance)
Driveway - is someone trying to scam me?
Driving question - overtaking
Drone taxi in Seoul
Dropkick Murphys/ The Boss live show
Drum and bass
Drunk 90s Hip-hop vids
Drunk couple taking their drinks upstairs
Drunken Antics
Drunken Friday night music thread
Dry January(ish) 2021 : " Rise and rise again, until Lambs become Lions. Or Wankpuffins".
Dry November.  Home and hosed. Well done all.
Dubois vs Joyce LIVE
Duck Sauce excellent music video
Dull Statistics question
Duluth: Who loves ya, baby?
Dumbest thing you've done today.
Dun worry every tin gunna be all reet
Dundalk FC
Dune 1984
Dune Official Trailer
Duplicate thread, ignore
Durdle Door: 3  hurt 'jumping off cliff
Dutch FA allows female footballer to play for men's team
Dyatlov Pass - Solved
EE people - what's the difference between these plans
EFL vote to end season now.
EFW orders Vegetarian Indian Banquet for One
EPL to allow Trophy Presentation IF Liverpool are victorious
EPL: Fulham - Villa 17:45, Liverpool - Arsneal 18:00
ERP Software
EU Covid scandals >>> The Lads' or Chaps' scandals
EURO 96 - Watch with the forum
EXCEL help required
EXCEL/maths dorks get in here
Each PL teams biggest rival according to fans
Ear Hair Removal
Early Christmas Decorating
Early Doors
Early Internet Memories NWS
Early TOTY contender - recommend a dishwasher tablet
Earn 20k EVERY MONTH by being your own boss
Easy dinner/lunch recipes
Easy to use video editing app?
Easyjet :uhoh:
Eat Out to Help Out
Eat out to help out
Ebay cash on delivery?
Echo v Google Home devices
Eclectic cast lists
Economy shrinks 20.4% during April
Eddie Izzard is now a she
Eddie Van Halen - Brown Bread
Eddie Van Halen Dead!
Eder Militao with one of the worst CB performances of all-time for Real Madrid yesterday
Educamating your children
Educate me about Mogwai
Edward Colston statue replaced by sculpture of Black Lives Matter protester
Edward Snowden - should he be pardoned?
Edwina Currie: Domme?
Eee I Addio we’re going to win the cup
Eero set up
Eggciting mystery
Eggs, Scrambled Eggs in particular, How do you take yours?
El Clásico: Barca 1 - 1 Real 1-1  Valverde; Fati
El Yucateco hot sauces
Elderly parents seeing out their days while you live abroad
Electic razor recommendations?
Electric Cars
Electric heating/Infra red heating?
Electric scooters are going to be huge, right?
Electric scooters!  Anyone got one?
Electricians - advice please
Electricians: Is this true?
Electronica music - favourites
Elf on the Shelf - Lazy ideas
Elis James & John Robins on 5 Live
Elite managers rail against cowardly and snide Wolves and Leicester
Elizabeth Olsen NWS
Elliptical machine squeaky
Elon Musk
Elon Musk creates a psychic pig
Elon Musk overtakes Jeff Bezos
Elon Musk trying to out-c*nt himself
Elvis - 68
Ema – a sexual odyssey, with flame-throwers | Film
Email etiquette
Email outlook question
Emails with ‘URGENT’ in them - AIBU
Emergency / Immediate Broadband Help
Emerging bellends of 2020
Emigrating to the Netherlands
Emily Agnes (NWS)
Emily Blunt or Gemma Arteton
Emily Ratajkowski is just disgustingly sexy (NWS)
Emily in Paris
Emma Bunton or Gemma Atkinson
Emma Jones - 5live presenter (NWS)
Emma Jones vs Alex Greenwood
Emotional Christmas scenes from tv/movies
Employer secretly installed Performance Monitoring software on my machine
Employment Law / Furlough advice needed!
Employment law question re: redundancy
En instantes habla Messi
Enabling Search - Postponed
Eng vs Ireland (C4) 18-7
Engagement rings
England :lol:
England ???????  Vs Wales B ??????? -  International Friendly
England FC
England Vs Scotland Euro 1996 BBC1 now
England at Euro 2020
England v Germania 66, ch4 1.30pm this sunday
England v Germany  wwtf 1:30 Channel 4.
England v Wales BBC
England vs Cameroon, 1990 World Cup, BBC Website and Red Button on NOW
England vs Portugal 2004 on BBC
England's 1996 attackers vs England's 2021 attackers
England's attacking midfielders
England's next special little soldier, a future £100m megastar and a mix between Jenas, Gundogan, Alli and Robson
English Men bond by being pathetic childish braggarts
English Teams set to dominate Europe for a decade?
English football question
Enjoy the silence
Ennio Morricone RIP
Enormous statues of people
Enya - Boadecia
Epic Vs Apple
Epstein doc on Netty F
Eric 'Monster Monster' Hall RIP
Eric Andre interviews Chad Johnson (prob NWS)
Eric Dire
Eric Hall RIP Bubbalah
Eric Hoffer - The True Believer
Eric Trump
Erick Morillo
Erick Morillo RIP
Erick Morillo found dead
Erling Braut Haaland could be the LeBron James of soccer
Erling Haaland
Errbody in yer maw's gaff getting tipsy
Escape to the Chateau
Esco's reaction to today's events
Eskimo Callboy - Hypa Hypa
Essential Holiday Kitchen Items
Essential Podcasts to Follow
Essex / Cockneys - we need to talk about your accent
Estate agent and contract advice please
Eta (as in the terrorist group)
Ethical PL Table - Fulham 1st, Man City 20th
Ethiopian troops fire on UN team - do they know it's Christmas?
Eugene Bullard AKA 'The Black Sparrow'
Euphoria after taking a big ol' shite?
Euro 2020 - POSTPONED.....ticketing refunds in May
Euro 2021 going to Russia
Euro 2021 tickets - Changes to T&Cs
Euro 2021: Russia bound?
Euro 96 -  Eng vs Germany 6:50pm Thurs
Euro 96 - pick your combined XI
Euromillions - A big con for mugs 10k per month lol
Europa League Thursday
Europa League draw (12pm)
Europa League play-off draw is out
Europa League qualifying: NSI Runavik vs Barry Town
European Football: Single Games?
European Premier League
Eurovision the Movie ~ Netflix
Ev'rywhere I hear the sound...
Evening fellas
Ever been a victim of Fraud?
Ever been to a medium
Ever had a husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend that you share interests with?
Ever used Techinthebasket.com?
Ever wondered how to travel through East Germany into West Berlin?
Everest (2015)
Everton 0-0 Liverpool
Everton 0-1 Leeds- Sky (raphina)
Everton 1 (Bernard) Man Utd 2 (Bruno x 2)
Everton 5-2 WBA (DCLx3 James & Keane,  Diangana & Pereiera) Gibbs & Bilic S/O - BT Spor, Freefall had a nightmare in here
Everton Football Club
Everton Vs Liverpool
Everton ace sparks out Belgian jerk on holiday
Everton v Man Utd | (Stoke 1 v 3 Spurs)
Everton vs Liverpool on Saturday
Everton vs Salford 3 - 0 (Keane, Sigurdsson, Kean) Sky Sports Football
Every Champions League Ball
Every celebrity sex tape you ever wanted!!!
Every morning at half past 4
Everybody's freaking out about Ethan Ampadu. Already better than Kanté?
Everybody's freaking out over this goal from Adrien Rabiot
Everything Everything - No Reptiles
Ex Liverpool Player Admits Injuring Teammate on Purpose
Ex pros and what they do now....
Ex-Wirecard chief Markus Braun arrested
Examples of "F--k you, who cares" human negligence
Examples of celebrities ruining themselves with plastic surgery
Examples of real life heels in sport
Examples of sportsmen/women acting like babies
Examples of terrible and :uhoh:  people in documentaries
Excel - Pivot Table from Multiple Sheets
Excel Help Please (forecasting)
Excel Pivot Chart Query
Excel avengers assemble!!
Excel help
Excel help #104
Excel help #2211 - comparing data = display differences
Excel help- referenced a cell based on criteria
Excel wizards/nerds unite, friend needs some help
Excessive farting situation
Exciting drainage problem! Now with ms Paint artwork
Excluding Pele and Real Madrid/Barcelona players
Exeter Chiefs to remain Chiefs
Exeter: Champions of England and Europe
Experiences of buying a property abroad?
Experts in integrated kitchen appliances assemble
Explain Cycling !?
Explain this road sign to me please
Explain to hesp Like He's Five: #1 Copernicus
Explosion in Madrid
Explosion in Nashville
Extension on a budget
External HD not showing up on laptop
Extra Bank Holiday in 2022
Extra hot chili and lime Pringles
Extracts from 'Boris Johnson: The Gambler'
Extracurricular relationships with teachers.
Ey Up Lads
F U 2020
F*** you Liverpool
F**k you, Whinger WaWaWa
F*ck David Beckham
F.A.O The unemployed - covid redundancies - hows it going?
F.A.O of Vegetarians - what do you eat?
F.A.O: Insomniacs
F365 How Good Were Project Rewind: 2. Radiohead
F365 NBA Fantasy League
F365 film watching party
FA Chairman Greg Clarke sensationally quits after gaffes regarding South Asians, young girls and gay people in Zoom call with MPs
FA Cup - Marine FC 0-5 Spurs BBC1
FA Cup 3rd Round draw - 7.10pm
FA Cup Lid-Twat nominations
FA Cup Quarter Finals: Norwich v Manchester United, Sheffield United v Arsenal, Leicester v Chelsea, Newcastle v Manchester City
FA want to increase homegrown players in 25 man squads from 8 to 12
FAI investigating video message played to Republic of Ireland squad before England friendly
FAO - UK forumers. Centre Parcs and similar question
FAO - boiler experts...boring topic
FAO @brooklynfulham
FAO Aenas
FAO Attention of SteveGrant
FAO Behind the Bastards Pod fans
FAO BrumSpunk
FAO Brumspur
FAO Builders - Underpinning
FAO Car experts
FAO Chewie and other zombie fans...
FAO Consumer/Contract Lawyers
FAO Crap Geoff
FAO Dandy Warhols fans
FAO Dwad
FAO Edinburghians re: Edinburgh pubs
FAO Failed Forum Admin
FAO Fans of AC/DC and/or WW2
FAO Finance People - Holding Companies
FAO Former Forum Fatties
FAO Forum plumbers - boring heating question - Resolved
FAO Freehold Purchase/Valuation Experts
FAO Geoff
FAO Geoffrey
FAO Google Pixel users
FAO Grampus
FAO Gypsum
FAO Half Man Half Biscuit fans
FAO Hesp...Also is Esco......
FAO Hugh Cumber
FAO IPTV users
FAO Irish - LOI Streams
FAO Irish - Stabbing video on social media
FAO Ironbar
FAO Juice Terry
FAO Keith Boswell
FAO Londoners: Two great drinking establishments need your help
FAO Lynners
FAO MANCHESTER UNITED FANS - Now the Man Utd Dance/GIF/Photoshop thread **PILE IN**
FAO Man Utd fans. Re Dean Henderson
FAO Mancs
FAO Merseysiders
FAO Mich_You
FAO Mods
FAO Mods - A Suggestion
FAO Mods can we get a list of alts?
FAO Mr Blue / Shevchenko
FAO Music experts
FAO Northerners
FAO OF IStanBoris<3
FAO Of Australians: The Lindt Cafe Siege.
FAO Of: Geoff
FAO Old people and genetic accidents: the cold
FAO Parker
FAO People in Long-Distance Relationships
FAO Photoshoppers
FAO Physics Experts
FAO Politics experts - how is the Government reviewed / held accountable?
FAO Recruiters
FAO Rich People
FAO SQL nerds
FAO Smokers - Anyone used IQOS?
FAO Spinning Bird Custard...
FAO Teachers - resources for home schooling
FAO Tommy Robinson
FAO Tottenham Dags - Tottenham take £175 million government bailout
FAO Twitchers / Perverts - Monoculars
FAO Virgin Media workers re: new box
FAO acairns
FAO accent experts. What part of Ireland is this rap crew from?
FAO anyone with experience of selling homemade items online
FAO attention of anyone in the know: how much ad revenue would the old forum have generated?
FAO attention of members who weren’t registered at the old forum: how did you find us?
FAO audio nerds
FAO chefs: Xmas Dinner ideas for 1
FAO dads
FAO dark web super hackers
FAO decent swimmers
FAO fans of Chris Moyles and Hollyoaks
FAO fellow Scots
FAO forum electricians
FAO forummers who have been married more than once
FAO gentlemen with thick unruly luscious gorgeous hair
FAO grammar Nazis
FAO lefties; Science has proven that God did not create man
FAO legal types (RE: lease/ground rent)
FAO meat eaters
FAO medium long haired types
FAO ninjacuts - 1000000th post
FAO of Admins
FAO of American Football experts
FAO of Audi/car experts. Audi A5 or A7
FAO of BigClub
FAO of Brexiteers
FAO of BrumSpur
FAO of DennisReynolds
FAO of Geoff
FAO of Grifter
FAO of Hypernerds - entry level D&D board games
FAO of I'd fight Ghandi
FAO of Nerds: Malazan or First Law?
FAO of Network Nerds
FAO of Pete. Can't remember which one. The bad one though.
FAO of Steven Anderson
FAO of adopted forummers (or anyone really)
FAO of everybody: Songs for the forum
FAO of forum doctors - what is wrong with me?
FAO of mods/forum techies
FAO of people who can say "I was not a member for Football365 but I've joined here"
FAO of slow cooker users
FAO of the British. Racism question
FAO of the Scotch: memories of Scotch and Wry
FAO of the Stop following me about the forum weirdos
FAO of those from the Glasgow area - Real or fake?
FAO parents
FAO people who own a PS VR
FAO photoshoppers - favour request
FAO teachers/data-literate folk: looking to create an online test for students
FAO those who know about TVs
FAO those who know about betting offers - US election
FAO vegetarians and vegans - strawberries etc off menu now??
FAO: Barrymores Pineapple
FAO: Brendan Klop
FAO: Brumspur
FAO: Crisp lovers - these are no longer being made...
FAO: Dublin Based Forummers. Re: Portlaoise
FAO: F365 Docs : Pins & Needles / Numbness in foot.... [UPDATE: MRI results are in]
FAO: Glasses Wearers
FAO: Hornestar
FAO: Legal types that know about HMO's
FAO: ManU Fans. Who would you rather see given the gate? Ole or Pogba?
FAO: Nerds. Gaming/film mashups
FAO: Photoshoppers- This GIF of Leo Messi...
FAO: SEO Experts
FAO: Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu
FAO: Workers // Happy May Day
FAO: anyone with a Times subscription. Tim Shipman article.
FBI goes full Corbyn
FC Corona V - Coming January 2021
FC Seoul apologises after fans are replaced with sex dolls
FFP - Can it be Fixed?
FFS Geoff
FIFA Best Manager Award
FOA Boss
FOA OF Rabid Child
FOA of Spurs Fans
FOA of the forum - UK kingdom staycation recommendations sought
FREE Lego Ninjago game Xbox now & PS4/Steam from 2PM - Today only
FROME cultists hullabaloo shock row sensation stramash
FRT's Instagram thread. (mild nws)
FT: Arselona 3 (Lacazette, Xhakaldinho, Saka) Chelsea 1 (VARbraham)
FUMING Mark Noble SLAMS West Ham owners
FUN Automated Rest API Test Challenge for the Forum
Fabinho's house burgled
Face ID versus Fingerprint
Face Masks - Are you wearing them?
Face in the crowd - who would you send in?
Facebook Community Groups and CHILD SNATCHERS!!
Facebook Dating
Facebook Portal TV
Facebook adverts
Faceparty - The GOAT SoMe?
Facial Recognition Predicts Political Orientation
Facts it took you ages to realise
Fairly reasonable things you believe that would get you cancelled
Fake mailers
Fall Guys
Fall of the Roman Empire
Fallen Arches
Falling Down is on netflix
Fallout - TV Show
Fallout 76 free to play for a week
Family Dog
Family History
Family Zoom Quiz - Any good topical team names out there
Family car recommendations. Yawn.
Family member has just got their very first single onto Spotify
Famous Phone Numbers Stuck In Your Head At The Expense Of Valuable Information
Famous bearded people without beards
Famous blue raincoat
Famous people who got their break by being someone's mate
Famous people with the same name
Fan Denial from Paddy Power -  Manchester United Edition
Fancy a game of curling?
Fancy a house with a fully functioning prison?
Fanny magnet jobs
Fans of teams who say "We did it the *team name* way, it's never easy"
Fantasy dinner party
Fao Goeff: why isn't the default...
Fao Jigsaw
Fao Jonas
Fao The Wrestler
Fao fans of Waffle the Wonder Dogs mum
Fao merv Rees
Fao of My name is jonas
Fao old men: re HERNIA
Fap Simulator 2020 | NWS
Farage 'quits' radio show
Farage photoshopportunity (Now NWS)
Farage's latest grift
Faroe Islands Premier League
Fashanu's football challenge
Fashion trends that you just don't get
Fat Frank Fired!
Fat bloke on a luggage conveyor belt
Fat former Hammer Dimi Payet
Fat shaming
Fat, psycho Russell Crowe is UNHINGED
Father Ted
Fatima's Next Job Photoshopportunity
Fatty Johnson's new video to tackle obesity crisis
Favourite Female Sportspeople (Will probably end up NWS)
Favourite Gazpacho soup brand
Favourite Goldie Lookin Chain song?
Favourite Half Man Half Biscuit lyrics...
Favourite John Carpenter film?
Favourite Monster
Favourite Music Documentaries
Favourite Outtakes
Favourite Short Story?
Favourite Stupid/Funny Movie Scenes
Favourite TV Theme Tunes!
Favourite arcade games
Favourite books?
Favourite colour in excel's palette
Favourite ever footballer?
Favourite film of 2020 (so far)
Favourite films set in small town America?
Favourite forgotten films?
Favourite live performance by  band - Studio or outside
Favourite old phones?
Favourite plastic Irish international?
Favourite quiz show currently on TV?
Favourite song in another language?
Favourite trivia questions
Fawlty Towers
Fawlty Towers: cancelled
Fear City (new Netflix mob documentary)
Fear City: New York vs The Mafia.  Released Wed 22nd
Federal Judge's  son killed and husband injured in shooting..nothing dodgy going on here
Feed the birds, tuppence a bag (charity post)
Feedback surveys from businesses
Feels Good Man
Fellas that use the word 'Forummer'
Fellow Furlough workers - What are you doing?
Fellow Salfordians
Fellow lefthanders, how sinister are you?
Female Body Inspector (FBI) T-Shirts
Ferguson: serial under achiever
Ferguson; another failure
Fermanagh/Leitrim border
Fernando Torres got hench
Ferran Torres - Man City’s new signing, a quick synopsis.
Fewer than 3000 total posts in the Rugby Forum
Ffs, just stop being a dick head and eat less meat people
Fifa 20
Fifteen years ago today
Fight on a Korean subway...
Film Recommendation Website
Film Trailers
Film frachises that went  on too long
Film makers talking about their movies...
Film or TV show identification help
Film suggestions to watch with kids
Film, album, video game, book releases that you were extremely hyped about
Films and books that are already great that would make an amazing TV series...
Films released in 1999
Films that when people say they didn't like, you think they must be properly joyless
Films to watch with a hangover
Films which have aged terribly
Films you anticipated that ended up slumping.
FinCEN Files: HSBC moved Ponzi scheme millions despite warning
Finally got around to West Wing
Finance Apps like Snoop and Yolt
Find the best car you can within 10 miles for £500 or less
Finder Tabs Mac OS
Finding out one of your mates is an anti-vaxxer - Thoughts?
Finding out who is the landlord / agent for rented property
Fine obituary to an amazing man you've probably never heard of
Fingers burnt by bad browser choice
Firepits / outdoor burners
Fires at recycling plants
Firewall bypass add-in for chrome
First DVD you saw/bought?
First Dates: Cici or Laura (bikini nws)
First Man vs Apollo 13
First Thread!!
First World Problems #4219
First beer on a Friday
First day of Xmas holidays
First pint of Guinness in 3 months
First restaurant and cuisine you will go to when lockdowns relaxed?
First unread post
First vote rig of the new forum? NWS reward enclosed
Fish fingers for breakfast
Fitness/Workout Tips
Five grand to leave The Forum.
Fixing and oven thermostat
Flamboyant lion-tamer Siegfried Fischbacher RIP
Flashing her Red Hot Titties (a wee bitty NWS)
Fleetwood vs Everton - 2 - 5 (Pickford horror show x2  Richarlisonx2, Iwobi , Bernard, Kean) Sky Sports, Carabao Cup
Flew to China yesterday
Flight Refunds: How are you getting on?
Flight seating restrictions?
Florida shatters records with over 10,000 new COVID-19 cases in single day
Fly Tipping
Flying ants
Flying back to the uk - self quarantine
Foam Rollers
Folk with engineering background/degrees.
Folly Farm posters vandalised
Fontaines D.C
Fontaines D.C. - A Hero's Death
Food people pretend to like to look cool
Food that tastes like delicious vomit
Food you infrequently eat but.....
Footage of a T-Rex getting blessed by a monk.
Footage of the mourning of Stalin
Football 365 Watch
Football Agents
Football Coronavirus good news stories
Football Forum Latest Topics
Football Manager 2003
Football Manager 2020 - Free
Football Manager 2020 free on PC - to keep from epic games
Football Manager 2021 will incorporate COVID as a feature
Football Manager Revisited 2021
Football Podcast Chat - Lots of Pods
Football Question: I have played in England, France, Italy & Spain...
Football Rockbusters
Football Shirt Appreciation Thread
Football Tip
Football Trivia - Mason Greenwood
Football being a popular sport - why?
Football boots and where to buy some...
Football club apologises for plastic fans
Football club fundraising ideas in current times
Football commentators - the definitive hierachy
Football game from our childhood....
Football hardman Lee Cattermole has retired
Football isn’t back tonight
Football journalists who are definitely being muscled by clubs
Football lacks a certain something
Football memorabilia
Football players whose parent/s are from countries with no footballing pedigree.
Football players with weird/unique/unorthodox technique
Football podcasts
Football pump
Football reddit
Football revisited - Did Jose finish Wenger?
Football ticket refunds.
Football tomorrow is a bit shit
Football transfers you had no recollection of
Football without heading, could it work?
Football's finally back. Arsenal win the Community Shield!
Football's one-hit-wonders
Footballer with the worst Tattoo
Footballers at British clubs to sue stats dorks, bookmakers, video game developers & data companies for hundreds of millions of pounds
Footballers banned for racism
Footballers describing their own goals
Footballers in adverts
Footballers on LinkedIn
Footballers running really really really fast.
Footballers suffering from gaming addiction
Footballers that sound like other footballers
Footballers who are disproportionately good in the air
Footballers who can’t laugh at themselves. #1 Jason Lee
Footballers who have definitely voted for UKIP before
Footballers who played all over the world
Footballers who would never have made a career if they were right footed
Footballers with food
Footballers you admire off the pitch?
Footballers you don't see the point of
Footballers' lockdown haircuts
Footballers’ Hair
Footway - legit?
For Sale: Paolo Dybala
For an Angel?
For those of us in Scotland...
For those who voted Tory
Forcasting sales data
Ford Focus ST-2 TDCi or Mercedes A Class A180 AMG Line Premium Plus
Ford/ Reagan Assassination Attempts
Forgotten / lesser known terrace chants and songs
Forgotten 1980s tv series
Forgotten Films...
Form your EPL Premier League super-squad since 1992!
Former Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech and Wycombe manager Gareth Ainsworth have teamed up to release a Christmas single to help raise funds for dementia charities
Former President Donald J Trump - WTF.
Former substitute teacher charged with raping eighth-grader in Kentucky
Forum Advice --Dogs
Forum Chefs - Where do you get your kitchen equipment from? Show us your toys!
Forum Clash Royale Clan - now recruiting
Forum Companies
Forum Countdown
Forum Cult that believed the league would be voided
Forum Debates?
Forum Demographics: Where are you from?
Forum Detectives (not NWS but might be NWS)
Forum Detectives Assemble - Mark Channon
Forum Electricians..
Forum Fav Hayley Atwell topless pics leaked NWS obvs
Forum Favourite Gemma Arterton nude leak NWS
Forum Favourite Sandwich Purveyor 'Pret' launches £20 all-you-can-drink coffee subscription
Forum Favourite Show The Leftovers is being re-aired on Sky Atlantic
Forum Financial Report
Forum Font issue
Forum Gamblers/Dgenerates
Forum Gardeners Thread 🌻
Forum Hamster
Forum Hive Mind required
Forum How To
Forum IT types required
Forum Laptop?
Forum Lets Play: Domina (Gladiator sim) - Blood Bowl on hiatus
Forum Links
Forum Oven Engineers, I have a question for you!
Forum Parents - What age did you let your kids play video games?
Forum Password Changes
Forum Rules
Forum Speed/Search
Forum Upgrade this Weekend
Forum alerts
Forum assistance required
Forum bluetooth headphone of choice?
Forum characters who disappeared
Forum dj mixes and tracks thread
Forum help needed for a good old vote rigging
Forum jokes which fell flat on their rear end
Forum jokes which will forever be funny
Forum longshot. Random bizarre question - doing my head in.
Forum music experts, your help please
Forum notifications
Forum opinion please: Pub voucher
Forum problems on mobile
Forum running slowly switching pages etc
Forum search function
Forum struggling to load?
Forum tips/tricks
Forum undergoing maintenance
Forum voterigging. Beach Volleyball ladies in bikinis.
Forum's Top 20 Albums of 2020 *FINAL RESULTS*
Forum's favourite bitter?
Forum's favourite butter?
Forum's recommended free (not browser based) PDF reader/editor
Forummer has a bad day in the office.
Forummer you'd least enjoy a pint with
Forummer, thread and posts of the year. Come in and discuss.
Forummers already done it....
Forummers of yesteryear
Forummers on your watch list
Forummers that use the word "fella"
Forummers who are still working - how affected by the pandemic is your job?
Forummers who work for themselves
Forummers with foreign partners - have you tried to learn their language?
Forummers you imagine like Simply Red
Forummers you'd most like to have a pint with
Forummers you’d like to know more about #1 djames
Forummers' Usernames
Forumming with Poboy
Foster & Allen
Found a dead cat under the house
Found the real life Geoff and Roger
Foundation (Sci-fi TV show out next year)
Four Years Ago Today...
Four-year-old child in space suit becomes internet star in China
Frack me
France '98 - The The Musketeers
France Ligue 2  - Chamois Niortais VS Grenoble, draw is possible
France24 is now much better than BBC for world news
Francis Ford Coppola Attempts To Polish A Turd
Franco Baresi
Frank Bough RIP
Frank Lampard
Frank Lampard - Sackwatch
Frank Lampard has won more league titles for Liverpool than Steven Gerrard
Frank Lampard the manager
Frank Lampard: "When you play against Manchester United you're also playing against the referee and VAR"
Frank Sidebottom
Frank Skinner
Frasier - Ski Lodge on C4 right now
Fratton Park
Fred Willard RIP
Freddie Flintoff: Living With Bulimia
Free  £5 bet on Everton V Liverpool at Paddy Power
Free Assassins Creed Game (and others)
Free Certified Network Security Specialist - Certified by Network Security & Cyber Defence (CNSS) - worth £500!
Free Food
Free Joe Exotic
Free Movies
Free Watch Dogs 2 (PC) - Now with link to free stuff
Free beer from Brewdog
Free bet offers on Paddy Power
Free money alert - Bayern to qualify against Chelsea
Free to watch stand up comedy specials
Free £5 Bet on PaddyPower everyday for the 13:50 Ascot.
Free £5 bet on Premier League match on 26 July at Paddy Power
Free £5 bet on the 14:05 Sandown on PaddyPower today.
Free £5 bet on the Manchester City v Arsenal game.
Freedom of movement between UK - Australia?
Freefalls mixes and tracks - new mix  The Closer
French Football up shit creek?
French Toast - How do you like yours?
French invasion of Germany at start of WW2
Frenchman says tattoos cost him kindergarten teaching job
Fresh Prince Remake
Fresh Prince reboot
Friday Hitlist (mild bikini nws)
Friday Night Dinner (tv show)
Friday Night Lights - Clear Eyes, Full Hearts...
Friday evening Hitlist (mild nws)
Friday hitlist (mild nws)
Friday night beats - last 3 tracks you listened to
Friday the 13th 2020
Friday the 13th Tomorrow
Friday's Front Pages
Friday. Pizza day. What's the best cook at home pizza?
Fridge Freezer and Boiler housed in the same Place
Fridge temperature
Friedeggbanjo's Animal Rescue Thread
Friend Moving to Kent (Brands Hatch area)
Friend's sister ordered this doll from China
Frivolous Reporting
From The Oasthouse: The Alan Partridge Podcast
From the vault: Writer puts one specific type of London man on blast
From this group, pick two to defend you, the rest is coming to kill you
Frome, you've done it again...
Frozen Beer bottles...
FtrAo: Geoff
Fuck it, I'm an adult, I'm having an Ice Cream.
Fulham 1 (Reid '25) vs 1 (Salah pen '80) The Champions FT
Fulham 2-0 West Brom (Decordova-Reid, Aina)
Fulham flop Andre Schurrle announces premature retirement
Full Sunday Roast Dinner with all the trimmings
Full Sunday Roast Dinner with all the trimmings (Chef Duncan Lockdown Special)
Full Sunday Roast Dinner with all the trimmings (Delivered)
Full Sunday Roast Dinner with all the trimmings (Lockdown Continues)
Full Sunday dinner ordered now featuring top roast man Handy
Full albums
Fuming Aussie scientists blast Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine
Fuming Rowan Atkinson slams cancel culture
Fun Christmas Day activities for dud families?
Fun gifs
Fundraiser - Glapwell FC
Fundraiser for Archie George & Isaac
Funniest Moments of the Trump Presidency
Funniest film this year is?
Funny football chants.
Funny podcasts and audiobooks, preeze
Funny stories
Funny? Racist? Funny racist? Racistly funny?
Furlough Advice
Furlough and redundancy
Furlough and self shielding question
Further Excel help required - get in here and call me a plum.
Future Islands
Future Islands are back with a new single.
Future Man (Hulu/Amazon Prime)
G L E N H O D D L E I S H A V I N G A G O A L !
GB News secures major funding ahead of launch
GCSE and A-Levels to be cancelled next year?
GIF Request
GIF Request - Guinea pigs
GIF a terrible piece of acting
GIFs from imgur
GMB just now
GOAT Jackey-P filling
GOAT on-paper starting XI in a competitive football match?
GTA 5 Free from Epic Games
Gabbie Carter - Pornstar - Playing Golf - NWS
Gallstones? Signs the forum is getting old #297544
Gambler was denied £1.7m blackjack win by Betfred would have made £500m
Game changers, good old Iceland
Game changing meat product added to the dublinlfc breakfast thread this week NOW WITH ADDED JUST EAT
Game of Thrones
Game of curling?
Game on.
GameStop employees can win extra working hours
Gamechanging/revolutionary advancements in Sport
Games in which your sh*tty team actually looked good for once
Gaming Laptop
Gammon driving / Your driving habits etc
Gangs of London
Gangs of London - spoilers
Gangs of New York
Garage Conversion
Garage floor is fooked!
Garage needs power
Garden Bar
Garden Landscaping
Garden Offices
Garden office
Garden office/shed
Garden office/summerhouse
Garden sheds
Gardeners World‘s Frances Tophill... definitely a minx
Gareth Bale
Gareth Bale for Deli Alli, potential swap.
Gareth Bale since the restart
Gareth Bale takes new, subtle dig at Zinedine Zidane
Gareth Bale without the top knot
Gareth Barry has retired
Gareth Icke didn't fall far from the tree
Garlic Bread?
Garmin down
Garmin watch or Apple watch
Garth  Crooks's Uncle Ben
Gary Lineker swallows 23% pay cut in new five-year BBC deal
Gary Lineker was a football player!!!
Gary Neville having a twitter spat with Jacob Steinberg
Gary Neville...
Gateshead housing estate exclusively for Orthodox Jewish families set to be built despite objections
Gauging Premier League players' finishing quality
Gaylord Nelson
Gazza feat. Lindisfarne - Fog On The Tyne - 5 Questions
Gazza on turning down Man Utd & Ferguson
Gazza: The Movie
Gemma O Doherty
Gems on iPlayer and now also All4, f*ck it
Gen Z are turning against us :uhoh:
Generation X.  Get in here
Gentleman.....this is democracy manifest
Genuine Q for those now WFH - are you a shitebag about going back to the office?
Genuinely funny Tik Tok videos
Genuinely underrated/overlooked films.
Geoff change my name back please
Geoff or No Geoff?
George Carlin
George Floyd was a pornstar (NWS)
George Floyd, Murdered.
George Francis from Chaos 2
George Osborne replaced as editor of the Standard
George Pelecanos Novels
George Russell or Lewis's car
George Soros
Georgians Don't React to Losing Against N.Macedonia
Gerard Houllier has passed away aged 73
German Anti-Mask Protest
German Football Thread - 23/05
German Super Cup - Bayern v Borussia BT Sport
German police hunt 'dangerous Rambo' in Black Forest
German's 50+1 Rule
Germany to extend coronavirus furlough to 24 months
Gerrard > Lampard
Gerry Cinnamon
Gerry Cottle, Circus owner / Lad, a life well lived. RIP
Get him a body bag, yeah!
Get in here
Get rid of grass pitches
Getting a Chinese takeaway right now
Getting a PAC from Vodafone.
Getting a deposit back
Getting a dog
Getting behind paywalls - Athletic etc
Getting drunk during the weekday
Getting internet to outbuilding.
Getting into Cycling
Getting new recruitment clients
Getting or giving a promotion and/or payrise during COVID19
Getting rid of foxes
Getting up higher than my ladder will allow - suggestions?
Getting your neighbour to paint his house
Getty Images - Footballer pics
Ghanaian sports reporter reading the football results
Ghanian funeral meme gif help
Ghislaine Maxwell arrested
Ghislaine Maxwell denied bail
Ghost of Tsushima on PS4
Ghostbusters II
Ghostbusters Promo
Ghostbusters: After Life
Gianna Michaels Gif (NWS)
Gibraltar 0-0 San Marino (Sky Sports Red Button)
Gif Request
Gifs from the the old place.
Gifs of close calls
Gift ideas needed! My girlfriend's 40th
Gigaclear - are they any good?
Gillete Soccer Saturday
Gimme a band name, please
Gina McKee.
Gina from Brooklyn 99
Giphy Search
Girlfriend of lad at work apparently trying to be a vlogger...
Girlfriends birthday - guess what I bought her
Girls Aloud's Sarah Harding has breast cancer
Girls getting each other off NWS
Girls in football shirts hiding epic tits NWS
Girls of HBO's 'The Vow'
Girls with big boobies lying on their backs -  Obvious NWS
GitHub reinstates youtube-dl library after EFF intervention
Give footballers footballers wages?
Give me a better music video, I f**king dare you
Give me a time machine and a bottle of factor 30 sun cream
Give me an epic joke of NO MORE than two lines.
Give soldiers paedo's cars
Give up the Music: Funk n Soul stuff and more.
Given that this statue is of a man who profited from trading POC, should it be torn down?
Giving Women's sports an equal footing with mens
Giving a tenant their notice during a pandemic
Giving cash as a retirement present: yes or no?
Giving massage to your partner?
Giving money to mates
Glad to be here
Glastonbury - BBC iPlayer performances - Unpopular Opinion  inside...
Glastonbury 2021 Cancelled
Glastonbury hippies vs 5G ?‍♂️
Glee actress missing after 4 year old son found alone in a boat
Glen Greenwald resigns from the intercept
Gloves off: Mauricio Pochettino cleans out his closet on Monday Night Football from 7pm
Go On Then- Some Pele Goals (and the odd assist)
Go on Jelly Belly (somewhat NSFW)
Goal Line Tech
Goal from the Japanese league earlier
Goal scoring legend Diogo Jota signs for Liverpool
Goal.com ranks the 25 best male footballers in the world
GoalScorer Challenge 2020/21: free game!
Goalkeepers warm up pre-game
Goals goals goals
Goals where the keeper is stretching but just misses
Goalscoring legend Daniel Sturridge signs for Liverpool
God help me, but I loved the New Swing...
Gogglebox commentary
Going back to work
Going for walks
Going out on a limb here...
Going pub on chrimbo day
Going through the day with a Super Furry Animals song stuck in your head
Going to the Tip
Going to university abroad
Gold Rush 2020, Parker’s at it again.
Golden Boy 2020
Goldsmiths student changes the game with new carrot installation
Golf Betting Tip
Golf Clash - There is still a forum clan
Gone fishing :smug:
Good Art - Bad Art
Good Egg Official Forum Friend - Geoff
Good Ghost Stories for Kids
Good Mixes
Good chocolate
Good feet / first touch for a big lad - Barron Trump
Good flavoursome hot sauces to enhance scrambled eggs
Good goal in French league
Good lotd...
Good night, Comrades
Good noise cancelling in-ear headphones?
Good old reliables in your kitchen cupboards
Good post-match interviews?
Good tidings we bring, to you and your
Good times for a change
Good to see the RAF making essential journeys only
Good way to teach a kid guitar?
Goodbye BBC bias :bananagroove:
Goodbye Traditional Grammar: ello knew stuf! (America, tbf)
Goodnight Sugar Babe
Goodwill and Joy to all - TUPE help required
Google Authenticator problem
Google Drive help
Google Music is shutting down, if you have music stored there you need to download it or transfer it now
Google Nest/Spotify Offer - did anyone actually get one?
Google Play Music -> YouTube Music
Google Play Music switching to Yutube Music
Google Services Down (Youtube, Gmail etc) update - it's back
Google analytics people... regex question
Google play not downloading or installing apps
Google suspend Parler app from Play Store. Apple follow suit. Now Amazon joining in. Clown shoes get hacked
Gordon Ramsey can't wait for you to try his perfect full English breakfast
Gordon Strachan puts Scottish Football on BLAST!
Gore Thread - NWS!!!!
Gorilla & The Deaf Institute in Manc closing down
Got An Attention to Detail Test For A Job
Got Hit (and run) By A Car Today
Got a hangover , ordered a salt & pepper munchie box - £15.99 Social services now involved, child called Ryan been selling drugs on street with pet staffie to feed heroin habit, lives in attic
Got an unrealistic  pipe dream?  Show us then...
Got my new autumn/winter shoes sorted. What are you lot wearing?
Got some bees in ma kitchen
Goth/Punk/Alt girls (will get NWS)
Government Announces £4bn Shot In The Arm To Ailing British Space Program
Government launches campaign against Russia Report
Government pushes ahead with TV licences for Netflix, and other changes
Government quietly ends rail franchising
Government £50 bicycle vouchers
Grace Neutral - MoM?
Graeme McDowell is an absolute lad - cold beer appreciation
Graeme McDowell is still an absolute lad
Graffiti in Liverpool
Graham Poll
Grammar help plz
Grammatical mistakes that annoy you...
Grand Theft Auto 4
Grand Tour back it seems
Grand Tour has been filming again
Granddaughter speeding off her nut. Forum experts step up.
Grant Shapps
Grated Cheese
Great Albums
Great British Cristmas Menu - Starts Tues 1st December on BBC2
Great British Public thinks Lewis Hamilton does NOT deserve a knighthood
Great Duets
Great Instrumental only tracks
Great Netflix shows lasting 30 mins
Great Top of the Pops performances
Great Tweets Of History*
Great action movies
Great but lesser known origins of samples for famous songs
Great double albums
Great effort by the girls on soccer am
Great for a small club - Rubbish for a big club
Great goals past David James
Great idea for new scam.....
Great ideas in dreams that turn out to be not great ideas
Great instrumentals / film scores etc
Great names
Great new road names in Birmingham
Great news! Pickford now banned AND Virgil's routine ACL operation a success!
Great news! The McRib is back at McDonalds!
Great nonfiction - recommend some for the times we live in.
Great old skool movies that still stand the test of time! no mater the budget!
Great songs from shit films.
Great talks/lectures that are brilliantly delivered
Great to see the 366 smilies make it over
Great vocals (female)
Great vocals (male)
Greatest Children’s TV moment? NWS a little
Greatest Kits
Greatest Movie-Stealing Performance
Greatest ever movie stunts
Green eyes
Greenwood and Foden breach Icelandic quarantine rules with girls met via Snapchat
Greenwood, Saka, Sancho, Foden, etc.
Gremlin Cake
Grenfell Style Fire in UAE - None Dead
Greta Thunberg turns 18
Greyhound Tip - Saturday
Greyhound Tip - Shelbourne 7.46 T4
Grimmest Football Stadiums in Europe
Grimmest football stadiums in the UK
Groin Strain Recovery
Grosjean crash in F1, car explodes
Grot NWS
Guardian Long Read: standing up against sexual abuse at Celtic Boys Club
Guess The Player By His Career Path
Guess how many children X has
Guess how much change I've just found in my bag - Daftie wins the Internet.
Guess the accent - 2 "words" or less rule
Guess the bands game thing
Guess the ethnicity and religious affiliation of the forummer above you
Guess the film **Winner Stays On**
Guess the headline of this weekends postponed games
Guess the song - winner plays on
Guess the song - winner stays on
Guess the statue
Guess what I just did
Guess which current premiership player I've just seen
Guess who's playing who on the opening day in the premier league
Guided Tour Of My Entire Photobucket NWS
Guilty pleasure films
Guinness launch alternative 0.0% version
Guitar Man falls off chair
Gun Toting Twat Couple Charged
Gunners set to wield axe as poor form continues.
Gunnersaurus - Sacked
Guns 'N' Roses - Estranged
Guy attempts to walk in a straight line across Wales/Norway
Gävle Goat 2020
G̶o̶t̶ ̶2̶0̶k̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶i̶n̶v̶e̶s̶t̶-̶ ̶l̶o̶o̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶s̶o̶m̶e̶t̶h̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶l̶o̶w̶ ̶r̶i̶s̶k̶. Now the tracking Pimpin gimp low odds big risk bets thread
HBO's Lovecraft Country
HDD in NAS failed... :uh oh: what's the best brand replacement
HMP: Britain
HOT TOPIC. What is the difference?
HS2 Thread
Had a naked girl clean my house today
Had a really weird dream last night
Had a sore nadger for a week or so
Had garlic prawns and about to go to the pub...
Haggling on a used car
Hair Clippers
Hair Transplants
Haircut tomorrow!
Half time bet - WBA v Spurs
Halloween films
Ham (1) v Manchester City (0)
Hamilton (Now on Disney+)
Hamish and Andy
Hammersmith Bridge is falling down, falling down
Handballs in the Prem this season
Handling a workplace bullying accusation - update page 2!
Hanging out with your wife's friends husbands
Hannibals Guide to Prague
Happy 20th Birthday to....
Happy 30th Birthday to
Happy 40th Birthday to Steven George Gary Gerrard MBE
Happy 50th Birthday Gary Barlow!
Happy 60th Diego
Happy Anniversary Forum
Happy Anniversary!
Happy Bank Holiday & Welcome Planet Rugby People
Happy Birthday Boris
Happy Birthday, Dennis Bergkamp
Happy Christmas forum
Happy Crystanbul Day :toppa:
Happy Diwali to all celebrating today
Happy Europe Day
Happy Friday folks
Happy Hanukkah, fellow Hebrews!
Happy Independence Day everyone
Happy Invincibles Day
Happy Invincibles Day, Arsenal
Happy Jimmy Glass Day
Happy Lancashire Day
Happy Origi Day
Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Tit Monday
Happy Yorkshire Day
Happy anniversary John Terry.
Happy birthday David
Happy birthday Scruff
Happy birthday Shawn Canary
Happy birthday to the GOAT :adore:
Hard Seltzer
Hard hitting forum poll (semi NWS)
Hard to believe it's been 10 years since Sing Sing Africa!
Hardcore Uproar?
Harnessing Brexit voter support for realistic causes
Harry Kane - cheater or world beater?
Harry Kane sponsors Leyton Orient's shirts for 20/21
Harry Kane: What A C*nt
Harry Maguire
Harry Maguire claims Man Utd criticism is rooted in jealousy
Harry Redknapp on Celebrity Catchphrase
Harry Redknapp seeks to make the vulnerable homeless
Harry Redknapp's nuts
Harry Styles's "accent"
Harry Vox, what is the deal with him on the pandemic?
Harry’s wreath banned from being laid at the Cenotaph.
Harvesting and cryofreezing stem cells from the umbilical cord
Harvey Price is now a man
Has Abu Hurairah been looking at your profile?
Has BLM made people racist ? ALSO NOW: What racism have you witnessed in the UK ?
Has Dags not made it over?
Has Graham Linehan totally flipped?
Has Morrisey released a banger?
Has Morrissey been cancelled already?
Has Pep Fraudilola ultimately been a failure at Man City?
Has Shaun Ogg made it over yet?
Has Social Media done more harm than good?
Has a betting sponsor in football ever influenced your decision of what bookmaker to use?
Has a country had a better weekend than....
Has a manager ever said “ we’re going to batter them”
Has a referee upheld his own decision yet this season after being told to look at VAR?
Has any actor had a better hit to miss ratio than John Cazale?
Has any show declined as rapidly as Dracula on iPlayer?
Has anyone been less deserving of the title "sex symbol"....
Has anyone done a Ghana pallbearer meme for the old forum yet?
Has anyone else moved to Parler?
Has anyone ever been in a DD/LG relationship?
Has anyone ever changed their mind ?
Has anyone ever successfully used a...
Has anyone got a drone?
Has anyone heard of the Barkley Marathons?
Has anyone here been taken to small claims court?
Has anyone here climbed Everest?
Has anyone here registered a company abroad?
Has anyone just given up social media entirely?
Has anyone left their wife for another woman?
Has anyone on here been to prison?
Has anyone on here ever bought/received one of those ridiculous Lordship titles...
Has anyone opposed a neighbours planning application?
Has anyone posted a picture of a sloth yet?
Has anyone purchased anything online today
Has anyone recieved an email from their bank asking for a tax status declaration?
Has anyone stayed 100% within the guidelines since the start of Locky-D?
Has anyone watched the new football version of Inbetweeners?
Has anything good happened to you since the start of the pandemic?
Has everyone's WhatsApp chats....
Has iOS 14.1 killed anyone else’s battery?
Has mental health jumped the shark?
Has the 'F*** you Liverpool' thread from the old forum made it over?
Has the Lack of Crowds Made Matches More Exciting?
Has the Messi and Ronaldo era been weak?
Has the old forum finally died? . . . no it hasn't
Has the quality of Netflix gone off the edge of a cliff?
Has there been a Cardi B leaked nipple pic Photoshop thread? NWS
Has there been a superhero movie that was better than the film Gladiator?
Has there been a thread about the racist Central Park lady and other incident with the cops.
Has there been a thread on Walliams' epic DOUBLE cancellation yet?
Has there been a thread on the Stevenage Aldi bottle smasher?
Has there been a thread on the new Asda advert?
Has there ever been a greater MC? I don't think so...
Has there ever been an uglier set of footballers.....
Has this happened to anybody else?
Has use of the word literally in every sentence literally stopped?
Has your local Maccy-Dons reopened yet?
Hate Won't Stop Us - Sky Sports campaign against online hate and abuse...
Hav u dun d thicktok?
Have I fallen victim to a phone hacking scam?
Have I imagined that this is a phrase?
Have I married a wrong un?
Have Manchester United fans calmed down a bit now?
Have YOU booked your haircut yet?
Have alternating colours just appeared or am I going mad
Have any of you left a comparatively high paying
Have bitter bridesmaids Wolves screwed over English teams in European competition by vetoing an extra 2 substitutions?
Have review websites ruined your experience of cinema/music?
Have some Deacon Blue.....
Have we all been out, out yet?
Have we all purchased a slapchop yet?
Have we all seen E-Mil absolutely bodying Boris?
Have we all seen these c*nts from TikTok?
Have we any forummers living in Prague?
Have we ever had a thread on the death of Gareth Williams?
Have we got a UK politics thread?
Have we got a forum musicians/songwriters thread?
Have we got a thread on British wresting? - sexual assault allegations?
Have we got any styles for the forum yet?
Have we had a Photoshop thread yet? The Colonel Tom model (nws)
Have we just witnessed the last ever episode of Friday Night Dinner?
Have we seen Kane’s baby gender reveal?
Have we seen Matt Hancocks little boner?
Have we seen the new Batwoman?
Have we seen this mental scrap?
Have we seen this metal scrap?
Have you NEVER seen a ghost?
Have you a favourite song of all time?
Have you a heart of stone?
Have you always wondered what happened to the crying Leeds fan with "Leeds Till I die" on his chest?
Have you any Barnard Castle experiences?
Have you been "Wokefished"
Have you been back to the old forum?
Have you been researching violinist Olga Kholodnaya?
Have you been tested for COVID-19, and if so what was the outcome?
Have you downloaded the new NHS COVID app?
Have you ever been attacked by an animal?
Have you ever been in the cockpit of a flying aeroplane?
Have you ever been skinny dipping / naked sunbathing?
Have you ever been thwarted by something?
Have you ever excelled at a game online?
Have you ever had Poke bowl?
Have you ever had a "meet cute"?
Have you ever had a picture with a celebrity/footballer?
Have you ever had a total :uhoh: moment?
Have you ever had decent pepper?
Have you ever had to give a sperm sample?
Have you ever led a mutiny?
Have you ever paid for porn
Have you ever seen a Goblin?
Have you ever sexually assaulted anyone?
Have you ever successfully implemented advice from Alan Partridge into your everyday life?
Have you ever wanted to watch North Korean TV?
Have you ever won a competion/give away?
Have you experienced a problem with the forum when writing posts where the cursor behaves as if the insert key is pressed?
Have you gained or lost weight since lockdown?
Have you got you Xmas jumper ordered yet?
Have you had Covid-19?
Have you had a "natter" with your bank yet?
Have you had to take a job you don’t want to do during the Pandemic?
Have you had your first Mince Pie yet?
Have you had your midlife crisis yet?
Have you heard of Victor Osimhen
Have you let your nightly skincare regime slip since you started working from home?
Have you made an alt?
Have you moved to left or right as you’ve aged?
Have you or do you know anyone who has puchased a EPL box office game?
Have you posted a black square on Instagram today?
Have you proactively avoided any businesses since the lockdown has began to ease?
Have you requested a Covid test for you or your family despite not having the symptoms?
Have you seen Messi play?
Have you seen NEOWISE yet?
Have you seen a UFO?
Have you seen that!
Have you started drinking already?
Have you started your Brexit 2021 stockpile yet?
Have you turned your heating back on yet?
Haven't you heard...?
Having a cheeky takeaway and ordering a kids meal for my boy...not sure what this addition is???
Having a clear out and found this copy of The Sun… (NWS)
Having a party? Yay I'm having a girl's party, where are your drinks girls?
Hayfever this year
Hazza Styles
He was clapping, she was getting her cheeks clapped
He'll feel that one in the morning...
He's back...
He's punching....
Head Moisturiser
Headbangers of football
Heading to the gym
Healthy Snacks
Healthy eating thread
Healthy things you’ll never do
Hearse etiquette
Heart rate monitors for exercising
Heartwarming new ad thanking Nicola Sturgeon
Heathrow, Google headquarters & Virginia Supreme Court all evacuated
Heavens Gate
Heidi Klum v Sofia Vergara
Hello Darkness, My Old Friend
Hello new world
Hello...is it a skip you're looking for? The favourite Viz bits thread
Hells Angels
Help Me Find The Rap Song!
Help a forummer win a competition
Help a forummer win a competition - ver2
Help a moron build a smart home...
Help a soon to be unemployed schmuck draft a letter to his boss
Help finding news footage of firing squad in 80s NWS
Help for an essay - I'm stumped
Help identify my bone!
Help identifying artist
Help me arrange my music
Help me buy a projector oh Mighty forum
Help me choose a coffee machine
Help me compile my Pub Quiz
Help me find some more songs like this one
Help me find the name of an old tv show
Help me identify a film- EDIT solved, it's The Phantom Tollbooth
Help me identify a solo drummer from a ropey description:- Update found it
Help me identify a song
Help me identify a song #62829
Help me identify this song...
Help me remember a band - Found them!
Help needed - Samsung Tab A
Help remembering a kids TV show
Help settle a dispute
Help solve a mystery (and add your own)
Help to Buy scheme
Help with Gaming PC set up
Help with Laptops & that
Help with a film please - Solved
Help with a “Predictions” task
Help! Trying to remember something Arsenal related
Henry Clarke RIP
Herd immunity - win my argument for me
Here is how to give out trophies
Here wae, here wae
Here you go, a free Google home mini if you have Spotify premium
Here’s Why Men Are Pointing Loaded Guns at Their Dicks
Herman Miller Aeron
Hermes are a bunch of dirty thieving bastards
Hertfordshire Towns Named After Footballers | A Lock Down 2 game for ALL forummers and their families
Hesp's Monday Rockbusters
Hey Duggee
Hey Geoff
Hey Geoff, it's your last chance to take part in our customer feedback survey! Don't miss the opportunity to have your say!
Hey Ireland
Hey Jerk, You Work!
Hey Mods..............
Hi Gais
Hi, MerkGOW here
Hide and seek
Hide the pain harold
High Score (Netflix)
High Score | "Gaming's Golden Age" on Netflix
High end brands that are just smoke & mirrors
High end brands that are worth paying the extra
High tide in Banter Bay
Highlight reels of your favourite ever player
Highlight/low points of the year
Highly center mental thread
Hiking Shoes
Hilarious story entertaining scam email
Hillbilly Elegy
Hindsight w/ women
Hip Flasks
Hip hop help!
Hip resurfacing surgery
Hip-Hop thread
Hiphop fans of the forum
Hiring a chef for Christmas dinner
His Dark Materials (Books & TV Show - HBO/BBC) - Spoilers Inside
His Dark Materials (TV Show - BBC1 Tonight 8.10) - No book spoilers thread
Hisense TV, worth getting?
Historical Fiction Books
History Books
History of modern music in 100 songs A Side
History of modern music in 100 songs B Side
Histor’s Eye
Hitler Lego
Hitler: A Career (Netflix)
Hitlist (testing) (mild nws)
Hits from the 90s you don't hear much anymore - NOW WITH SPOTI PLAYLIST!
Hobbies that would hinder your chances of a second date
Hoka One One
Hold tight  boys. It's comin'
Holiday Plans
Holiday in Argyll and Bute
Holidays in the UK - Bath and Oxford
Holly Willoughby is CANCELLED
Hollywood, film critics, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe
Holocaust Historian Offers To Serve 10-Year Sentence Of Nigerian Boy
Home Alone "3"
Home Automation Thread
Home Buyers Surveys. Worth the money?
Home Insurance question- Escape of water
Home audio recommendations required
Home haircut tutorials
Home improvements query
Home insurance question - boring thread
Home internet question
Home mobile phone signal boosters
Home office chair advice
Home printer
Home security Cameras - whats the best ?
Home storage solutions
Home tooth whitening
Homeless person sitting outside my house
Homemade Beef Jerky
Homemade Frappe or Iced Coffee or....
Homer at the bat
Homesick James Corden: "COVID has made me realise what's important in life. I'm coming back to the UK."
Homophobic Horses!!
Honest discussion about the 1999 Man Utd team
Hong Kong
Hong Kong Protest - Round 2 about to kick off?
Hope everyone clapped
Hopefully it will be Christmas soon
Horse Racing Thread - Sort of
Horse Simulator 2
Horse TIP - come get your hot horse TIP
Horse Tip
Horse Tip - 2.02 Tramore
Horse Tip - 2.10 Lingfield
Horse Tip - 2.30 Limerick
Horse Tip - 3.00 Warwick (Result 4th) #again
Horse Tip - 3.50 Kempton - 2nd place 50/1 shot
Horse Tip - 3.50 Nass
Horse Tip 21/07/2020 @ 5.35
Horse Tip 3.35 Warwick - Potters Corner E/W
Horse Tip : 4.30 AND 7.30 Dundalk
Horse tip Saturday 26th December
Horse tip ew shield of honour 12.45 lingfield
Hot Chav UK girls NWS
Hot Ones episodes - Favourite Ep and minor annoyance
Hot Sauce
Hot chav girls World Cup NWS thread (qualification)
Hot simp troll Belle Delphine, known for selling 'gamer girl bathwater', is back
Hot topic: Wearing outside shoes in your house/apartment
Hot whiskey - your recipe
Hotbeds of inbreeding
Hotel complaints
Hotel recommendations near Walthamstow
Hotels vs Airbnb in the Covid-19 world?
Hottest female to appear on the show 'New Girl' NWS
House Buying Question
House movers lost our stuff (boring thread)
House/dog sitters?
How  many sausages could you eat in an hour?
How 'You've Got Mail' reveals the empty heart of neoliberal America and vile centrists
How BPL teams' projected points totals changed from GW1 to GW38
How Concerned Are You About the Climate?
How Everton corrected their recruitment process
How Festive are you feeling?
How Johan Cruyff actually stole the "Cruyff turn" from Australian striker, Adrian Alston.
How Many "Notifications" do you have?
How Many Points Have You Got?
How Michael 'Coxy' Cox transformed the way we watch football
How Much Do You Fear Corona?
How OnlyFans has changed the economy of porn   (SFW)
How They Pulled Off The ‘Pandemic’ – An Animated Film Explanation By David Icke
How To Deal With Grief During Covid 19
How To Make Your Own................
How Trent Alexander-Arnold Is Evolving The Role Of Fullback
How are everyone's farts smelling?
How are football agents paid?
How are psychics not illegal?
How are your deliveries coming along?
How are your farts this year?
How bad is Aaron wan bissaka?
How bad is it to cut a chunk of flesh out of your skin?
How badly has this year messed with your head?
How badly is Rishi going rape us commoners to pay for the tory government's corruption?
How big are your missus tits?
How big is your TV?
How boring is this years London Marathon :snooze:
How broken is our service-based, consumerist, ‘free market’  economy?
How can  I use the same IP address from my PC in UK to connect with and use from my laptop abroad?
How can I hide these cables - Rule 1
How can I stop facial hair growing so quickly?
How can I stop getting up for a piss 3 times in the night
How can I work remotely from my home PC?
How can one turn off and not receive these forum top banner popups?
How can society react to a growing number of people peddling and engaging with misinformation?
How can trust in government be restored?
How come Fulham v Everton is on BBC1?
How come Leeds are losing at home to bottom of the league Luton?
How confident are you that you would be good at giving a man mouth pleasure?
How creepy are you?
How dexterous are you with your feet?
How did you meet your other half?
How did you sleep last night dear?
How did you sleep last night? Any dreams?
How did you stop being a tired unmotivated slug?
How did your German team get on?
How dildos are made (nsfw)
How do I PM a mod?
How do I buy a mask if I don't already have a mask
How do I find out if there's a European Arrest Warrant for me?
How do I watch the football this week then, lads?
How do YOU get rid of your cooking fat, oil etc?
How do hand car washes make any money?
How do managerial pay-offs work?
How do people afford to live post divorce (with kids involved)
How do we feel about wedding lists?
How do you block people?
How do you choose a solicitor?
How do you do insurance?
How do you eat apples?
How do you explain this?
How do you forum?
How do you ignore someone on here?
How do you know you're not one of the idiots?
How do you like your televised football to sound?
How do you like your tuna?
How do you piss?
How do you prepare your cereal
How do you pronounce "none"?
How do you pronounce H - by Nationality
How do you rate the band GREEN DAY?
How do you say your phone number?
How do you spell ‘Pavilion’?
How do you take your T-shirt/jumper off?
How do you think you'd handle yourself on 606?
How do you wash your armpit hair?
How does The Athletic make money?
How does one become
How does the forum feel with regards to having two fewer Southern teams in the Premier League?
How does this Corona bullshit play out?
How does this song make you feel on this hot bank holiday Sunday?
How excited are you for the new, modernised Tom & Jerry movie? (trailer inside)
How excited are you out of 10 are you about the new EPL season starting?
How f*cked are we?
How far away did you and your wife/partner grow up?
How far back do you have to go to have a better life than royalty?
How far behind will the UK be left in the post-pandemic boom?
How far down the league do you have to go before...
How fast is your home internet?
How good are Aston Villa to watch?
How good is Duolingo?
How good is Kai Havertz going to be in the BPL?
How good is your memory of your life?
How good of a manager is Zinedine Zidane?
How good or bad, is your vision?
How good was Cesc Fabregas?
How good was Owen Hargreaves actually?
How grim are your feet?
How has lockdown impacted your masturbation habits?
How has this prick...
How has your IPTV been over this weekend? - Dont mention names
How has your drinking altered since lockdown?
How has your local community changed during the pandemic?
How has your relationship gone this year?
How has your weight and general fitness changed during lockdown ?
How have I been conned?
How is VAR going to work on Sunday?
How is William Shatner ageing so slowly?
How is it The Athletic is always on sale..
How is it that Scott Parker still has the Fulham job?
How is your History?
How is your anus today?
How is your club planning on selling their 2000/4000 tickets?
How is your current lockdown financial situation?
How is your wife/gf/partner aging? / Review of today's pool party
How kinky is your kink?
How long a ban with Aguero be getting for this
How long am I gonna be on hold with BT?
How long before I chase up a response following a job interview? UPDATE p.2
How long do you reckon it's going to take you to match your post count from the old forum?
How long does Sky have left?
How long does it generally take you to wipe your arse?
How long does it take to get over your child moving out?
How long is left on your student loan?
How long until the USMNT become a soccer superpower?
How long until this place falls to sh*t?
How long until?
How long will I be on hold with HMRC for?
How long will Liverpool FC be FIFA WORLD CLUB CHAMPIONS?
How long will the pubs remain open?
How long will you dual forum?
How many 8 year olds do you reckon you could take in a fight at once?
How many Amazon Orders have you placed this year?
How many Clives
How many Festive Bakes could you eat in one sitting?
How many Grampii have you ever met or known?
How many Irish do we have on here?
How many Peters do you know, or have ever met?
How many Ryans do you know or have ever met?
How many Warning points do you have?
How many alts...
How many animals have you eaten in your lifetime?
How many animals have you ridden/sat on?
How many are West Ham going to smack past Watford?
How many c***s ?
How many days per week will you WFH after COVID?
How many football matches have you been to?
How many glasses of water do you drink per day?
How many goals have you scored for your country?
How many goals would you score in the WSL?
How many hot dogs could you eat in 10 minutes?
How many inanimate things have you sworn at today?
How many individual lines can you recall from Snoop's justeat advert?
How many of these Liverpool players would get in Manchester United's Starting XI?
How many of us get up early with the kids on a Saturday/Sunday
How many of you are working at home drunk every day?
How many of you greedy c*nts have had a triple cheeseburger from McDonalds?
How many of you have ever tasted your own blood?
How many other forums are you an active member on?
How many people do you know have been tested for Covid19?
How many people do you know on furlough or have recently lost jobs?
How many poos have you had this year?
How many push ups can you do?
How many tabs do you have open on your computer/mobile right now?
How many times a day do you brush your teeth?
How many times have you been in love?
How many times have you been to Wembley stadium (old or new)?
How many times have you ejaculated this year?
How many times you been out to help out? Rule 1
How many unread notifications have you got?
How much are you going to expand over Xmas / NY?
How much are you planning to tip your postman this Christmas?
How much cash is left in Geoff’s locker?
How much chocolate/sweets do you consume on a weekly basis?
How much covid oppression will be your tipping point?
How much debt are you in?
How much do you know about UK #1 singles?
How much do you reckon the Tour De France makes in a normal year?
How much does it genuinely bother you when your team loses?
How much money do reckon Terry Hall made?
How much money do you think Bloc Party made?
How much money do you think Bobby Davro made?
How much money do you think Dexter Fletcher made?
How much money is Jeff Bezos worth?
How much money is left in the Forum GoFundMe?
How much money would it take for you to accept a bumming?
How much money would it take for you to retire tomorrow?
How much of your social life revolves around drinking?
How much self control do you have when drinking?
How much should kitchen fitting cost in London?
How much should you spend on a mens haircut?
How much tea and/or coffee do you drink per day?
How much this worth on ebay?(Now in awe of my garden thread)
How much to replace the guttering on my house?
How much toilet roll do you use?
How much was your first pint?
How much weight have you put on or lost since 'Lockdown'?
How much will it cost to purchase Wrexham AFC?
How much would it take for you to eat a massive slug?
How much would it take for you to have a sex change
How much would you pay for a video message from Ken Barlow?
How much would you pay to be a fly on the wall when Mourinho and Guardiola share a bottle of wine tomorrow?
How much you spent at amazon since lockdown started?
How often do you call your mum?
How often do you have cold showers?
How often do you lie to your missus?
How often do you play a musical instrument?
How often do you shop in pound shops?
How often do you wash your comb?
How old are you?
How old is this person?
How old were you when you stopped staying in backpacker hostels?
How on earth did the Nazis organise the Nuremberg Rallies?
How poncy have you ever been?
How prepared is your business for Brexit?
How quickly will YOU go back to the pub?
How shall we approach the oncoming Recession?
How shit is the world right now?
How stringently are you sticking to new lockdown rules?
How successful is the rugby sub forum?
How supportive are you of lockdown
How tasty are you?
How the Premier League will finish on current form
How the football world should look without artificial money pumping
How to Make Partner and Still Have a Life
How to become an Irish Citizen
How to embed YouTube videos
How to single people get on during lockdown ?
How to thoroughly enjoy a film
How to upgrade to sky go extra.... help please!
How to wake up Britain
How well will YOU sleep tonight?
How will history judge the 'Boomers'?
How will you be celebrating the Queen's Birthday tomorrow?
How will you fill your post Brexit/Trump void?
How would a club almost completely run by the fans do?
How would the nature of UK society change with cannabis becoming legalised?
How would the world have developed if the atlantic slave trade didn't happen?
How ya doing?
How you cooking your Turkey this year?
How's everyone's farts smelling today?
How's this for convenience?
How's your fitness?
How's your recycling bin doing?
Huawei's plans for a £1bn research centre in the UK have been approved
Hubble Space Telescope spots an EGG
Hubble Telescope Zoomable View of the Andromeda Galaxy
Hubie Halloween
Huey is dead
Huge barney in PSG vs Marseille game
Human Challenge Virus Trials
Humble grub you can’t beat
Hungarian Mep in a spot of bother in Brussels
Hungry Facker (The amusing things your kids say or do thread)
Hunter Biden
Hunting Ghislaine podcast
Hurricane Isaias is about 20 miles away atm
Husband proves his wife cheated and his baby isn't his... at baby shower
Hybrid SUV's/Electric SUV's
Hydroxychloroquine trials. The Lancet has made one of the biggest retractions in modern history. How could this happen?
Hyper Resolution Rembrandt
Håland or Mbappe?
I Am Legend - Sky One @ 9pm. WWTF
I Cooked a Beef Wellington
I May Destroy You
I Need a New Laptop
I Wanted To Be With You Alone
I actually feel sorry for Cummins
I actually get on really well with my other half
I always forget the violence in 80's films!
I am about to 'go' virtual speed dating
I am off work this week
I apologies for anything. It’s so warm. How are YOU relaxing?
I arsed dialled the police by mistake
I assume we've all seen Matt Hancock doing Parkour?
I believe that we will
I bet I can make you want to buy a mandolin  in less than 4 minutes.
I bought a chocolate bar dispenser, and I believed it to be broken...
I bought a new wallet
I can see where the money was spent
I can't get a test
I can't get this song out of my head..  (Tik Tok NWS)
I can't poo
I can't sleep, I'm devastated.
I can't smell
I deleted my Facey-B account
I did my last exam today
I don't beliiiiiiiiiiiieve it!
I don't care; what can they do with *my* data?
I eat the same thing for breakfast every day
I feel dreadful
I feel sick.
I feel sorry for Neymar's sister tonight...
I got news for you - that means you're gay
I had a dream about Nick Knowles last night
I had a new fridge delivered today and there is a dent in it
I had a rather lovely lunch today
I had nobody to spend Christmas with, so I spent it making this
I hate deepfake
I hate dogs
I hate this
I have a minor cosmetic annoyance
I have a new song out
I have a question for everybody
I have a shed, I want Wi-Fi in my shed
I have a soft spot for Leeds United
I have been very selfish today
I have come before you now as a socila media Influencer, obey your new Messiah
I have decided to change my life drastically..
I have listened to The Beatles - The White Album for the first time
I have one nipple that is always hard
I have taken receipt of a doggo
I have to say I enjoy this clip (NWS)
I have writ a poem about swallows
I haven't agreed to the site t&c in ages
I haven't had a bath or shower for four days.
I hear the Kunar Province is nice this time of year...
I interviewed a candidate through Skype last week.
I just nearly caused a small but potentially awkward fire
I love Rita Ora’s bits thread (NWS)
I love dogs
I love flowers
I made toad in the hole tonight and took a photo of it (very slight NWS)
I need a laptop thread #
I need a new PC
I need a new TV
I need a new bag - UPDATE! Decision made but what colour?
I need a new boiler
I need assistance with a poll
I need more biscuits, i need more eclairs
I need quiet music to study/work to. Any ideas?
I need some new shoes lads
I need the forum to name our software
I only dreamed that I would find...
I presume we've all seen the Mexican weatherwoman? mildlyNWS
I see a communist has changed my login name - I wish to change it back
I see the loveable wee bean has found his way here
I see you know your judo well
I should buy some Sony WH-1000XM3, I want to buy some B&W px7s
I suppose i like the idea of being a spaceman
I take it we're all looking at Watford vs Boro?
I take it we're all watching Burnley vs Wolves?
I take it we've all seen Meownuel Neuer?
I think I have to go to IKEA today
I think I'm a victim of brushing
I turn 30 today
I turn 30 today and I’m handling it really badly :lol:
I want to make sure the Manchester City/United fans are ok
I was born in Blyth, but I was made in the Royal Navy
I was first btw, page hung  :smug:
I witnessed a hit and run accident yesterday
I woke up this morning to find this outside my house...
I wonder what Bernard Cribbins is up to
I"m Discovering Joni Mitchell...
I'll Be Gone In The Dark (EARONS Doc series)
I'll Get This
I'll take "Le Tits Now" for $800
I'll tell you why Liverpool* won't win the Premier League title this season and I'll tell you why in ONE word! (Will bump next May for plaudits)
I'll throw you out the f***ing door, f*** off': Neil Ruddock threatens to beat up Paul Merson
I'm Archie
I'm Getting a Dog
I'm a Celebrity 2020 - On now!
I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! to be broadcast from a ruined castle in the British countryside
I'm a doctor. I'm a doctor and I want my sausages.
I'm a naughty Tory
I'm a quadriplegic..... Fúck off 2020
I'm alone. Finally!
I'm an idiot who dropped his phone in the bath...
I'm bored and in quarantine. Ask me anything
I'm drinking...
I'm falling into a black bottomless hole of despair over technology
I'm from Birmingham
I'm going to the pub tonight to watch football
I'm hard on the outside but if you give me time
I'm hearing Cummings broke the law after all?
I'm in the market for a wok
I'm in trouble at work.. Update pg2
I'm listening to...
I'm making salted cod
I'm not anti-vaxx but....
I'm not missing the football at all
I'm off back to original forum
I'm paying too much for Sky TV - what's better?
I'm really into Lone at the minute. Anyone as good?
I'm seeing a sharp increase in nested quotes recently.
I'm struggling. Help me streamline my business.
I'm sure everyone has read the City thread
I'm thinking of ending things
I'm worried about my drinking....
I've been drinking and reading about interdimensional beings
I've blown my tiny mind...
I've changed my mind about Cristiano Ronaldo
I've cracked it. The real vaccine conspiracy
I've cut my elbow in a freak masturbation accident...
I've finally done it
I've finally found a pain relief for my broken legs
I've found a diamond ring
I've got an orange, a satsuma and a banana
I've got to move house next week
I've just been told i'm WFH forever now
I've just watched the film 'Alpha'
I've lost my wallet :picard:
I've made a couple of tracks...
I've paid off a couple of credit cards....
I've seen some weird stuff on the internet, but this Twitch 'Deer' video...
I've woke up this morning feeling properly fed up
I, Claudius
ICC to Review Test Match Status
ID this spider walking across pavement
INTO THE NIGHT (Netflix series)
IPTV - Footy
IS there a Marvel Avengers Game Thread?
ISS Live now
ISS Space station
ISS live feed
IT #Ladz: Help needed viewing older versions of websites...
ITV 1 now Liverpool v The Arsenal 1989
ITV Drama
ITV4 Lauda interview with Brian Moore
Iain Lee on talk radio
Ian Brown
Ian Brown - Antivaxxer?
Ian Livingston's Deathtrap Dungeon. The Interactive Video Adventure starring Eddie Marsan
Ian Watkins is out and about
Ice Bucket Challenge Founder is dead
Iceland 0-1 England FT (Sterling pen, Bjarnason missed pen; Kyle Walker red card, Ingason red card)
Iceland's awesome new team crest
Iconic Pictures
Iconic video game music
Ideas for trip around England
Ideas to help promote unity within the UK
Identify a Film For Me
Idiot Excel question (v-lookup or similar)
Idiot fired for wanking on a zoom call
Idiot homeowners
If Atheism is true...
If China ever tried to take Taiwan
If Dublin is London
If Irish people "supported" Irish teams...
If Jason Mamao came round your house and said he wanted your wife for five grand
If Johnson had died of Covid, would we be in this mess?
If Jose wins the league with Spurs is he the GOAT?
If Klopp Were England Manager...
If PSG win the CL...
If There Ain't No Justice Then There Ain't No Peace
If Villa were to match Watford's result and stay up... update: Bournemouth consider compensation claim
If behind closed doors football was on TV with a red button option for "crowd noise" would you use it?
If everyone behaved like you, what would the world be like?
If her daddy is poor, just do what you feel
If police lie about a tampon in a coffee, how can we trust them on anything?
If pubs in the U.K. reopened tonight would you go and visit one?
If someone had told you this season would drag on for over a year
If someone sues the forum...
If the 0.001% have as much wealth as the remaining 99.999%
If the UK ever won the Eurovision again
If the fans were in the ground while the players took the knee...
If the pandemic had happened in 1990...
If the solar system is orbiting around the milky way
If the thought of corona gives you a boner
If they’re in; I’m in...
If things stay as is
If this peter pandemic happened in 2000, how different would it have been?
If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?
If we all have to wear masks everywhere
If we say Die Hard is a Christmas movie......
If we stuck a front page to this place,  could we make it work?
If you became famous, what would be the worst 'me too' story which could come out
If you can only have one item in a breakfast sandwich, what would it be? Epic poll in progress - every vote counts!
If you could create a "save state" in your life...
If you could go back to 01/01/2020
If you could go back to view one historical battle what would it be?
If you could instantly demolish one structure/building on the planet, which one and why
If you could liquidate one football club in the world, who would it be and why?
If you could move anywhere, where would you go?
If you could only travel one way in time, which way would you go?
If you could only watch one decade of films from... Number 12 - Denzel Washington
If you could pause & rewind real life - could you pass for a Premier league player?
If you could program to an expert level what would you create?
If you embed a YouTube video...
If you had access to Trumps twitter what would you tweet?
If you had career advice for your younger self, what would it be?
If you had to bum one of the Pussycat Dolls? NWS
If you had to describe yourself in 3 words...
If you had to move to another part of England where would you choose?
If you had to move to another part of the world where would you choose?
If you had to sacrifice one family member to COVID-19, who would it be ?
If you had £50 to spend on Amazon
If you lived under a dictatorship...
If you lost a shoe...
If you only watch one video of Russ Tamblyn doing a shovel dance today, make sure it's this one
If you put an aeroplane on a treadmill would it take off?
If you search for Specsavers Opticians and Audiologists - Inverness
If you search yr name on google, do you have much of an online footprint?
If you wear a beanie hat along with your mask in the shops...
If you went viral what would be the plan?
If you were Scotch would you wear a kilt?
If you were a Premier League manager...
If you were an aspiring actor in Hollywood, what is your threshold?
If you were an elite footballer what kind of career would you like?
If you were invited to a house party or gathering this weekend would you go?
If you were offered £100million pounds one morning but in order to get it, you had to do something to be the main story on the evening news that day...
If you were planning on leaving your job..
If you were to open a lesbian themed pie shop
If you were to open a video shop for creepy wolf game weirdos what would you call it?
If you were to set up an "Anonymous" UK account against the UK Govt
If you were told you'd be invincible for the next 40 years...
If you woke up tomorrow the best at the world in any sport - how long would it take you to make it?
If you've been required to work from home even for ONE DAY since 6 April… you can now legitimately claim tax relief for any extra costs for the WHOLE YEAR – worth £60 or £125.   Full info & explanation in my blog
If your MOT is coming up get on the phone now
Ignore this
Illegal money flows from Africa near $90 billion, U.N. study says
Im a bit pissed - ask me a question
Image hosting that's not Imgur
Image request - Trump finishing 3rd
Image request - the cartoon of that giraffe having a tug
Image sizes on here
Images that can be used in lieu of a quote and everyone knows what that quote is
Images that have a disturbing background
Immature ways you’d rate women in your youth
Immigration Nation (Netflix)
Important question about Blankety Blank
Importing Beer from the Canary Islands
Impregnate me Pogba trademarks the Dab
Improve a sport with a half-sensible/half-mental idea
In Soviet Russia, beard trims you!
In The Face of Terror (iPlayer)
In The Night Garden
In a professional football match
In discussion with ransomware company. Crime does pay
In hindsight, should we have moved forum a lot earlier?
In his master's steps he trod, where the snow lay dinted
In recognition of Rashford's achievement
In the 2005 film V for Vendetta what sex would you say this person is?
In what ways are you not normal?
In what ways haven't you 'grown up'?
In which ways do you align with your nation’s stereotypes?
Inappropriate humour
Inauguration Day
Inbred family from Odd, West Virginia
Incel Sues Twitch
Incel becomes more incel
Incel blows own hand off with bomb meant for hot cheerleaders
Incoming cancellation: Russell Brand
Incredible Magic Trick!
Incubus were better than red hot chili peppers
Indecent Proposal - Would you? A poll
India's tiger population doubles in the last 12 years
Indian doctor duped into buying 'Aladdin's lamp' after genie show
Indoor Wifi Cameras
Industry - BBC Drama - NWS
Inheritance investment advice (coke and ho's?)
Inheritance question
Inheritance/will question? Fao clever financey/lawyery people
Initial impressions of the Forum?
Injury time in the 21st century
Injustices against peoples in the world today.
Innocent Movie/Book Titles that Sound NSFW
Inside Number 10: Boris Johnson is Overburdened, Underpaid and Miserable (The Times)
Insignificant things you miss
Instant / ‘Pot’ noodles
Instant Pot
Instant regrets
Instead of laughing at Dean Smith’s patter, come and argue pointlessly about Man City’s goal last night. Ffs
Instead of project big picture....
Institutional Sexism
Instrumental Hip-Hop Thread
Intentional or lucky?
Interest Rates
Interesting Characters from History
Interesting Images
Interesting Thread: Tumble Dryer Advice
Interesting bet, involves nail clippers
Interesting copyright or battles with companies/music stories
Interesting video about the shape of rocket nozzles
Interesting words you may not know.
Interests or hobbies you've developed as a direct knock on from football
Intermittent Fasting
Intermittent fasting
International Men's Day - 19th November 2020
International Travel
Internet Weird Stuff
Internet and wiring experts
Interview with The Iceman , Richard Kuklinski
Interview with a sex addict - NWS language
Intolerant; Jim Jeffries
Introducing the world's first ball dildo (NSFW)
Invent a new musical instrument
Inventions that are still conning us out of money
Investing £7k
Ipad  Version of Age Of Mythology ?
Iran's top nuclear scientist assassinated
Ireland :lol:
Ireland imports 80% of its potatoes
Ireland set for lockdown?
Ireland's dirty secret
Irish Clubs in Europe 2020 - Dundalk V Rapid Vienna
Irish Company comes up with solution to ruin the planet
Irish House Prices
Irish Supreme Court ruling
Irish TikTok influencers launch the GOAT House Dublin
Irish twins from Ireland call time on Brick Lane cereal cafe
Iron Mike vs Roy Jones Jnr
Irresponsible Chorley FC may trigger the cancellation of all sport
Irvine Welsh & Bret Easton Ellis write TV series
Is "Tart it up" acceptable language at work?
Is 'The Jolly Boys Outing' the best sitcom episode of all time?
Is 2020 a golden year in music?
Is Alison Moyet underappreciated due to being a former chubby oaf?
Is American werewolf in London the greatest 80s film
Is Avatar...
Is Biffy Clyro’s cover of WAP the worst thing that’s ever happened in music?
Is Bjork shit or not
Is Blader Runner 2049 the best film this century?
Is Boris our greenest ever PM?
Is Buffy worth watching?
Is Bumhole from the internet here yet?
Is California a socialist hell hole?
Is Cardi B's WAP sexy?
Is Euro 2020 (Fri, 11 Jun 2021 – Sun, 11 Jul 2021) going to happen?
Is Firestarter a bit antiquated now and camp?
Is Frankie Boyle being a hypocrite here?
Is Gerrard a good manager or was he just lucky to take-over at the right time in the cycle?
Is Har Mar Superstar the Greatest singer of the 21st century?
Is Harry Kane the second best playmaker in the BPL?
Is Israel's policy in regard to Palestine a 'hard left' issue.
Is JK Rowling ok?
Is JOSHUA KIMMICH currently the best midfielder in Europe?
Is James Milner one of the all time great English footballers?
Is Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink out of his depth as a pundit?
Is Joe Biden even more of an embarrassment than Hillary?
Is Keir Starmer charismatic enough to resonate with the average British Tom?
Is Kim Jong dead or what?
Is Klopp a forummer?
Is Marcelo Bielsa on the spectrum?
Is Marcus Rashford pulling the wool over our eyes?
Is Micah Richards the busiest man in England?
Is Modern Family one of the greatest sitcoms in history?
Is Ole actually a decent manager?
Is Primal Scream's 'Loaded' the GOAT remix?
Is Ronaldo finished as an elite forward?
Is Ronaldo on the Botox?
Is Ronaldo the only player to score
Is Ronnie O'Sullivan the greatest Irish sportsman?
Is Ryan Adams still cancelled?
Is Saka a more promising prospect than Foden?
Is Sean Dyche racist?
Is Serie A a better league than La Liga again?
Is Southgate going to waste our golden generation?
Is Spooks the GOAT?
Is Stevie G a managerial prodigy?
Is Sutton in Surrey a nice place to live?
Is Telegram down?
Is The Athletic any good?
Is This A Scam?
Is Twitter a cesspit?
Is UK Athletics institutionally racist?
Is United vs Leeds really a rivalry anymore?
Is Yaya Toure...
Is a 2nd lockdown in winter inevitable?
Is a Tory defender correct in his counter arguments here?
Is acid still a thing or did it die a death
Is any nation on earth more scared of wasps than the English?
Is any planet in the universe as beautiful as earth?
Is anybody here planning on paying the £14.95?
Is anyone arsed that Manchester City are shite in Europe and use the Rumbelows cup as a measure of success
Is anyone else terrified to return to normal?
Is anyone else thinking of just f**king off?
Is anyone else worried about the forummer CBlue?
Is anyone here a spammer/cold caller?
Is anyone still getting married this year?
Is anyone watching the marathon?
Is betting under 2.5 in every prem game a winner?
Is cabbage and ribs a common dinner in Britain?
Is craft beer a rip-off?
Is cricket the most pathetic sport?
Is currently a once in a lifetime to get shares in UK Companies?
Is democracy fit for purpose in the 21st century
Is economic inequality the last acceptable form of injustice?
Is everyone staying here now?
Is fish cheaper at the supermarket and are you eating more fish?
Is gardening racist?
Is gender an outmoded concept in the west?
Is getting 'me' and 'I' wrong still considered a grammatical sin?
Is it Freezing?
Is it PRI-mark or PRE-mark????
Is it a pain in the arse to switch from iOS to android?
Is it acceptable to fire an employee due to their poor standard of English?
Is it ethical to marry your uncle's widow?
Is it in Villa's hands?
Is it just me or do all fish and chip shops...
Is it just me....
Is it mental to book a holiday now?
Is it possible I've given myself gout?
Is it possible I've given myself grout?
Is it possible to prove you are a millionaire....
Is it possible to withdraw a 'Nest' pension early?
Is it still acceptable to say this word?
Is it the end of Joachim Low?
Is it time for football to copy the American Playoffs model?
Is it time to cancel Stewart Lee?
Is it time to defund the police?
Is it time to discuss the forums creepy obsession with Taylor Swift
Is it time to regulate the internet?
Is it time to shut down the Rugby Forum?
Is it time we talked about Yaya Toure?
Is it true?
Is mouthwash a waste of money?
Is my Dog’s Sunday Dinner better than your Sunday Dinner?
Is my banking screwing me or am I dope?
Is my boss just being a dick?
Is my son's nursery a front?
Is now the time to get back into Bitcoin and Ethereum?
Is politics the new football?
Is she really going out with him?
Is spackle a commonly used word?
Is staying at your childhood club
Is supporting a championship team more fun?
Is that Bad Dad The Warlock lass still on here?
Is the 92-team league finished?
Is the EPL better for ...
Is the Jadon Sancho craze over?
Is the SPL now the land of milk and honey?
Is the UK a s*#t place to live?
Is the UK monarchy doomed when the Queen dies?
Is the University of Bath legit?
Is the age of the hipster passed now?
Is the forum going to withstand Sunday's game between ManU and Liverpool?
Is the forum suffering from middle aged spread? What size are you?
Is the hubris of vile Southgate and international federations damning the 20/21 season to cancellation?
Is the new forum a police state already?
Is the pandemic being used to create a surveillance state?
Is the term "Rule 1" not a thing on here like on the old board?
Is there ANYTHING more frustrating on a sunny day...
Is there a "stuff for < £20/£30" thread on here please?
Is there a 'The Bridge' thread? Reality show full of bell ends on channel 4.
Is there a Euro2020/2021 thread?
Is there a Gardening/Growing food thread?
Is there a Golf Clash clan?
Is there a Leftovers Thread? (TV Show)
Is there a Rick and Morty thread?
Is there a Selling Sunset thread? Season 3 just dropped on Netty
Is there a Stormwatch thread yet?
Is there a Succession thread?
Is there a Techno thread?
Is there a The Thick Of It thread?
Is there a UFC thread?
Is there a Yorkshire Ripper thread floating around?
Is there a best live musical performance thread here?
Is there a better female singing voice than Harriet Wheeler's?
Is there a better song in the 21st century??
Is there a better way of following threads?
Is there a bigger dickhead in sport than novak djokovic?
Is there a bigger fraud in the Premier League?
Is there a bigger prick on TV that this guy?
Is there a curry cooking thread?
Is there a funnier football interview than this?
Is there a job hunting / applications thread?
Is there a kodi thread on here anymore?
Is there a last dance thread?
Is there a likeable Dominic in the world?
Is there a lot of hypocrisy over BLM?
Is there a more fearsome striking quartet in the PL than AMMO?
Is there a more in form striker in Europe than this man right now?
Is there a more pointlessly confusing word or phrase than...
Is there a music production thread?
Is there a new Budapest thread around these parts?
Is there a new irrational anger thread?
Is there a new laptop thread?
Is there a place we've all been?
Is there a reliable website that tells where to get the fastest broadband?
Is there a single person on here who won't be supporting Atalanta tonight?
Is there a sports team in the world more detestable than...Australia lol
Is there a taste difference between different brands of bottled still water?
Is there a thread about micro-dosing psychedelics?
Is there a thread on the Siberian Heatwave
Is there a thread on the Wigan administration?
Is there a way to see who has the most posts?
Is there a website for global house renting?
Is there a weirder marriage than George and Kellyanne Conway?
Is there a worse company than Yodel?
Is there a worse couple in history.....
Is there an 'I'm a shark, such my dick' thread on here?
Is there an eBay scam here?
Is there an iconic football pics thread yet?
Is there an instant pot thread?
Is there an investment thread?
Is there an official Woodworking thread?
Is there an unemployed/ job hunting thread on here these days?
Is there any football personality whose hand you wouldn't shake (pre-COVID) if you were introduced to them at a wedding?
Is there any point in the UK Rock Charts?
Is there anyone better at gushing over food than Adam Richman?
Is there anything Britain is the best in the world at?
Is there anything better in the world than having an honest-to-goodness sh*te?
Is there anything better than spending a day watching test cricket on tv?
Is there anything better?
Is there anything in the actual rules of the game to stop women playing in the men's game?
Is there anything worse than Star Wars fans?
Is there much footage of you pre camera phone
Is there really no way to save any of the threads from the other place?
Is this  one of the greatest songs you've ever heard?
Is this Jesse Lingard?
Is this Portuguese McDonalds a damning indictment of capitalism?
Is this a "dad bod"?
Is this a "flow chart"?
Is this a scam?
Is this a spin off forum?
Is this forum dead?
Is this guy for real?
Is this mental? I think it is mental...
Is this new Covid19 variant a Tory plot to bring down the NHS?
Is this the GOAT lineup of Question Time?
Is this the greatest example of male vocalisation in history?
Is this the most dominant Prem win of all time ?
Is this what I need to split my ethernet?
Is this your first time as a spin off forummer?
Is using "&" in copy in general acceptable?
Is your WFH monitored?
Is your family at war with one another?
Is your football club at risk of flooding?
Is your wife as crazy as mine?
Is £100 still "a lot" of money?
Isle of Man - Holiday
Isle of Skye Advice
Isle of Wight
Isn't it a bit ridiculous in the year 2020 that it's still tradition for couples to share a bed once they live together?
Isn't it awful depressing when you know you're no longer attractive to 18-24 year olds?
Istanbul Basaksehir played Sivasspor today after a snow storm
It finally happened Trump talks about Qanon
It's 2004 and TAA is available for England
It's A Sin -  Russell T Davies' new drama C4  NOW
It's Chinese "Black Friday" - 11/11 sales today
It's Chriiiiiiiistmaaaaaaaaas!
It's January 3rd 2021
It's Neville Southall's birthday today
It's Wednesday
It's a good day for #cancelling
It's all gone so quickly
It's all kicking off in Frome
It's almost time for a new video from ..(it's here)
It's back!
It's football, but not as we know it.
It's going to be hot today
It's going to rain tomorrow
It's happening!!!  Lionel officially linked with big frank.  Also sued!
It's kicking off in Nigeria
It's my Birthday
It's my birthday today
It's my birthday today, I'm fiddy. AMA
It's my dad's funeral later today
It's nicer abroad
It's nonsense vs It's a nonsense?
It's only Yanet Garcia taking a shower NWS
It's the big one! Leicester vs Southampton
It's time for a serious conversation about Ferran Torres
It's time for a serious conversation about Kai Havertz
It's time for a serious conversation about Leicester City
It's time to have a serious chat about Arteta.
It's time to talk about West Bromwich Albion
It's understandable that you may think Trump is the worst president in history, but it's actually this fellow
Italia 90: It was 30 years ago today...
Items that sound football-related but aren't.
Items you should have purchased sooner
Its coming home!!! Arise Sir Gareth
Its rained for 3 months straight
It’s 04:30 U.K. Time - Why are you still up?
It’s 3:30 am in the morning shut up!
It’s Christmas
It’s Christmas Eve, come in and have a moan.
It’s National Fish & Chip Day!
It’s VE Day, sing along time!
It’s a tough place to go to
It’s almost TOO hot, Clive ?
It’s always sunny.....
It’s been a while
It’s cold outside ....
It’s time for a European Super League
Ivan Toney - remember the name
Ivanka vs Tiffany - You Decide
Ivermectin and CoVid Prophylaxis
Iwobi or Matiland-Niles?
I’m a naughty Tory
I’m going to listen to this song. Are YOU?
I’m here
I’m just going to put the young ones on
I’m midweek drinking and bored. Ask me a question
I’m not really racist
I’m off up to bed, give us a shout when the big guy arrives please?
I’m the lyrical dance flap - best tv outtakes
I’m thinking of ending things
I’m watching Eastenders.
I’ve been Simjacked
I’ve been on the pints
I’ve chosen my forummer of the week
I’ve decided what I’m going to do
I’ve developed a thoroughly enjoyable new way of winding my missus up
I’ve got a massive semi
I’ve just had the perfect nap
I’ve just urinated
JLINGZ Originals - how much do you own?
Ja Rule's new advert for Greek deli
Jacinda Ardern
Jack Charlton has died
Jack Grealish
Jack Grealish - NWS
Jack Grealish and diving
Jack Leslie - first black footballer to be selected for England
Jack Ma has gone missing
Jack White - Ball and Biscuit
Jack's Flight Club
Jackass 4
Jake Paul puts Dee Devlin on blast, brands McGregor and Irish c*nt
Jake Thackray -  Lah Di Dah
James Blake covers
James Cameron's Titanic
James Corden wows America with incredible McCartney cover
James Goode
James Maddison is cancelled
James McClean criticises Irish team mates and football authorities over abuse
Jamie Oliver
Jamie Vardys view on political symbols in football.
Jamie on Greenwood
Jamie v Ashley interview
January 2021 Horse Racing and NAPs Comp
Japanese chap comes up with fame Western names for an old baseball game
Japanese mad lads get smashed on traditional rice-based spirit and sleep on roads
Japanese style curry roux cubes
Japanese sumo robots are mad little fuckers
Jase Statham  - First screen appearance...
Javascript experts.. Get in here please
Jay Z doing stuff
Jebus does DIY
Jeff Buckley
Jeff Tiedrich
Jennifer Lopez NWS
Jeremy Corbyn... Bouncing Back in to a vanity project.
Jeremy Hunt Photoshopportunity
Jerry Reed (the Smokey and the Bandit fella)
Jerry's better - he's got the all clear!
Jerusalema is the song of the year
Jessica Ennis
Jessica Workman (NWS)
Jessie's Girl - Part 2
Jesus Christ - Aged 0-16
Jesus has coronavirus at Christmas
Jesus, please tell me sky didn't just make this headline up for laughs??
Jesy Nelson leaving Little Mix?  Now confirmed
Jim McLean (legend) RIP
Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Hill's chin
Jimmy Stewart - 'Beau' poem
Jimmy White wins intellectual argument
Jimmy's Sunny Day Confessional at the Drive-In Disco!  Your Fav EMO Songs?
Job Application Advice #154276
Job Losses Thread- Monzo is cutting up to 80 staff amid the coronavirus pandemic
Job and furlough advice
Job interview advice
Jobs for sad & pathetic losers
Jockey Liam Treadwell, 34, found dead
Joe Biden looking unstoppable now
Joe Biden's Tweet about Pres. Trump's Recently Deceased Brother...
Joe Exotic left in the lurch by Trump
Joe Hart
Joe Hart photoshoportunity
Joe Hart's at it again....
Joe Pera Talks You Back To Sleep
Joe Wicks PE lessons now to be performed by his wife.... (NWS)
Johan Cruyff
John Barnes doesn't like white people
John Barnes...Oops....NWS
John Bishop to join Dr. WHO.
John Bishop's Great Whale Rescue
John Boyega (Star Wars) going off on social media
John Candy
John Cleese sketch on the advantages of extremism
John Cooper Clarke
John Delaney - Spoiler any comments on his book
John Delaney FAI - Is the net closing?
John Fashanu
John Galt, assorted authoritarians and other lickspittles
John Hume dead
John Le Carre
John Lewis  Christmas Advert 2020
John McGinn at Christmas
John Nic and F365 just mentioned on R5L
John Sessions dead at 67
John Terry & Wayne Bridge
John Tyler (10th US President) having two living grandsons today
Johnny Cash's Boots and John Wayne's Shorts...
Johnny Depp - Wife Beater
Johnny Depp vs The Sun
Jojo Rabbit
Jon Hopkins
Jonathan 'Wilso' WIlson picks his world XI
Jonathan Edwards (1995 World Championships)
Jonathan Ross's absolute horror show of a daughter NWS
Jonathan Sacks Alav ha shalom
Jonathan Van-Tam / Chris Whitty
Jordan Henderson > Steven Gerrard
Jordan Henderson is going to win Sports Personality of the Year
Jordan Henderson named Footballer of The Year
Jordan Klepper vs Trump supporters
Joris Bohnson Self Isolating
Jose - The Deluded One
Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho’s tit - WEIRD
Joseph Campbell
Joshua v Fury
Josip Ilicic to Miss PSG game -SWT Edition
Journos congratulating each other on twitter
Jovane Cabral
Judging competitions on council telly
Judy Murray on The Chase Christmas special
Julia Donaldson / Axel Scheffler
Julia Hartley-Brewer
Julian Bream has plucked his final guitar string
July 2020 Horse Racing Thread and NAPs Competition - Galway Festival and Glorious Goodwood
Jumping the shark moments
June 15 1996
June 17, 2020
June 2020 Horse Racing Thread
June 2020 Horse Racing and NAPs Comp
June from Gogglebox has died
Junk Mail and Spam Calls
Jupiter and Saturn to cross paths for the first time in 800 years
Just Eat Ordered
Just Looking For Coromance: Song that I did
Just Rain Already FFS
Just Syringed my own Ears, results inside
Just a few hours to go
Just a solitary pan wanger on my street tonight
Just a story I thought of from years ago.
Just became a dad for the first time :proud:
Just been out in the garden
Just been split wide open by a brute Roman
Just been warned about Racism by fozinho
Just bought an instant boiling water tap
Just defrosted the freezer
Just deleted Facebook
Just deleted the bookmark to the old world
Just dented a rented car
Just dropped off a batch of poop into the toilet
Just finished Gangs of london.  ( spoilers probably)
Just flicked over to the old forum...
Just for the avoidance of doubt - the season is done and will be declared void.
Just found out 51 is divisible by 17 and I feel sick
Just going for the Covid Test
Just got 5 numbers on the lottery
Just got a notification that Charlie Adam is leaving Liverpool as a free agent
Just got my Employee Experience results in
Just got this through my door
Just had a catch-up with Dazza
Just had a curry delivered
Just had some Viennetta...
Just how crowded/unbearable will cornwall be?
Just how good is/are/was/were - 448. Jamiroquai
Just how rife is furlough fraud?
Just listened to Stairway to Heaven for the first time
Just made sweet love to the wife
Just made the perfect cup of tea
Just off down the pub for the Covid Vaccine
Just ordered a roast with all the trimmings THE BIG REVEAL
Just saw three otters
Just seen that the Copa Libertadores semis + final will be on BBC
Just stuck on Once Upon a Time on America
Just the trimmings please
Just tucking into my third casserole of the day
Just wanna go back to Russia 2018
Just watched Ancient Aliens with the old man
Just watched Cool Runnings again
Just watched Tenet, WTF has happened to Nolan?
Just watched a dogshit film on Netflix..
Just watched the Truman show again
Just went into Tesco Express
Juve 0 - 0 Milan: (Ronaldo missed pen - Rebic Red Card) - BT Sport 1
Juvenile things you do to annoy your missus
Juvenile things you do to annoy your wife/gf
Jürgen Klopp: Nos speaks
K.I.T.T. for sale
KFC - best piece of 'Original Recipe' Chicken'?  UPDATE: now with other Fast Food offerings : McD/BK/etc.
KFC - recommendations please
KFC Christmas Dinner - Japanese inspired or Lower Class Thread?
KFC announce new gaming console "The KFConsole" with built-in chicken warming drawer
K_A's Poll Testing Thread
Kamado BBQ grills
Kane out for the season
Kane up to his old antics again
Kangaroo Words
Kanye Announces He's Running for President...
Kanye West having another meltdown
Kanye West in, The Who out: Rolling Stone release their 500 best albums of all time
Kanye West pulls a switcheroo on everyone
Kanye West's wide-screen TV
Kanye political rally live *MADNESS*
Karen Danczuk topless NWS
Karens of the world unite against prejudice
Karl Tanner - GOAT
Karma police video
Kasabian finished?
Kate Garraway back on GMB!
Kate Marie Cork NWS
Kate's Playground (nws)
Katerina Mironova (NWS)
Katherine Ryan - Minx or Minger (NWS)
Katherine Ryan's Breasts
Katie Hopkins banned from twitter
Katie Hopkins joins UKIP
Katie Porter Taking People to School...
Katie Price engaged again.
Katie Price left unable to walk for 6 months
Kaveh Solhekol and Darmesh Sheth
Kay Burley has done a Rita Ora
Kay Burley suspended - Updated - 6 months
Kebab share box ordered - rule 1 imminent.
Keir Starmer
Keir Starmer runs over a cyclist
Keith Raniere, Leader of Nxivm Sex Cult, Is Sentenced to 120 Years in Prison
Kelly Preston - RIP
Kelvin Mackenzie
Kemar Roofe just scored the goal of the season for Rangers
Ken Copeland's Wind Of God REMIX - Covid 19 song.
Kenosha Riots (NWS)
Kentucky Fried Movie.
Kerry Katona NWS
Ketamine experiences
Kettering player sent off for hitting the ref
Kevin De Bruyne
Kevin James - Sound Guy
Kevin McCarra Dead
Kevin Phillips wife arrested in Murder Case
Kevin Spacey
Keyboard Shortcuts you never knew existed Vol. 2
Khabib: when he hits them they stay hit
Khan putting fares up, what do you lot think?!
Kicking off in France
Kids forgetting how to use knives and forks in lockdown
Kids inappropriate songs
Kids today have never known this pain
Kieran Trippier banned for 10 weeks
Kilmarnock FC - Smell Your Mum?
Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un claims "shining success" against Covid
Kim Jong-Un . Not looking at things
Kim Jong-Un is in a coma
Kim Jong-un and other North Korean Malarkey
Kim Jong-un's New Look...
Kim Kardashian announces end of long-running hit reality show
Kim Kardashian comes to Spotify
Kim Kardashian gets a well needed slice of normality
Kims birthday present from Kanye
Kindle advice
Kingsley Coman #respect
Kirsty MacColl died 20 years ago today
Kiss from a Rose - Seal
Kitboga - Calls Scammers
Kitchen a or b?
Kitchen knives
Kitchen roll vs kitchen towel
Klopp - C4 22:00
Klopp Rant on Sky
Klopp wins LMA Manager of the Year...
Knob-eating goes online
Knobhead sportspeople (not footballers though)
Knock off box set site
Knocked some gimp off his bike before
Knowledge is ‘blank’, wisdom is ‘blank’
Koeman to be appointed new Barca manager
Kuenssberg & Boris
Kurt Russell or Jeff Bridges?
Kurtis Jones, John Henderson, and James Milner
Kyle Walker and his xmas party - Rumour
Kyle Walker feels "harassed" after breaking lockdown rules again
Kylie's 30 Greatest Singles
L'Immortale - Sky Atlantic Right Now
LA Beast vs Peanuts
LA comedy scene in tatters, including Joe Rogan
LADS! A Gentle Reminder?
LED Strip lighting advice needed.
LEEROY JENKINS ( A Pongolle thread)
LIVE - BVB Haaland 2-2 Gladbach
LOTR Question
Labour EHRC Verdict ...Update: Corbyn suspended!
Labour Shadow Minister Steve Reed under fire for antisemitic comments
Labour/Conservative vote share by age group 1992-2019
Lad Baby
Ladbrokes Advertisements
Ladies in face masks :poundit:
Ladies in unorthodox positions [NWS potential]
Ladies of Storage Wars
Ladies smartwatch recommendations please?
Ladies way over 50 who are still tremendous
Lads Mags Favs Poll (NWS)
Lads what is that massive glow in the sky?
Lads, I need a very quick favour.
Lads, I’m struggling.
Lads, we really have to think about the way we live today...
Lads...I got a hold of Chip...
Lady Gaga sizzles in new music video NWS
Lady ref in the Leicester vs Zorya match...
Laid - James
Laid vs lay vs laying
Lame BAME blame game shame
Lames to Fame
Lampard Faces Chop, Guardian
Lampard and Klopp's touchline argument
Lampard and Sterling
Lampard on verge of sack!
Lampard's time at Chelsea could be coming to an end soon
Lamps shown exit as Russian chief displays ruthless streak and puts tuchel in driving seat
Landlord/Eviction Advice
Landmine detection rat given gold medal for bravery
Landon Donovan Explaining Why his Team Walked...
Lapsang Souchong tea
Laptop - hard drive
Laptop Advice
Laptop Advice - can someone bump the thread
Laptop monitor help
Laptop overheating on charge
Laptop thread?
Large Warehouse Explosion in Avonmouth
Large monolith discovered in Utah desert
Largest animal you could kill with your bare hands
Larry David's Orgasmobile
Laser eye surgery
Last Bank Holiday...
Last Christmas
Last Man Standing - We have a winner!
Last Man Standing 2020/21 - Week Three: Final 60
Last chance U
Last meals of convicted killers
Last track of an LP Bangers!
Late 90s/early00s R'n'B thread
Late Night Indie Music
Late night shows are worse than you remembered! :lol:
Latest champions league shake-up? The Swiss system
Laura T(r)otts Hitlist
Laura vs Dags
Laurence Fox is a tw*t - part 100
Laurent Duvernay-Tardif
Laying new flooring
Layla Moran & The Lib Dem Leadership Election
Le Creuset - worth the money?
Le Tissier
Le thread about France: Living there, want to live there, used to live there, etc plus my terrible French
League 1 & League 2  vote in salary cap
League One & League Two set to decision on whether to curtain or continue season on Tuesday
League of Legends
Lean Lean Lean
Learning a foreign language is hard
Learning a foreign language on Duolingo
Learning the Piano
Learning to Code
Learning to Fly
Learning to scuba dive
Leaving a key in your door lock - yay or nay?
Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day
Ledley King to return to Spurs
Lee Cain Slain, not Able
Lee Hurst getting Burnt on Twitter
Leeds "crowdie" banter
Leeds 0-1 Brighton (Maupay)
Leeds 4-3 Fulham  (Helder Costa x2, Mitrovic x2, Klich pen. Bamford, Reid)
Leeds 5 vs 2 Newcastle
Leeds United are finally back!
Leeds Utd vs West Ham (KO 8pm, Sky Sports)
Leeds social media getting some flack on Twitter
Leeds vs Fulham 3PM KO - Sky Sports
Left foot braking! ?. ?
Left or Right
Leg-lengthening: The people having surgery to be a bit taller
Legal Advice
Legal Advice - Dog Related.
Legal advice wanted .. wills power of attorney
Legend of Zelda - BOTW was a bit good really, wasn't it? Come talk about it
Legendary Christmas Presents From Your Youth
Legendary punk label Dischord Records entire catalog online for free
Legends of Reality TV
Legoland Windsor
Leicester 3 (Maddison '27, '44, Vardy '41) vs 0 Brighton
Leicester 4-2 Burnley (Wood, Barnes, Pieters OG, Justin, Dunne, Praet)
Leicester vs Villa 0-1 Barkley (91)
Leicester's kit reveal
Leicester's new training ground
Leigh on Sea
Leighton Baines
Len McMonotony
Leo DiCaprio memes
Leonard Cohen.
Leroy Sane off to Bayern
Les Ferdinand: "Should penalties count towards players' goal tallies?"
Leslie Feist
Lesser-Known Christmas Tunes?
Lest We Forget
Lester is gonna be pissed.....
Let Spotify judge your music choices
Let's All Laugh at...
Let's Play X-Com2
Let's Play X-Com: Enemy Within
Let's all cheer with Scotland
Let's all go panic-buying again!
Let's all laugh at Arsenal :lol:
Let's all laugh at Australia Cricket
Let's all laugh at Man U - ONLY SEMIS SOLKSFAR
Let's all laugh at Manchester
Let's all laugh at Spanish football
Let's all laugh at Troy Deeney
Let's all laugh at Trump
Let's all laugh at Wednesday
Let's all laugh at: Manchester United edition.
Let's argue about class
Let's have a thread to welcome new members to this grand old community
Let's make a flowery main site
Let's remember our brothers who didn't get to see the new era
Let's say Southgate manages to squeeze three of these four into the Euros squad
Let's talk about Leon Osman
Let's talk about biscuits
Let's talk about when fans will be allowed back into stadiums.
Let's welcome Leeds back with...
Letchworth Garden City
Lethal Injection creates the sensation of drowning alive before death
Lets all Laugh at Ireland
Lets all laugh at Nottinglol Lolest
Lets be clear Lewis Hamilton is not an anti vaxer
Letting Agents / Landlords - Flooding bunch of *****
Let’s all have a bit of a dance
Let’s all laugh at Liverpool
Let’s count to 100
Let’s cut to the chase with this forum...
Let’s get everything out in the open
Let’s go Dutch...
Let’s play a game.
Let’s see your Christmas trees
Lewis Hamilton loses three-year-legal battle to ban luxury watchmaker's 'Hamilton' brand name that firm has been using since 1892
Lex Autolease - Double Charge
Liam Delap
Liam Neeson in Love Actually
Liam fox used private email which Russia hacked.
Licence to Kill - ITV4 - BWTF
Lidl's toffee filled yum yums
Lied on my CV , is it all over though? Unemployed
Life Insurance
Life found on Venus?
Light prison sentences
Ligue 1 player arrested for wanking in public
Like Stories of Old
Like heights do you?
Lil Dicky
Lily Allen wants you to masturbate... (NWS)
Limp dick advice
Lineker riling the f*** out of the gammon racists right now
LinkedIn messaging
Linkin Park -  Hybrid Theory
Links to your favourite recipes
Linux VLC question (no offical linux thread yet)
Lionel Messi becomes the highest club goalscorer in the history of the world except for Romario, breaks Pele's Santos record
Lionel Messy
Liquid Crack
Listen to bands you loved....
Listen to my anus
Listening To Football On The Radio
Little Britain gone
Little Chef
Little Mix NWS
Little Richard RIP in peace Richard
Little Women (2019)
Little pleasures of WFH
Live Boxing Tonight - BT Sport
Live Football (+Cricket &  Golf)  on TV - June & July
Live Football on Now
Live Football today - Saturday ?
Live Golf! TaylorMade Driving Relief for COVID-19 Sky Sports & Golf Channel Sunday 7pm BST
Live car crash drama
Live laugh love
Live performances that make the hard little hairs on your anus tingle
Liverpool  0 Vs Burnley 1 (Barnes pen)
Liverpool 2-1 Sheff Utd (Firmino, Jota; Berge pen)
Liverpool 2-1 West Ham (Salah pen, Jota; Fornals)
Liverpool 4 (Salah x 3, van Dijk) Leeds 3 (Harrison, Bamford, Klich)
Liverpool FC - Salah vs Adama Traore
Liverpool FC block B teams in the EFL
Liverpool Fans Set Fire To Dixie Dean Statue
Liverpool Football Club
Liverpool Football Club - Doing things the RIGHT way
Liverpool Football Club Dominating SPOTY
Liverpool Football Club Vs Manchester United 16:30 17th January 2021
Liverpool Gym raided by armed police for staying open
Liverpool Relegated
Liverpool V Burnley match thread
Liverpool are dire
Liverpool are fu*king shite!
Liverpool confirmed as champions* - Covid19 era
Liverpool deserve credit, but...
Liverpool fan from Hartlepool murders cat in oven after hearing the voice of WWE wrestler Kane
Liverpool fans complaining about VAR this season....
Liverpool fans on Dutch TV arguing the league.
Liverpool fans set fire to Liver Building
Liverpool haven't lost a home league game in over 3 Seasons (59 Games) but...
Liverpool pay tribute to the kop after draw with WBA
Liverpool players breathe sigh of relief.....
Liverpool sign Brazilian international Marcelo
Liverpool spending £1m on fireworks - but begged for Tory cash to pay their staff
Liverpool v Ajax
Liverpool win the Premier league
Liverpool win the title
Liverpool without VVD
Liverpool won’t finish in the top four
Liverpool's Title Celebrations
Liverpool’s Dejan Lovren reveals he’s a Covid-19 conspiracy theorist who sides with David Icke
Living rent free in his head
LoL - Wild Rift (Official)
Loads of apps broke on iPhone - Now fixed
Loan players that you were surprised made it at their parent club
Local News. How classy is your area?
Lockdown - Home workouts
Lockdown 2 - Why no calls to null and void the BPL?
Lockdown 2 . . . . Lock Harder
Lockdown 2 imminent.
Lockdown 2.0 - what would you do differently?
Lockdown 2: Electric Boogaloo *from weds*
Lockdown Fatigue
Lockdown Full-time Workers (Drones). What you listening to?
Lockdown III homeschooling
Lockdown Presents
Lockdown Scarcities
Lockdown TV: Homes Under The Hammer
Lockdown films
Lockdown footpath fracas - who is in the wrong?
Lockdown limerick
Lockdown memories
Lockdown review - The Pickle Factory @ Where The Light Gets In  £35pp
Lockdown stockpile leftovers
Lockdown weightloss and fitness thread
Locked a colleague into my girlfriend's spare room
Locking down the fatties
Lodgers for Codgers - C4 now
London 2012 Opening Ceremony BBC1 WWTF
London Tube Map redraw with women and non-binaries' names?
London crime rising five times faster than rest of England, report reveals
London gangster Marvin Herbert
London gun crime up, knife crime down
London people, some advice re living locations please
London population set to decline for first time since 1988
Londoners - a question regarding street parking
Londoners - car free areas
Londoners and their flatcaps
Londonistan, Sly Sports, Shifty Schiff, bin dippers, Separate Entity FC
Lonely Planet - Best cities - You won't believe #1
Long Covid
Long Covid. Any sufferers?
Long Way Up
Long ball merchants
Long commutes
Long term lurker - Ask me anything
Long-gone lagers
Longest Golf Shot
Longest gap between 1st and 2nd winners medal.
Look at that - photoshop opportunity
Look at the state of William Reid out of all Jesus and Mary chain
Look at these dancing berks
Look what I found in my shed
Look what the cat’s dragged online
Look what this idiot did... in Belgium!
Looking after a cat which is not friendly in anyway
Looking at songs in a different way
Looking back, having glamour model Kelly Brook interview the child actor who played Anakin Skywalker...
Looking for a cheap android phone recommendation
Looking for a genuinely scary horror film
Looking for a gif...
Looking forward to a nice sit down tomorrow
Looking to buy a second hand Alfa Romeo
Looks like companies making redundancies may have to pay back furlough
Looks like the Olympics are about to be officially cancelled (not postponed)
Looks like the other place has finally gone - Now risen like Lazarus
Looks like this is the SPOTY thread
Loose Men WWTF (non nws lol)
Lord Botham of Brexit.
Lost Buildings
Lost Gainz
Lost all my lockdown weight lads
Lotr (general chit chat and other movie bollox)
Lottery Win - Dream House Design
Lottery winner can now live dream!
Loud Carpenter, Beer and Tunes
Louis Theroux - Drinking to Oblivion, Sky Channel 109
Louis Theroux BBC 2
Louis Theroux meets Joe Exotic on BBC2 now
Louise Redknapp
Love Actually
Love Island Australia
Lovely Cricket Catch...
Lovely message from Carole Baskin
Lovers Rock - Small Axe
Low End Theory vs Midnight Marauders
Lower profile players on ridiculous money
Luca Toni
Luca Toni - Numero Uno
Lucky aussies get sausage roll maker
Lucy Spraggan's  (ex X-factor contestant) weightloss [mild  nws]
Luis Suarez made his debut for Watford yesterday ?
Luis Suarez on the move
Luke Shaw interview
Luke! I am you Farter!
Lump below left rib cage | Update
Lumpwood Charcoal
Lunch and Dinner
Luton & Dunstable PureGym celebrate Black History Month
Luyanda Ntshangase RIP
Lying couriers
Lyle Taylor - knob or not?
Lyle Taylor relegated Charlton?
Lynx Africa  & Marmite, the scent of a mysterious continent and yeast extract combined
Lyrics you got wrong
M and M Direct
M or M - Lauren Boebert, Republican hate merchant
M365 Spinoff Weirdos
MASSIVE career change. Dark Souls 3 at 1pm
MBTI... I know its a load of twaddle but...
MBV - Soon (Andy Weatherall remix)
MEN reporting that the Man City Vs Real game is in doubt
MF DOOM is dead
MILF Tennis Players
MIcah Richards we laugh at the fans
MNF - Burnley vs Spurs
MNF - Leicester 1 v Fulham 2 | Wham 2 v Villa 1
MNF :  Leeds 0 -  Wolves 1 (Jimenez)
MNF : Leeds  1 (Dallas)  - Leicester 4 (Barnes, Tielemans 2, Vardy)
MODGATE: Where is acairns?
MOM Moriah Elizabeth
MORE FORUM VOTE RIGGING: Help my podcast win an award
MOTD X Cancelled
MOTD- Greatest Goal In EPL History - BBC1 22.20
MP3 players
MPs and plebs all in it together thread (balance brigade present and correct)
MS Access Help
MS Estonia - Sunk by Sub?
MS Flight Simulator 2020 (Xbox, PC)
MS Teams - How do I use webhooks and Connecters?
MS Teams Bug Tracking
MS Teams backgrounds
MUMSNET -  adultery is FRAUD
MacBook technical advice
Macbook pro overheating
Macclesfield Town wound up over £500k debts
Macedonian Farmers 1-3 Spurs
Mad Max spin off in the works 'Furiosa'
Mad Men TV Series
Maddy vs other missing children
Madlib and Four Tet have made an album together
Madonna -  61 years old woman NWS
Madonna - La Isla Bonita
Madonna's music
Madonna's still got it :smug: NWS
Madrid 1 Alaves 2 FT
Maguire arrested
Mahler, Schubert, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, Beethoven and Brahms
Mahrez lump
Maisie Smith - MoM ?
Maitland Ward-Baxter - NWS
Major Shock News! Infantino Being Investigated By Swiss Authorities
Major films everyone else has seen , that you haven’t.i
Major incident declared as people flock to England's south coast
Make a 10% return on your money before the weekend (betting on golf)
Make a bold prediction
Make an outlandish prediction for the next football season
Making a music compilation for YouTube
Making dumplings
Making money from home - Updated
Malcolm in the Middle
Male names ending in -y
Mallet finger
Malta weekend break - recommendations
Maltese Govt pays for a post Covid19 piss-up
Maltesers. A discussion. NEW POLL ADDED.
Man Chester United 1-3  PSG (Ney x2, Rashford, Marquinhos, Fred s/o)
Man City Twitter account suspended for buying followers
Man City vs Arsenal
Man City vs Brighton
Man City want to kill English football
Man Overboard! Common Law, Magna Carta and all that
Man Shoots Himself while Wearing Infidel Body Armor
Man U 1 (VDB with a fluke) vs 3 Palace  (Townsend,Zaha from a nailed on pen despite G Nev's biased meltdown and after mugging Linderofl) ) 5.30pm Sky Sports
Man U fans embarrass themselves AGAIN
Man United are apparently Newcastle's 'biggest rivals' according to geordies
Man Utd 0 v 0 Man City/Everton 1 v 0 Chelsea
Man Utd 1 v 0 West Brom 8pm - Pernandes
Man Utd vs Man City - Worthington Cup semis
Man Utd, do they need Sancho?
Man attemps to cross Norway in a completely straight line.
Man brings a knife to a thai boxing gym in Birmingham....
Man chases down thief and kills him
Man city will piss the league
Man dies of corona, a beautiful timeline
Man finds 19 hand grenades while magnet fishing
Man gets fired from Kingspan UK.
Man jailed for raping chickens and a dog
Man killed by cows
Man killed his pet chickens by having sex with them as his wife filmed
Man plays solo piano whilst all hell breaks loose behind him
Man tests the brightest torch in the world
Man with beard eats forum favourite munch box
Managerial falls from grace
Managers and umbrellas
Manchester Citeh 1 (Jesus) - Liverpool FC 1 (Salah pen) 8th Nov 2020
Manchester City 1 (Ilkay) West Brom 1 (Ajayi)
Manchester City 2019/20 are on track to surpass Manchester United's treble winners. So why the doom and gloom?
Manchester City fans shine a light on the Slur Alec Fergiscum-led Illuminati group that is UEFA
Manchester City's match with Everton has been postponed after more positive Covid tests.
Manchester City, fully and completely exonerated by CAS. Innocent of all financial wrongdoing. Liverpool fans still acting very weird
Manchester City’s Bernardo Silva & Pooboy - Rattled by the scousers!
Manchester United
Manchester United 1 v 0  Watford, (McTominay)FAC R3, BT Sport 1, 8pm KO
Manchester United are BACK
Manchester United captain Harry Maguire arrested on Mykonos island
Manchester United star in racism storm
Manchester United sues Football Manager
Manchester United v Arsenal 0-1 (Auba)
Manchester United vs Arsenal tonight
Manchester United will pay £10.5m for extending Ighalo's loan deal
Manchester Utd and their pursuit of Sancho
Manchester v Cheshire
Manctopia: Billion Pound Property Boom-BBC2
Mandatory or mandatory
Mane is better than Pires and Giggs
Mantis vs Japanese Hornet
Many years ago I fingered a bird
Man’s greatest invention... *drum roll*
Maps that excite Fogal and other cool people
Maradona: Muerte
Marblelympics/Marbula 1
Marc Rebillet
Marca's Top 100 Sportsmen of the 21st century
Marcelo Bielsa
Marching Season
Marcus Rashford
Marcus Rashford MBE
Marcus Rashford admits cheating for penalties
Marcus Rashford for PM
Marcus Rashford mugs off another classic tory c***
Marge Simpson has something to say to the Trump campaign...
Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Xmas Is You" has reached number 1 for the first time since it was released 26 years ago
Marilyn Manson
Marina Hyde

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Football threads - part 2
Mario Balotelli off to Serie C side Como
Mario Kart Live
Mario Lopez is...
Mario at McDonald's
Marius Zaliukas
Mark Attwood - YouTube Poet and QAnon Preacher...
Mark Francois
Mark Francois...
Mark Lanegan vs Liam G
Mark Lawrenson admits the Liverpool team pissed in the FA Cup.
Mark Noble throwing pelters at West Ham
Mark Noble turns on West Hams owners
Mark and Lard
Mark forum as read
Marketing fluff that enrages you
Marmite - before or after butter?
Married female teacher, 33, has sex with 15 year old schoolboy...
Mars Bar Party
Mars Jones - Apparently a Forum User
Marstons Bans Travellers - Join the TLM Movement!
Martial artist knocks himself out on talent show
Martial vs Firminho
Martin Lewis money guru
Martin Luther King Day
Martin O'Neill objects to development of youth football pitch in disadvantaged area
Martin O’Neill objects to development of youth football pitch in Donegal
Marvel Studios WandaVision Trailer
Marvel TV Shows - WandaVision 15th Jan. Spoilers!
Marvin Gaye
Mary-Kate Olsen requests emergency divorce from Olivier Sarkozy after five years
Masahide Tomikoshi photograpy (@tphoto2005 on Twitter)
Mashup request
Masks - where to buy them?
Masks for glasses wearers
Masks will become mandatory
Mason Greenwood (There's nothing wrong with the English media)
Mass Effect Trilogy
Mass Shooting in Rochester, NY
Mass gatherings 'across UK on Saturday' in lockdown protest
Mass stabbing  incident in Glasgow
Massive Teenager has World Record Legs
Massive breaking news on BBC sport website
Massive fireball explodes above Shenyang
Masterpieces by unexpected bands
Masters football now on Amazon Prime
Mat Ryan - worse than Kepa?
Match of the Day Top 10 players outside of the Big 6
Match thread: Jeonbuk vs Suwon
Match thread: Ming Chuan University v Red Lions FC
Mate just received an interesting quote for a roof lantern
Maternity/Employment Law Question
Mates going mental
Mates teams
Math Problem
Math help plz.
Mathmaticians assemble
Maths Puzzle
Maths homework question
Maths problem
Matrix is a 0/10 film apparently?
Matt Berninger - Serpentine Prison
Matt Hancock photoshopportunity
Matt Le Tissier
Matt Lucas on bake off
Matt berry - Boyfriend sketches
Matthew Hoppe - the next Erling Haaland
Mattress Review Thread
Matty Hancock
Mauricio Pochettino set to take over at PSG after Thomas Tuchel is sacked
Maurizio Sarri sacked by Juventus
Max Rathbone
Maxim Tsigalko RIP
May 2020 Horse Racing Thread
May Bank Holiday
Maya Helena Codina (NWS)
Maya Jama is a bit fit (NWS I guess)
Maya Jama or Laura Woods - could get NWS (hopefully)
Maybe I won't do The Knowledge
Maye be tomorrow I'll wanna settle down...
Mayor of Liverpool arrested
Mayweather v Logan Paul - ffs Floyd
Mbappe to Liverpool
McDonald's Spam, Oreo and Mayonnaise Burger
McDonald's/Burger King Combo
McDonalds Breakfast
McDonalds announces plant-based McPlant burger, provides update on chicken strategy
McDonalds are giving away free face masks with their chicken nuggets...
McGregor v Pacquiao - CONFIRMED
McIlroy to be attacked by Trump shortly?
McMillions - Sky Documentaries
Me and Grampus are living in a camper van
Meal Prep Storage
Meanwhile in Australia...
Meanwhile in Lancashire.....
Meanwhile in Namibia........
Mecixo 1986
Mediawatch thread #396
Medical tyranny
Meet Sarah
Meet the Team
Mega strong bird hit-o list-o
Megan Barton-Hanson (NWS)
Meghan Markle chucking her 'BFF'
Mel Brooks directs and produces "UK 2016 and beyond"
Melissa George
Memory tests
Men Behaving Badly
Men can’t hug without patting each other on the back
Mental Health Day
Mental Left Wingers
Mental behaviour from your missus
Mental ex and solicitor letter for Trichomoniasis and HPV......
Mental exercise for the forum
Mental medieval art (a bit NWS)
Mental movie facts
Mentalism/Cold Reading
Mentally Fragile Players Who Realised Their Potential
Menti anonymous questions in work
Men’s 10,000m World record attempt - (Smashed it)
Mercedes emissions claims
Mercury Prize 2020 Nominees
Merked by my neighbour
Merry Chessmas Spectacular - *Hit 54 players and we're off!*
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas Cockneys LOL
Merry Christmas to all
Merry F Cummings P gone Christmas, Yo!
Mesh Wifi - Anyone got it?
Messi Leaving Barca
Messi is shite
Messi putting his notice in
Messi sent off
Messi vs Ronaldo - whose corona haircut is better?
Mesut Ozil: "There's no way they're going to make me leave the club that I love this summer"
Metal music (Prog/Math/Post... plus more)
Meteor shower tonight
Mexico 86
Mezut Ozil: "I'll decide when I go, not other people"
Mia Melano [NWS]
Miami Showband Massacre
Mic / PC / Frustrating Issue :wave:
Michael 'Coxy' Cox skewers the 'Keano vs Juventus' myth
Michael Angelis has died
Michael Chopra calls out the crooked BPL
Michael J Fox on spinal surgery, parkinsons. (Long read)
Michael Jackson - Do you still listen to his music?
Michael Jordan and his enormous suits
Michael Keaton to return as Batman!!!
Michael Moore's New Documentary - Planet of the Humans
Michael O'Neill
Michael Palin RIP
Michael Robinson RIP
Michael Vaughan
Michail Antonio.
Michelle Keegan or Daisy Lowe? NWS
Mick Hucknall's Racial Rankings
Mick McCarthy
Mick McCarthy on Sky yesterday
Mick McCarthy sacked by APOEL after 10 weeks
Microsoft Flight Simulator - Aug 18th
Microsoft Planner
Microwaved bacon
Mid song solos. Best of.
Middle aged thread alert. Recommend me a food processor.
Middle-Aged Mutant Ninja Turtles
Midnight snack from Just Eat uhmmmm
Midsommar... Wtf did I just watch
Midweek drinking and movies
Might put Cool Runnings on in a bit
Might put an ep of the Young Ones on
Might we see the return of Mark Francois?
Migraines - advice needed
Migrants/Refugees/Asylum Seekers and benefits
Mike Bassett: England Manager ITV 10.20pm wwtf
Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr
Mikel Arteta "worried about level" of £27m Arsenal flop William Saliba
Mikel Arteta vs Jose Mourinho: The future vs the past
Milan just scored the fastest goal in Serie A history
Mildly unmanly things you have done recently
Miley Cyrus NWS
Military Hardware Thread
Million Pound Cube
Millions of pounds of public money was “misspent” on undercover policing operations – which included an officer being trained as a clown
Millionth Post Party
Millwall fans on talksport
Milwaukee Bucks boycotting their playoff game tonight
Mind blowing stuff about the universe
Minder theme -
Mindf*ck/Time Travel Short Stories & Films
Mindful Chef - cancelled
Minecraft online
Minehead - things to do
Mingeford's old forum
Minion cakes
Ministers call for fans to be allowed back into non-league football games...
Minor things that suck - now a discussion about someone who shares a toilet with the house next door.
Mischief Night
Miss World - The Forum Decides (the FINAL!!!)
Missing Threads
Missing Yorkshire Dales walker turns up at press conference
Missing the office aircon
Mississippi in the middle of a dry spell
Missus and I are having Southport, Liverpool, Manchester city breaks, recommendations?
Mistress Linda (NWS)
Mná na hÉireann (NWS)
Mo Salah getting heat for Christmas tweet
MoM - Ghislaine Maxwell
MoM - Naga Munchetty
MoM - This ridiculous human being (mild NSFW)
MoM Alice Cutter
MoM: Kiri Pritchard Mclean
MoM: Sheilding edition
MoM? - Don't wanna wear a mask Lady
MoT extension
Mobile SIM only plans - No credit check
Mod civil war?
Moderat - The Mark
Modern Family.
Modern Goalkeeper
Modern Life
Mods abusing power again
Mods, how do I report people and issue warnings?
Moments the penny dropped for you as a child
Mommy what's wrong with that man's face?
Monday Night football - Burnley 1 Palace 0, Wolves 1  Saints 1
Monday is the bluest of Blue Mondays
Monday off work - How would you spend your day?
Monday's Front Pages
Monday's Front Pages (Kate Middleton NWS)
Monday's Front Pages (NWS)
Monday's Premier League games - live on Prime: Palace v Leicester, Chelsea v Villa but not Everton v Man City
Money Heist - Netflix
Money Heist / La Casa De Papel
Money Heist on Netflix
Money Plane (2020)
Money Saving Experts Tip
Money can't buy you history
Money worries? Check into this wonderful thread.
Mongolian Rock Music
Monica Leigh (NWS)
Monty Python Cheese Shop
Mookie on Tik Tok
Moon faced twat gets locked in Curry's PC World
Moral Dilemma
Morality or virtue?
More Excel help please
More Than 1000 Peel Sessions Appear Online
More VAR Controversy
More great banter from Charlie Nicolas last night
More members here than the old gaff
More members of The Forum than...
Morning after driving calculator
Mortgage Advice
Mortgage advice - Separation
Mortgage question
Mosconi Cup 2020 - Day 3  Sky Sports Mix 18.30
Most Farted
Most Important Tracks of the 1970s?
Most Seats at the next General Election
Most child sexual abuse gangs made up of white men...
Most common spelling mistakes
Most excruciating WUM from the past
Most handsome: Elvis Presley or Morten Harket?
Most overrated England players in history
Most popular current player?
Most stupid injury attained
Most talented man of all time?
Most uncomfortable to watch film murders/assassinations (will contain spoilers)
Most users online record broken
Most valuable company to have appeared (as the main sponsor/logo) on a Football shirt
Mot failure
Mother 55 and daughter 19 still shower together every day - odd but disappointingly work safe
Mother and Daughter threesome choice?
Mother in Law
Mother ‘who had sex with pit bull then hanged her kids’ demands taxpayer-funded lawyer
Mother's neighbour is a wrong un - I want blood. What would YOU do?
Mother/Daughter 3 some NWS
Motherhood seems to have had quite an effect on Rachel Riley
Mothers in law...
Mould growing on everything in my garage (photos P2)
Mourinho & Spurs masterclass. Spurs 2 - 0 City.
Mourinho with the bantz again
Move over Sleaford Mods, Stewart Lee has a single out!
Movies that make you cry.
Movies that set up a sequel that was never made
Movies to watch that people might not have watched that you have watched in quarantine
Movies you've been meaning to rewatch for a while.
Moving in with your in-laws
Moving into recruitment
Moving to Spain
Mr Cholmondley Warner
Mr Men Books, what is your favourite?
Mr Messi reaches out to Daniel Levy
Mr Robot anything similar
Mr and Mrs Smith
Mr. Motivator...
Mrs Doubtfire
Muay Thai
Mulch Bagging
Multiple personality disorder
Multiple stabbing in Reading
Mum Sells Son's Game Console With Rampant Rabbit Accidentally In The Box
Mum has vascular dementia - Good update Thursday
Mummy unsealed on the twitters
Munchy Box Ordered.
Munchy Box: Lockdown edition Update: Salt and Pepper or Spice?
Munchy box ... Rule 1 compliant
Murder In The Outback - C4 now  WWTF
Murder Mystery?
Museum sorry for barring visitor in low-cut dress
Music 365
Music Documentaries
Music Streaming Services
Music Videos That'd Make Interesting Feature Films
Music during covid (inc lockdown)
Music guilty pleasures
Music has become less subtle - NWS
Music recommended by Youtube's algorithm
Music that SHOULD be used in movies...
Music to read/study to
Music tonight then
Music tracks that you are or were obsessed with
Music videos dedicated to a specific city
Music you've drawn closer to in lockdown
Musicians who defy logic
Musicians/Bands which you admit are great, grudgingly
Muslim terrorism in Europe
Mutant asks for West Brom season to be cancelled
My  key and  key have suddenly stopped orking
My Bollock
My Borough Council - a great bunch of lads
My Christmas gift to the forum NWS
My F***ing Tourette's family on ch4 +1 now. WWTF
My First Ever Nando’s
My Grandad’s old war photos and diary
My Name Is Francesco Totti
My New Track.....? (Updated with new version)
My Observations
My abode is now a decent temperature
My arse gas smells like actual gas
My bands first ep has just dropped on Spotify etc
My best mate just died
My body is falling apart
My car has been standing for a good 8 months now...
My cat just died :cry:
My cover of WAP
My daughter just used my paypal account to buy fuckin ROBLOX money
My debut solo EP is out today
My dinner this eve ? a culinary adventure ?
My feet are a horrorshow - fancy a look?
My final draft all time top 50 countdown (same thread renamed)
My friend is obsessed with wearing every item of clothing he owns, and I was going to visit him today...
My liver appears to packing up - Back in hospital
My mate has a football podcast out on BBC
My neck is damaged
My new Star Sign
My new neighbour is a weirdo...
My newly acquired hate
My next door neighbour won't leave me alone
My one-year-old had a sudden seizure last night
My phone turns off every weds night.... Can you help?
My post got deleted
My rendition of Final Countdown (ft. dance moves)
My scent has changed
My uncle has been diagnosed with parkinson's
My wife just  cut my hair...
My wife wants to book Bognor Regis for our summer holiday
My wife's latest online purchase
My wife's uncle is committing fraud
Myka Stauffer - MILF or monster?
Mysterious Death of 100s of Elephants
Mystery Stains
Mystery people with suitacses
Mythbusters host Grant Imahara dead
Mythic Quest Ravens Banquet
N-word row ripping the BBC apart: Bitter battle rages between the old guard and the new 19 days after it was uttered - with calls for heads to roll and now threats of a 24-hour boycott
NAS drives
NASA to make BIG announcement about the Moon
NAT Slipstreaming
NBC Sports Net closing down.
NEVER FORGET | 9/11 Attacks 19th Anniversary
NFL 20 Man Extravaganza - 2020 /// Draft Grades are In - We all Suck
NFL For Dummies
NFL Team release player over Covid-19 breach
NFL's Deandre Baker and Quinton Dunbar charged with armed robbery
NHS to enlist 'sensible' celebrities to persuade people to take coronavirus vaccine
NIgel Kennedy, Riders on the storm
NME Radio
NRL on Sky Sports and crowd noise
NSW sex fantasy goes wrong
NUS/Totum student card offer is back on
NWS - The OFFICIAL Women wearing stockings thread 3.0
NWS now  - Ex BT contractor  makes a dick of himself, apologises *toppa*
NWS: The Ultimate Poll: Ratajkowski Vs De Armas
NWS: The Wet Look Leggings Thread ft. other shiny trousers
NY or LA Police TV shows?
NYE Music
NYE Traditional Platter of Frozen Miniatures
NYE sex
NZ Upcoming Referdums
Naby Keita
Naby Keita accused of sexual assault
Nacho Average Showdown: Bill Murray vs Guy Fieri in Live Nacho-Making Contest
Nadiya Hussain: "I wont force my daughter into an arranged marriage"
Naff bands and singers
Naked Russian Popstar (nws)
Naked man has bag stolen (bare arse NWS)
Name a TV programme an ex-footballer could present when retired
Name a better movie scene
Name a better run of albums than this
Name a book that everyone should read
Name a current champion who has shit the bed...
Name a fixture you look at and just say "nah"
Name a hedgehog
Name a new Mobile Oven Cleaning business.
Name a player whom you like, from a club you don’t.
Name a thing that you hate about football (as it's played, on the pitch)
Name a tune that brings back memories
Name a worse movie than Grown Ups 2
Name change
Name my Swedish pub quiz team
Name my new dog
Name that guitar riff - Winner stays on
Name that stadium!  From your own photo!
Name the 5 footballers you hate the most
Name the 90s song
Namechange Required
Names of an age / dying out
Names that annoy you
Nana Fukada (NWS)
Nani on Arsenal
Napoli 0 AZ 1
Napoli team barred from traveling to Turin; Juventus still plan to take the field
Narcissists at work
Nashville Hot Chicken, Carnitas Street Tacos, Philly Cheesesteak or New York-Style Pizza
Nasty Nick
Natasia Demetriou-MoM?
Nate Eaton with East Idaho News
National Aerobics Championship 1989
Nationwide presents: The absolutely WORST adverts.
Nature and Celeb spotting thread
Navalny poisoning case takes farcical turn
Navalny says goodbye
Nazis turn up to defend the Cenotaph
Need a Quiz Name Covid related
Need a cheap TV for the spare room
Need a cheap laugh? Watch a forum favourite falling over..
Need a good Corona/Lockdown related quiz team name
Need a new TV thread #1
Need advice setting up a shop online as second income
Need company name help
Need some beer advice
Need to stream to multiple people a playlist/live radio, how?
Negative interest rates- how are you affected?
Neighbor Cat Problem
Neighbour dispute
Neighbour passed away at the weekend. His friends have emptied his house already.
Neighbours buying freehold: FAO conveyancers?
Neil Bogart RIP
Neil Gaiman is a Moron
Neil Hamilton becomes new UKIP leader
Neil Warnock
Neil Warnock gets about, doesn’t he?
Neo Nazi former 'Miss Hitler' contestant faces jail for membership of banned group
Nepal opening ?
Nerd disqualified from Fantasy Football League, New nerd crowned winner
Nest V Hive
Nest or Hive for smart thermostat?
Nested quotes
Netflix & Amazon Prime - FULL FESTIVE LISTINGS - Curate your Watchlists!
Netflix - Death to 2020
Netflix : Challenger Disaster
Netflix being pedos
Netflix cancels GLOW
Netflix spoliers Rupaul winner with thumbnail
Netflix: Night Stalker
Never mind, I did it myself
Never owned a car and clueless about buying one - help!
Never seen 2001: A Space Odyssey - is it worth watching even if I know the big ending with HAL etc?
Never seen any star wars but watching mandalorian
Nevland, DjembaX2 or the Bebe
New #CarraChallenge
New 200m world record!!!
New BBC Social Media Rules
New BBC show about a serial killer - The Serpent
New Car - discounting sites
New Chromecast with Google TV
New Creme Egg advert
New David icke interview today 5pm
New Del Amitri album announced :yay:
New Del Amitri song released & album date announced!
New Forum Layout : can we remove all this padding?
New Forum Shortcuts and Tricks
New Fridge Freezer
New IDLES video just released - A HYMN
New Jim Jefferies on Netflix
New Job offer - Nervous
New Livingstone manager - David Martindale
New Mogwai song
New Nic Cage film - Willy's Wonderland
New Nike Football
New Puppy, incoming baby... how f*cked am i?
New Red Letter Media Mr Plinkett Review of Star Trek Picard
New Samsung tablet Wi-Fi issue
New TV
New TV - black Friday deals
New UEFA Covid rules for this week
New WSL season
New Work Laptop - Help please
New Year's Day's Front Pages
New Year's Eve's Front Pages
New Year's Resolutions
New York Times - 2020 in pictures
New Zealand educate kids about online porn
New companies
New forum chess league starts soon
New forum, same old vote rigging. A minute of your time please...
New from Premier League: 18 positive coronavirus cases after 1,479 tests on players and club staff from Dec 21-27
New guidance from the government re Public Transport
New inventions. WTF? NDA Help, Please
New lockdown puppy advice
New melodysheep video - LIFE BEYOND II: The Museum of Alien Life
New phone needed, talk to me
New production car top speed record smashed
New router - £100(ish)
New single by The Shins
New sleaford mods song ..yay or nay
New smileys request
New tiling sub-forum
New vacuum cleaner required - so expensive!
New york times podcast " Caliphate"  completely made up (link fixed)
Newc 1 (Shaw OG, because he's fat) Man Utd 3 Slab, Bruno, AWB
Newcastle 0-3 Brighton (Maupay x 2, Connolly ) Bissouma S/O
Newcastle Takeover to collapse over dodgy set top boxes
Newcastle United fans turning into Manchester City fans
Newcastle Utd 3-0 Sheffield Utd FT
Newcastle is 5.2 to beat Man U
Newcastle takeover - Will it be done before start of new season?
Newcastle v Frank Lampard's Chelsea
Next Goal Wins (tabletop card game - Kickstarter project)
Neymar tests positive for Covid
Nice (France) Terror Incident - 3 dead
Nice clothes for a 40 year old (OP Updated with links)
Nice places on the north-west/Lake District area coast
Nice site with quotes, food for thought, etc.
Nicest man in football imho
Niche Thread: Anyone ever had an umbilical hernia?
Niche thread:  Book on Elop of windows phone infamy
Nick Cave : Idiot Prayer - live album, just him and a piano
Nickelodeon announces Spongebob Squarepants is (was) gay
Nicki Minaj’s Tits NWS
Nicola Sturgeon
Nicola Sturgeon in trouble
Nicola Sturgeon voted the best performing UK leader
Nieces claiming WhatsApp group chat between myself and nephews is sexist [update P4]]
Nifty at 50 - a hitlist
Nigel Farage vs the CCP
Nigel Farage's Daily Finance Tips
Nigel Owens hangs up the whistle
Nigel Pearson sacked with two games to go?
Nigel Reo-Coker
Nigel Spink
Night Shirts For Men - Yay or Nay?
Nile Rodgers (NOT NILE RANGER) selling his car collection
Ninja Foodi/Air fryers
Nintendo Game & Watch 35th Anniversary Edition
Nintendo Wii
Nintendo switch games question
Nivea For Men advert
No Benders in German Football?
No Fap October
No More Jockeys
No Nut November
No Silly Drink Cup draw?
No Simmo appreciation thread on here yet?
No Songs of 2020 thread?
No Subject Was Entered NWS
No Time To Die  - Release date 12 Nov 2020 -  New Trailer
No Time To Die #NoTimeToCare
No alcohol beer, wine & spirits
No five subs and drink breaks next season in the PL
No gay slurs used by MLB players on field for first time since 2016
No more Fucking in Austria
No more Ole
No more serial killers or are they just hiding their tracks well?
No one died of Covid-19 in 1670, but...
No one, no one and no one
No race riot in Dublin - sad face
No sexy Halloween costume thread this year? ENTER IF YOU DARE! mwahahah NWS
No you bloody well can't come back Robin!
Nobby Stiles is dead
Noel Gallagher - anti-mask bellwhiff
Nom nom nom, cake day, fur baby, fap etc.
Nominations for the sexiest french bint ever? NWS
Non-Euclidean world...wtf
Non-racist/ non-political / non-tribal football thread
Non-sporting people who are SO successful at being cnuts, you can almost respect them
Noom - had anyone used it?
Norm walks into the bar, the patrons shout in unison “Norm!” All around him are familiar faces
Normal People
Normal People (BBC 3, RTÉ)
Normal People - BBC1/iPlayer
Normal People BBC iplayer
Normal people on BBC iplayer
Norman Pace
Norovirus season is upon us
Norse mythology vs Greek mythology
North Americans (Band)
North Facing Gardens
North Korea Destroys Liaison Office
North Korea Up To Their Old Tricks?
North Korean Founder Kim Il Sung Did Not Have the Ability to Teleport, State Media Admits
Northumberland - things to see and do?
Norway is officially the greatest country in the world (again)!
Nostalgic for activities you  probably  won't ever do again
Not a lot of people know this .....
Not an Ok Flex
Not been home on a Sunday morning in a while. Where is GOS and Sunday supliment?
Not counting good looking people, who do you most resemble?
Not doing a Fulham
Not getting email notifications anymore....
Not going pub til there's a vaccine
Not listening to scientific advice
Not publicly discussed dalliances
Not quite what I intended - Philippines
Not so many people out for their essential exercise today
Notable, formerly banned forummers here...
Notably awful car trips you've taken in your life.
Noted dickhead Toby Young has launched a dating site for anti-facemask types
Nothing to see here. Move along everyone
Notmad Weirdos - "trolling F365"
November 2020 Horse Racing and NAPs Comp
Now I’m in charge
Now TV offering 12 months subscription to Sky Sports for £25 per month.
Now TV, What's the catch?
Now every UK supermarket is sticking two fingers up at the racists
Now tge try something different in your  sexual routine and report thread NWS
Now the Sunday chipper thread
Now this is what I call BEER
Now we are free
Now we're in the cold season...
NowTV Survey - No PL Coverage?
Nuno having a King Kev moment - on referee Lee Mason: "I just don't want to see him more, I told him him I hope he does not whistle a game of ours again. He cannot control the players, he does not have the quality to whistle a Premier League game."
Nutscapes (NWS)
Nutters you went to school with
OFFICIAL: Bale returns to familiar pastures!
OGS, Manchester United and the English Press
OJ: Made in America (available on iPlayer now)
Obama vs the Far Left
Obama! What we gonna do?
Objectively, what was Ed Sheeran's best single?
Obligatory annual rubbish Christmas grottos
Obscure actors in huge films/TV shows
Obvious jokes which will be used when football starts during the pandemic
Obvious signs someone is a c**t
Occasions clubs cashed in on their players at just the right time...
October 2020 Horse Racing and NAPs Comp
Odd things that happened
Oddball neighbours
Of Montreal - The Past Is A Grotesque Animal
Of all the things which have occurred in 2020.....
Off out for a lovely walk with the family.
Offensive Asian caricature roasts Gordon Ramsay's fried rice
Offensive and cowardly Uncle Roger bows to Chinese censorship
Offered the Coronovurs vaccine would/going to take it?
Offical Foreign Team Plastics - A Continuation
Office Bullshit - The Virtual Edition
Office Chair
Office Chairs
Office chairs
Office chairs - refurbished
Office folks working from home..
Official Assassin's Creed thread (Valhalla story spoilers in spoilers)
Official BBQ and Smoking Thread
Official Christmas losers thread
Official David Silva appreciation thread
Official Edinburgh Thread- Panic at the Tesco
Official England National Team Thread
Official Flu Jab 2020 Thread
Official Furlough Thread
Official Knife advice thread
Official MBA Thread: Previously in-person, now doing it online only :smug:
Official Matched Betting thread
Official MotoGP/ Lunatics on 2 wheels Thread
Official Redundancy/Job Loss thread
Official SNOOPING (in the bushes) thread
Official Scottish Cup Final thread
Official Self Isolating thread (the walls are closing in)
Official Spanish Forummers Thread
Official Taylor Swift Thread: Meet me in the Afterglow!
Official Tenet thread?
Official car/bike/anything with an engine thread
Oh Chimpanzee That!
Oh Jesus Christ, Fentonnnnn!
Oh Lordy, IT’S THE MADDIE THREAD - Suspect named
Oh Ron, you dirty bugger (likely to get NWS)
Oh fuck off how has this happened again I don’t want to go. The Sunday Night Thread
Oh god
Oh god, another Excel question! :eyeroll:
Oi Hamid
Oi oi pub at 6am anyone?
Oi! Do you people actually read the thread update emails many of you have apparently signed up for?
Oi! You WFH plebs, get back to the office or else! - Telegraph
Ok, think I got my new autumn/winter coat, shoes, and bag sorted. What are you lot wearing on your heads?
Old Adam Curtis documentaries.
Old Firm t-shirts thread
Old Forum Quote
Old Forum Story
Old School on BBC 1 just now
Old TV shows people don't really talk about much
Old Town Road - Lil Nas X
Old Trafford exit on cards for stunned Maguire
Old jazz album covers
Old man  in London gets a slap for racism
Old man seeks video game advice
Old man yells at cloud: Lip sync comedy
Old men being twats
Old outdated etiquettes that no one actually seems to mind
Old thread on group party/ bitchy partner?
Old tv clip request
Oldest piece of clothing in your wardrobe?
Oldest woman you might quite like to have a go on? (+ a minx or minger)
Ole Media
Ole appear to have installed the new forum. Let's all go back.
Ole blaming England for Greenwood getting girls back to Iceland hotel
Ole’s at the Wheel
Ole’s handling of Pogba
On Cinema (Tim Heidecker)
On my own in Glasgow - what to do?
On the scoresheet in The Netherlands...
On your own at Christmas
Once Upon A Time In America
One Year Ago Today
One couple infect 30 people with Covid (tracing explained)
One dead after Canadian Snowbirds jet crashes into home
One in four Britons believe in QAnon-linked theories – survey
One invention or discovery in your lifetime.
One of the rarest animals in the world...
One year later we were in Manchester, a sh!thole
OneNote on Mac
OnePlus (broke my phone)
OnePlus Nord or Samsung S10?
OneYearNoBeer app
Onion sauce
Online 80s Festival presented by Dave Benson Phillips Starting now
Online Concerts
Online gaming for a charity event - suggestions
Online language courses - suggestions please
Online sales tax
Online wind ups
Only Fans - Lauren Goodger! :uhoh: NSFW
Only gone and found the best cheese
Only half of Britons say they would get a COVID vaccine, poll reveals
Onlyfans in trouble?
Ooh Ahh Cantona
Ooni pizza ovens
Ooooft - that's a thunderbastard
Open the Gyms!
OpenRA (C&C Red Alert)
Opening Ceremony 2012?
Operation Odessa, do yourself a favour, watch it!
Opinion piece - Action bits in films.
Opposed apart
Optimal chicken legs
Optimal setting for toast
Optimum temperature for Yorkshire puddings
Options with £5k
Oral-B vs Sonicare
Ordered a rip off delivered breakfast, Dublinlfc style
Ordering Just Eat in a bit
Orient thank Spurs fans who help club shop surpass £20k  after League Cup cancellation
Original Pirate Material vs A Grand Don’t Come For Free
Orlando v New York City playoff shootout turns into FARCE
Oscars reveal new diversity requirements for best picture nominees
Ossie Ardiles on Football Focus
Osso Bucco help
Osteopath vs Chiropractor
Other than my mum, who is the LAST person on earth that you want to sit on your face?
Other than this thread, what is the most horrific thing you have ever seen?
Other than your rivals, which team do you most enjoy seeing lose?
Otherwise brilliant albums ruined by one song...
Our Lady of the Highway
Our favourite Danish submariner killer makes a dash for freedom. Gets caught.
Out of the loop thread
Outdoor Christmas Lights
Outdoor Drinking in December
Outdoor heaters
Outside workers having a piss - poll
Over 1,000 people online right now
Over-40s to pay more tax to support care for the elderly
Overheard conversations....
Overheard in Spoons
Owen Jones's twin sister
Owning a caravan
Oxbridge degrees upgraded to MA's with no work required
Oxbridge maths dork awarded Fantasy Football crown after Bulgarian is mysteriously disqualified
Ozark season 3
Ozil left out of Arsenal PL squad
Ozil receives £8,000,000 loyalty bonus for staying past 2020 transfer window
PC help required please gents
PC monitors for gaming
PE Teacher sets new Premier League record
PES 2020 Forum League (PS4) - Season 9 Live
PFA men's POTY, YPOTY & TOTY announced. Adama Traore fails again.
PGA 2K21 - Forum Online Society -  We're on to Event Four, Cape Canary
PI Digital Currency App
PL Final Day - 4pm UK Fixtures and TV Schedule
PL games to be shown on PPV
PLF Forms for Greece
POLL - HTML5 videos
PP Beat The Drop
PPE for NHS Charity request..
PR Disasters
PS4 storage space/hard drive etc
PS5 vs Xbox Series X
PSG Jordan Collection
PSG-Istanbul. ABANDON THREAD! Usual Lads Whinging About Racism Against Whites Now
Paddy Power already paying out on Fulham being relegated
Paddy Power banners at Shamrock Rovers vs AC Milan in the Europa League tonight.
Paddy Power beat the drop (free to play)
Paddy power £5 free bet
Paedo Hunter Bingo
Paedo hunter gangs
Paid sports streaming services
Painkillers for fun?
Paint Porn Noob! NSW
Pair who offered to call ambulance for dying woman ‘stole phone and purse’
Palace (4) v Leeds (1) - Step aside Roberto Carlos, we have a new impossible goal
Palace dump BLM
Palace v Spurs
Paloma Faith
Panda's Football Challenge!
Panic buying 2: Electric Boogaloo roll
Panorama: Return from ISIS
Papa Bouba Diop aka 'The Wardrobe' is Dead
Papa John owner did the dirty?
Papa John's All Day Breakfast pizza
Paragraphs in Wikipedia articles written by someone potentially erect at the time
Parenting advice - my child is a chav (apparently it’s roadman now)
Parenting is pish nowadays isn't it
Parents - what do you think of schools and nurseries re-opening?
Parents - what's this years disaster gift?
Parents kissing their children on the lips
Parents of children who might use/see TikTok
Parents of the forum: Suggestions Needed
Parents: The Christmas Eve Fear
Parker Presents: An Evening with Grampus
Parking fines
Parking restriction - which is true?
Parliamentary punch up in DR Congo
Partey walking off the pitch and Arteta pushing him back on - whos in the wrong?
Password Managers
Patel backs class A testing.
Pathetic thread alert: how do you fall out of love with someone
Patrice Evra lost 4 CL finals (and won 1!)
Patrick Bamford
Paul Dacre asked to be new head of Ofcom; Charles Moore  the new BBC chairman
Paul Heaton
Paul McGrath
Paul McGrath’s old club in need of fundraising
Paul Mescal: I'm Irish
Paul Pogba
Paul Scholes takes charge at Salford City
Paul ‘Impregnate me’ Pogba
Pauline and Mathilde Tantot (NWS)
Pawn Stars
Pax 2 vape.
Pax Americana...over?
Pay per view Trump dying
Paying car benefit for nearly a year...
Paying for adult content
Paying someone to setup a website
Peace breaking out in the Middle East....
Peaky Blinders
Pegging (fetish)
Pele turned 80 this month
Peloton Bike - Worth it?
Penalty in last night's FA Cup
Penn &Teller
Penos Pener has taken four penalties against Real Madrid tonight - is football becoming penaltyball?
Pens in FA CUP now on BBC Red Button
Pension payments or mortgage payments
People "owning" tragedies
People called Dean
People displaying their kinks in public (very mild NWS)
People feeling sorry for Boris
People keep suggesting that I am “Laura”
People not wearing masks
People of colour GIFs
People say that Chelsea fans are all stupid pieces of human garbage
People universally liked by the forum
People using Dominic Cummings as a reason for not  socially distancing
People wearing matching PJs or Onsie type things
People who don't look like they sound
People who have gotten the free games on Epic Games
People who have substituted having a personality with just being loud
People who litter
People who think shouting works in lieu of personality
People who want to bum Harry and Meghan (not sex wise)
People who were rightly exiled
People who's death you've just discovered
People whose careers should be an inspiration to the mediocre
People with excessive post nominal letters in emails
Pep Fraudiola ?
Pep Guardiola AKA The Bald Fraud secures new contract
Pep and City 'mutually agree' on parting of ways
Pep in the Champions League
Pep leaves City
Pep leaves City by mutual consent: OFFICIAL! Confirmed by BBC
Pep leaves City with immediate effect
Pep leaves City with immediate effect!
Percy Pigs - yay or nay?
Perfect Draft/Sub/Blade
Perfectly cast films
Perfectly timed photos
Perry Bible Fellowship
Personalised Celebrity Video Messages
Peter Alliss dead at 89
Peter Crouch: Save Our Summer (BBC1 9.15pm)
Peter Ebdon
Peter Green dead
Peter Shilton expressing the English thoughts about Boris
Petition for this to be added as a smiley
Pets 365
Petty things that annoy you in films/television
Pfizer has the cure for covid and their shares are <$30
Phenomenal pieces of music in film
Phew Wot A Sorcher! -Bikini NWS
Phil Foden
Phil Jones getting bullied by twitter
Phil Neville quits England Woman to manage Becks FC AKA 'Inter Miami'
Phil Spector is dead
Phillip Schofield
Phishing emails
Phoebe Bridgers - song of the year and now video of the year
Phone Signal Boosters
Phone cases - talk to me
Phone no longer charging... anyone know any 'old skool' tricks to make it work again? :ninja:
Phone scam?
Photos that look photoshopped, but they're not
Photoshop Tom Hardy into a Bond Film
Photoshop help needed
Photoshop question - stylus or tablet?
Photoshop, GIMP and other photo editing software.. some assistance please.
Photoshop: Face Swaps
Photoshopportunity - bathroom face
Phrases you are unlikely to hear in Football
Phrases/words that may or not be localised
Pi Network - Mobile Cryptocurrency
Pick a vampire film for me for tonight
Pick my next escort to shag (NWS)
Pick one forummer to hit a 90 percenter.
Pick the best Prem XI, but with only one player from each team
Pick three Sopranos characters to defend you. The rest are trying to kill all of you.
Pick three celebrity chefs to join you for a boys night in
Pick three of these men to have a lads night in with
Pickford dropped from Everton team
Picklin’ With Prong - That shallot!
Picture Quiz!
Pictures of hard bastards
Pierce Brosnan in Mamma Mia
Piers Morgan
Piers Morgan - Covidiot
Piers Morgan Fail
Piers Morgan buying Twitter followers
Pigs in blankets
Pikston builds a campervan - electrics page 18
Pile in when vaccinated...
Pilled up and listening to....
Pimp (2010 film)
Pink Floyd/Syd Barrett
Pirates off the Isle of Wight?
Pissing in the shower - Yay or Nay?
Pitchfork's 100 best songs of 2020
Pitchfork's 50 best albums of 2020
Pivot table help
Pixar's Onward
Pixars 'Onward'
Pizza Hut vs Dominos
Pizza at an Italian Restaurant
Pizza from the chipper ordered
Place Peter In Pop Culture
Planet Mars is over 100 million km away
Planet of the Apes: Looks like we haven't heeded the warning
Planet of the Humans
Planning Regulations
Plans for fans to return in October is off
Platoon vs. Deer Hunter vs. Apocalypse Now
Play off Col U vs Exeter
PlayStation 4 as a media device?
Player booked for scoring goal
Player who hasnt played a single EPL minute this season  gets contract extension
Players Celebrating Goals
Players Retiring This Summer
Players playing for teams you have no recollection of
Players that suited their clubs
Players who are underappreciated because of a single moment in their career
Players who star shone brightly but burnt out quickly
Players who will be fat fucks when they retire
Players you associate with one club (but were successful elsewhere)
Players/Managers you were sure were once at a particular club but never didever
Playing Poker with friends online. Tablets /Laptops /Phones
Playstation 5 Announcement
Please be kind everyone and offer me some feedback if you would.
Please could someone bump the spotify playlist thread
Please help. I dont understand what these "mean".
Please read this for me, because I can’t
Please step off the plane and show us your fanny
Plex - Anyone here use it?
Plex Lifetime Sub Today £80 - Plex Thread
Plugging a Fire TV stick into a monitor....
Plugging my band again - Beaten John Lip
Poch confirmed as PSG manager
Poch to PSG Confirmed (?)
Pochettino: "Southampton 2013-14 was the most influential side in BPL history"
Pogba testing positive for Coroney-V
Pointless Trivia To Make You A Bore
Pointless pet peeve
Pointless stuff you randomly find out...
Poker dealing rules
Pokerstars - Cheeky buggers
Pokerstars giveaway
Pokémon Hitlist
Poland taking on Big Tech in Free Speech
Police Auctions Canada
Police Chase Live USA WOOOOOOO!
Police Squad
Police arrest 746 organized criminals in ‘biggest ever’ operation against organized crime groups
Police find suspected illegal pub - complete with bar, 70in TV, toilet, pool table and smoking area
Police officer shot dead
Police taser man in front of young son
Police, Camera, Action!
Political Compass
Poll Test
Poll Thread
Pollster: Johnson would lose seat if election held tomorrow
Polystyrene vs Rockwool- WARNING BORING THREAD
Poo club
Poor Are Tommeh
Poor accents in film and Tv
Poor little white guy (NWS)
Poor racist Billy Steel doesn't have a steel jaw
Pop Music- The Charts
Pop songs from your angsty teenage days...
Pop star Rina Sawayama 'not British enough' to enter UK music awards
Pope Francis (NWS)
Pope Francis: Vatican investigates Brazilian model Instagram photo like
Popmaster - Radio 2 (Starts 10.30am every weekday)
Popping the lid on jars - a marriage in ruins
Poppy Watch 2020
Popular things that have completely passed you by
Pork Pie and Piccalilli
Pork Scratchings
Porn request - Lana Wolf NWS
Porn star Nacho Vidal has been arrested on manslaughter charges following a man's death during a mystic ritual in which he inhaled psychedelic toad venom
Pornhub deletes around 60% of videos - lockdown just got more boring
Pornhub insights NWS
Posh British Boy Raps In Car
Positives of Coronavirus
Possibility of negative interest rates
Possible future inventions/breakthroughs  that you're sad you won't live to see
Possibly hacked - help
Post 2 songs that couldn't be more different, but you appreciate the message in both
Post Lockdown Liverpool are SHITE!
Post Office
Post Office scandal
Post Pics of your Christmas Dinner
Post Random Photos from your Mobile...(NWS)
Post Something That Was Part of Normal Life Between 1985-1995
Post Your School Textbooks
Post a :uh-oh: NSFW subreddit
Post a Great Courtroom Drama
Post a body part your missus / man hates
Post a cartoon depiction of your favourite religious figure
Post a catchy song based on a grim subject
Post a celebrity whoose boobs are their best asset NSFW
Post a classic forum gif/meme, and explain its origin
Post a classic song that rarely gets played anymore!
Post a comedy song that is funny and musically great
Post a cool song
Post a cool website
Post a film scene that made you ROFL
Post a forgotten/obscure 00s player
Post a great Spotify radio/playlist you made
Post a great football song (not from your club)
Post a great song by a band after their peak era
Post a horse near to a football ground
Post a house near to a football ground
Post a little known song you like with less than 50k steams on Spotify
Post a local new story that sums up the region...
Post a lovely youtube channel NEW BOAT GUY EPISODE OUT
Post a massive 00s pop song
Post a memorable TV ad from years ago
Post a memorable track and scene from a film score
Post a photo of a decent cyclist that you believe was 100% clean
Post a pic of a football manager looking "beleaguered"
Post a pic of a handsome black man
Post a pic of someone that is surprisingly still alive...
Post a picture of a vastly overrated player
Post a picture of someone who just looks like a...
Post a reaction gif the finding out David Moyes has got the Rona
Post a silly thought you have
Post a song about a mode of transport
Post a song about drugs
Post a song from the year of your birth that represents you
Post a song that best describes your current feelings
Post a song that cheers you up
Post a song with a guitar riff you like
Post a song you'd expect to hear in a gay nightclub
Post a still from a film or TV show that haunts the dark recesses of your mind (bound to be spoilers)
Post a video of  a song where you are in the crowd
Post a weird looking animal!
Post an article you enjoyed reading
Post an image from 2020
Post an image from the old forum via google images
Post an interesting graph or data
Post an outstanding indie/pop rock song from the past decade.
Post here if today is your last working day of the year
Post here if you registered in April 2020
Post here if you're hungover
Post here if you've just been PLUNGED into tier 4!
Post in here if image posting from iPad doesn’t work for you
Post in here if you have the name of a footballer in your username
Post in here if you're team has scored the most Premier League hatricks in the Premier League in Premier League history
Post in here if your country is top of their Nations League group
Post in here if you’re officially the World Champions
Post production forummers?
Post something faster than the forum
Post something that is unmistakably Scouse
Post something that makes you feel like a failure
Post the first song you listened to in 2021.
Post what springs to mind when you think of 'Ireland'
Post what you think is the best song is of a band you love.
Post your Seasons Greetings!
Post your favourite  premiership sending off
Post your favourite (or classic) photoshops - NWS
Post your favourite TROLL FOOTBALL meme #respect
Post your favourite feel good song
Post your favourite picture of David Moyes
Post your favourite piece of street art you've seen in person
Post your reaction to Donald Trump's permaban from Twitter in GIF format
Post-covid economics thread
Postcode Lockdown Tier list - help.
Postcode Problem
Posting issues
Posts that have had you chuckling away
Posts you've seen that have had you chuckling away for ages
Posts you've seen that have had you chuckling for ages v2
Potential Car Solutions
Pound for pound was Hans Blix the greatest UN weapons inspector of all time?
Pound-for-pound your club's worst ever foreign signing?
Power BI Official Thread?
PowerPoint question for anyone not a novice (like me)
PowerPoints from consultancy firms/Big4/banks
Powerful scenes at Anfield today
Predict Dele Alli's next club
Predict Gary's closing line on MOTD tonight.
Predict Gary's closing line on the next MOTD.
Predict Gary’s closing line on MOTD.
Predict Mark’s closing line on MOTD2.
Predict a Footballer's Career Path
Predict a transfer that will happen in January
Predict the Champions League winner
Predict the Col Tom backlash
Predict the John Lewis Advert 2020
Predict the Panic Buy of the transfer window
Predict the biggest company to go out of business
Predict the next change to the map/geography of Europe
Predict the next major 'institution' to collapse
Predict the state of the nation / Brexit on Jan 1
Predictions for 2021
Pregnant Indian Elephant Dies After Being Fed Pineapple Stuffed With Crackers
Premier League - Project Big Picture
Premier League 29 June - 2 July: Champions Hammered!
Premier League Back 17 June
Premier League Golden Glove
Premier League Highlights
Premier League Leaders 2-0 Newcastle (Adams, Armstrong)
Premier League Matchday 10 (28/11 - 30/11)
Premier League Simpsons quotes
Premier League TV deal projected to fall again
Premier League cancelling broadcast rights in China
Premier League clubs are preparing to play entire 20/21 behind closed doors.
Premier League clubs likely to scrap pay-per-view model for second lockdown period
Premier League clubs ready to bail out stricken EFL - but at a hefty price
Premier League dump ‘Hijacked’ black Lives Matter movement
Premier League is back
Premier League is back ..... prediction league
Premier League managers rated as your stepdad
Premier League on TV in October
Premier League on the BBC
Premier League related Simpsons quotes
Premier League relegation
Premier League star arrested on suspicion of rape and false imprisonment
Premier League winners 20/21
Premier league in vr?
Premier league ppv is dead
Premier league star admits he's gay in open letter
Preparations are being made...
Present for nephew
Presentation skills
Presenting courses
Preserving empty beer cans
President Joe
President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. - Thank f**k
President Xi Jinping gives 2021 New Year address
Pressure cookers - how good are they?
Pret All Day Breakfast recipe
Pretending to care about people less fortunate than you
Pretentious job titles
Price of a cheeky Nandos next month
Prickly Heat
Priest shot in France (death not confirmed)
Priests and Nuns and all that
Primary Schools
Prince Philip....
Prince, Marilyn Manson. Who's this generation's rib removing dick sucker?
Princess Diana
Priti Patel
Priti Patel is a terrible human
Priti Patel is doing something unspeakably evil again
Priti Patel looked at idea of sending asylum seekers to South Atlantic
Private Eye
Private Health Insurance
Private schooling and scholarships
Pro Evo (non Forum league) Thread
Probably a stupid question - mortgage related
Problem with neighbour smoking weed below us
Proctalgia ('shooty bum' pain)
Products that literally everyone should have in their life
Products/gadgets you tried once, and immediately had to buy
Professor Karol Sikora
Project Binky - YouTube - Appreciation thread?
Project Restart - your preferred route to football
Project Restart going well: Premier League receives six positive tests
Prominent centre forwards with atrocious strike records
Promoting the new forum to others
Proms, are we Dicks?
Proof that Cricket is not a proper sport
Property - Mad Though, Innit?
Property law/ tenants
Proportional Representation in the UK
Proposal Question
Protection when paying via bank transfer
Protest Songs
Protocols of the learned elders of Zion
Pub quiz questions
Pub trips away
Public Enemy release new track
Public Speaking tips
Public farting
Public sector job applications
Public sector pay freeze again....
Pubs doing Go Fund Me pages
Pubs on Saturday
Pubs shutting again :adore:
Puddle of Mudd cover Nirvana.
Pukka v Hollands pies
Pulis sacked
Pulled the trigger on a dog - Needs a name
Pulp were the best band of the Britpop era weren't they?
Pumped up Kicks - upbeat song??
Pumpkin carving and not wasting all the flesh... FAO of forum chefs and non wasters.
Pun / clever name required
Puredung Plopp
Push-back against cancel culture? Cambridge dons speak out.
Puskas Award is done for the season
Putting your pronouns in your work email signature
Q Magazine RIP
Q2022 World Cup Match Times
Qatar 2022
Qualifications as your actual name
Quality Humble Bundle for BLM
Quarantining when returning to the uk...
Queen and Slim
Queen protects alleged sex offender
Query - travel from UK
Question about Xiaomi mobile phones
Question for any electricians out there
Question for the admins
Questions about some tech things ( gimbles, video doorbells linky things pricks of brother in law's, Xmas ideas)
Questions for singer songwriters
Questions that Google can’t seem to answer
Questions that need answering!
Quick Forum Favour Please
Quick Wifi booster question
Quick question for big fans of The Simpsons
Quick sky go question.
Quickly Kevin do you think he'll score?
Quiet Monday?
Quite night at the station, lets play count to 10.
Quiz help
Quiz questions help
Quiz: Scumbags and Baddies
Quotes of the year
Quotes that seem admirable at first...
R'chard Keys - pulling out what little finger hair he’s got left.
R.I.P Spencer Davis  - one for us oldies
R.I.P. Ben Cross
R1 an appalling consumer product you can buy today
RB Leipzig 3-2 Manchester United (Angelino, Haidara, Kluivert, Fernandes pen, Pogba)
RCEP: World's biggest trade pact
REG: Hollis
REG: Pics
REG: Telegram
REG: pop up banners at top of page.
REM Deserve a revisit
RFU clears trans women to keep playing domestic women's rugby in England
RIP  Toecutter/Immortan Joe
RIP - Ted from Scrubs
RIP Barry Austin
RIP Boba Fett (actor Jeremy Bulloch)
RIP Bobbie Ball. Gets the Covid
RIP Chadwick Boseman :(
RIP Florian Schneider
RIP Florian Schneider (Kraftwerk)
RIP Gerry Marsden
RIP Heavy D - Arsenal TV won't be the same
RIP Ian Holm
RIP John le Carre
RIP Lynn Shelton
RIP Marwood - Tribute during Red Dwarf doc 9pm Dave
RIP Nigel ?
RIP Paolo Rossi
RIP Quibi 2020-2020
RIP Ruth Bader Ginsburg
RIP Sir Alan Parker
RIP The King
RIP Tommy( The Doc) Docherty
RIP Toots...
RIP Zoltán Gera
RIP in Peace Jerry Stiller
RIP in peace the Argos catalogue
RIP to world's sexiest billionaire Sheldon Adelson
RIght then, let's have it - who finishes top 4?
RTJ4 Just Dropped
Race Across the World
Racehorse runs with racial slur as its name
Rachel Fenton, god bless the NHS (NWS)
Rachel Riley - Cancelled? (again)
Rachmaninov Vodka
Racist dorky incel mass shooters who all look the same
Radio 1 to censor The Pogues to protect snowflakes
Raffle for Benyi Junior - results live from the pub at some stage Thursday evening
Raheem Sterling on racism/disease
Raised by Wolves
Raised by Wolves (HBO Max | Sky Atlantic)
Raised by Wolves, Ridley Scott,
Raissa Albuquerque (NWS)
Ralph Milne
Ralph and Ted from the fast show
Ramon - Amsterdam
Random Bible verse. Post and provide insight.
Random and strange ways people became famous
Random countries that Westerners use to indicate remoteness
Random google images searches
Random stuff that surprised you/you found out recently?